Why Is It Important To Wear Wedding Ring Always?

Why Is It Important To Wear Wedding Ring Always?

By Seo Team | June 25, 2018

Got married? Now, you have to wear your wedding ring till eternity – how many of you have come across this statement? Almost everyone. Isn’t it? But have you ever thought what is the reason behind this? Wearing wedding ring is however termed as a ritual, but is it only confined to this? Or is there something else that you are still not aware of.

Hold on, guys. You don’t have to submerge yourself more into the ocean of thoughts. Perhaps you have asked this to your guardians or friends. But today, you will get to know the exact reason of wearing your wedding ring always. However, to know them in details you will have to travel thousands of years in the past. So, are you ready? Let’s begin the journey.

If you turn the pages in history, you will find that the concept of wearing the wedding ring is not evolved today, rather it has been prevailing for years.

1. Symbol of trust:

Let us travel to ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago in Egypt, there was a ritual of putting a ring on the finger of every bride. These rings were made of reeds and plants growing on the banks of river Nile, which were again twisted and braided into a circular structure. At that time, there was no diamond, no gold. These rituals were only breathing based on the people’s beliefs. They used to consider that the ring is the symbol of eternity and the love between the couple. They believe that wearing a wedding ring reflects that the groom had full confidence in the ability of the bride to take care of his house.

In fact, this is said to be the initialization of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand.

2. Symbol of commitment:

In the middle ages, marriage was believed to be a financial arrangement. Keeping this in mind, the groom used to present the bride and her family an expensive wedding ring, in order to prove them that he was committed to the marriage and would never take his step back. The family used to protect this ring untill their wedding was not over. Thus the ring became the symbol of commitment towards each other.

Till then, the ritual was moving at the speed of a tortoise, but it gained its momentum in the middle of the 9th Century.

3. Symbol of Status:

Have you heard of Pope Nicolas? Come on, you must have read about him in school. Don’t you? However, you will keep this in mind or not, that of course, depends on your degree of attraction towards the subject.

Now coming to the point. Pope Nicolas I during his reign made a gold ring on the occasion of his wedding. He just wanted to showcase his status and wanted to prove his ability to take care of his wife.

4. Symbol of attachment:

Wearing a wedding ring also proves to be the symbol of attachment. It may signify the fact that the woman is married, but it is also considered as a symbol to show her affection towards her love. It is been said that the vein of the fourth finger of the left hand is directly connected to the wearer’s heart. Do you know, what does that mean? It means, once you are wearing the ring on your ring finger, you both are connected by your hearts and no one can split you into halves until eternity.

Now, the role of a diamond comes into the picture.

5. Symbol of a stable relationship:

In the year 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgandy. During this period, people used to believe that diamonds hold magical powers, that can heal every wound. Moreover, it was considered the symbol of a stable and pure relationship.

Keeping all these above-mentioned factors in mind, today, in the name of ritual, exchange of wedding rings takes place and is asked to wear it for eternity. However, in history, we have not come across the wedding bands for men. All we haved learned about the wedding rings for women. It has been found that the men’s wedding band gained its pace during the World War II. In this phase, the men who were separated from their brides wore wedding bands as the remembrance of their loved ones and their commitments towards them. Initially, the wedding bands they used to wear, were simple gold rings. But today it has been modified into diamond-studded rings.

Hope you have noticed how the concept of wedding ring originated and how it gained its importance with time. Actually, if you look through it carefully, you will find that nothing has changed. The meaning, the significance all are same as it was in the history. The things which have changed is the ring composition, its designs, and patterns. Today, by the term wedding ring we mean a “diamond wedding ring”. No matter we can afford it or not, we never fail to have one for the wedding ceremony. Isn’t it? In fact, there are plenty of affordable lab-created diamond rings residing in the market that simply offer diamond rings within our budget.

Startled? Or mesmerized?

In short, a wedding ring simply defines the love, the commitment and the attachment between the spouses. It has nothing to do with diamond, gold or any other metals. Therefore, if you want you can simply choose any other alternatives. Because in the end, it is your love that matters, not the ring you gift to her.

Do you know what are the alternatives that you can choose for your diamond wedding ring? Don’t worry. Go through our blog on 5 alternative options for your wedding ring and gain your knowledge.

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