Want to Replace Your Old Jewelry Clasps with a New One? Here We Have 5

Want to Replace Your Old Jewelry Clasps with a New One? Here We Have 5

By Seo Team | May 17, 2019

Is your old gold or diamond jewelry clasp has broken? Or have you lost your favorite bracelet or necklace? Whatever it may be, it is time to replace them with a new fashionable one. Replacing your old jewelry clasps with a strong brand new clasp is a sure way to wear your favorite necklace or bracelet for years.

Replacing old jewelry clasps is the wonderful option but do you have any idea about the different types of clasps available in the market? Here in this blog, we have created a list of the clasps that you must know before availing the jewelry repair service. Chicago has been one of the prominent destinations for jewels and gemstones along with their repairing studios. Hence, crawling to Chicago can be a viable option.

1. Spring Ring Clasp: Spring Ring clasp is the most classic style jewelry clasp that consists of a little wire tucked inside a hollow hoop. How does the mechanism work? The clasps contain a tiny lever that when pulled backward, the wire moves into the hoop and when it is released a gap is created to hook the other end of the chain into the clasp. Such a classy and trendy clasp style for contemporary ornaments.

Spring Ring Clasp

In this mechanism, no doubt, the jewelry piece remains completely secured. Such a discreet design makes an excellent choice for thin and delicate necklaces.

When this type of clasp gets broken, the jeweler either repair it or replace it. If you visit the jewelry repair service in Chicago, you will discover the jewelers either repairing the piece simply by bending the wire back into the loop or replacing it when the entire loop has been crushed.

2. Lobster Clasp: Jewelers Row Chicago has an array of jewelry repair studios. Lobster clasps are one of the stylish clasps offered by the jewelers when they find your clasp needs complete replacement. In comparison to the spring ring clasp, these clasps are stronger and sturdier simply because of the hard piece of the metal used. The mechanism of these clasps is almost similar to the previous one. But they are best feasible for heavier chains, bigger necklaces, or necklaces with pendants.

Lobster Clasp

In this clasp, the bottom part is more exposed to wear and tear and with the help of proper tools jeweler can easily shape them back.

3. Toggle Clasp: The toggle clasp is completely different from the lobster and the spring ring clasps. This particular clasp is featured with a thick hoop and a long bar attached to the opposite ends of the chain. The bar is vertically hooked through the hoop. This particular horizontal orientation of the bar secures the chain by locking into the hoop.

Toggle Clasp

Toggle clasp adds a stylish and contemporary look to the bracelets or on the ornaments where it is more visible.

These clasps are rarely exposed to wear and tear since the components used are hard and solid. Sometimes toggle clasps are studded with gemstones. If you have one such clasp, then they may need resetting or replacement over time.

4. Box Clasp: Do you have a tennis bracelet? We guess there you will find this type of clasp integrated into it. Box clasps are actually made of two parts – a small flat piece and a hollow box. The piece is hooked into the box and an additional latch on the external part remains clipped over the opening. Such a smart mechanism makes the jewelry secure from every aspect.

Box Clasp

They may look amazing but they cannot support substantial weight, hence can’t be used in heavy necklaces. The negative part of these clasps is, they undergo a lot of issues. They get stuck easily but it is hard to open the clasp, thus creating damage when opened forcefully. They may bend or snap off easily. These are some common problems that a wearer encounter, but can be solved if you are hiring the jewelry repair service of Chicago.

Necklaces and bracelets, no matter with what metal they are composed of or with what gemstones they are studded with, must have a clasp to wear. And losing the clasp or damaging it, creates really an issue.

Clasps come in multiple designs and forms, as mentioned earlier and every design has its own repairing characteristics. Some are easy or convenient to repair, while some offers really a complicated issue. Whatever it may be, Diamonds Inc, Chicago is the viable option to solve all your problems.

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