Beauty of Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

By Seo Team | November 28, 2018 | Tag: Lab Grown Diamond

Again one of the greatest treasures of the Art Deco Era is the Baguette Cut Diamonds. A baguette cut diamond is basically a step cut diamond that is dressed up in long, rectangular, elongated shapes, offering exceptional clarity. The name “Baguette” has been derived from its cutting that resembles a French bread stick or a baguette. Such a cut accentuates the diamond luster, portraits its whiteness, and clarity. Are you likely to build your diamond engagement ring using baguette cut diamond? You must have a distilled clear idea on the diamond crystal.

Characteristics of Baguette cut lab-grown diamond.

1.Shape: As said earlier, baguette cut diamonds are featured with long, rectangular contour with octagonal corners. Its bold shape coupled with straight lines and step characteristics conjointly offers the beauty to the baguette.

2.Facets: Baguettes are normally featured with 14 facets. However, they can even possess 24 facets coupled with parallel ones that arranged in a way resembling a terrace. These facets together excel the diamond luster, depleting its brilliance if compared to the other diamond cuts.

3.Brilliance: Coming to the brilliance, a baguette is nothing if compared to the round brilliant cut diamond. Well, that doesn’t imply you will encounter a huge loss if you aim for customizing a baguette diamond engagement ring. Brilliance may be less, but you will surely not be devoid of it. Therefore, it is always recommended that while shopping for these diamonds you should go for the colorless grade to attain its extremity.

4.Clarity: No matter whether it is a lab-grown diamond or natural diamond since the baguette diamonds possess inadequate brilliance, they even lack clarity. Inclusions and flaws are strongly visible in these diamonds. Thus adding a negative aspect to this dazzling step cut diamond.

Baguette diamonds are basically classified into two categories – straight baguettes and tapered baguettes.

Straight Baguettes– These step cut diamonds are extremely straight and rectangular featured with opposing sides being perpendicular to each other.

Tapered Baguettes– As these step cut diamonds dwindle on one of their two ends, they are termed as tapered baguettes. This creates a trapezoidal structure.

Irrespective of the type of baguette diamond you choose for your engagement ring, it will offer you an exceptional look, framing the center diamond. You may even customize a solitaire or simply go for a three stone baguette ring. No doubt, it will be an amazing approach.

An assortment of diamond engagement rings for example filigree engagement rings, rose gold rings and so on, have hit the market of Chicago in the last few years. And this is yet another inclusion.

Despite having so many options, there are even some consumers who are dying to get a baguette cut diamond ring as per their choice. For them, the diamond stores, Chicago have quite a few options. For examples:

Three Stone Baguette Ring


Stackable Baguette Ring


Accented Baguette Ring


Channel Set Baguette Ring

What are you looking for? Which style is your favorite? Take your own decision and grab the one that you find is the best. Diamond stores, Chicago are decked up with several alternatives. Yet to get the best you may rely on Diamonds Inc, Chicago for more options.

The Beauty That Lab-grown Diamonds Hold | Diamonds Inc

By Seo Team | October 26, 2018 | Tag: Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are quite popular among people today. Over the years, they have attained a significant level of popularity and acclaim. They have been readily embraced as the perfect alternative to mined diamonds, by people all over the world. What makes them a sought-after item is the fact that, the natural ones are very difficult to get.

Many people live with a common delusion that lab-grown diamonds do not possess those characteristics that make the natural diamonds one of the most incredible pieces of stone. As a matter of fact, lab-grown diamonds are filled with every single trait and are hence considered to be a charismatic alternative, that is now preferred by more people than before.

When it comes to weddings, you will find a lot of couples opting for this form of diamond. The fact that you can get the ideal diamond at a comparatively lesser price and in a hassle-free way, works for most of them. So, what are some of the most common reasons for their immense popularity and in some situations, higher preference over the mined ones? Let’s explore below.

Some strong reasons that will compel you to choose them instead

The wedding season demands a lot of focus and attention being given towards selecting excellent wedding jewelry. Diamond is a stone, that most people love to do in some way or the other and confidently flaunt it in front of others. But it’s their cost, that creates second thoughts in their mind. Will your budget fit diamonds? This is the question that may stop you from going for them.

Well, if you decide to go for the lab-grown diamonds you need not worry about this factor. The simple reason is that these kinds of stones do not incur a huge production process cost, unlike their counterparts. You can expect an astonishingly reduced-price percentage from them. Obtaining such pieces of stone will be a fantastic bargain, considering the quality they possess. Contact an efficient jeweler today, for the best lab created diamonds.

Since they are created in a laboratory, scientists have the ability to develop bigger and clearer diamonds. Their production conditions are controlled in the process and this results in such magnificent end-products. A wedding is a very special time of your life. So, you must do everything within your reach, to execute this event into a very memorable one. Contact the best jeweler today, for the best lab created diamonds.

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Why Are New Dawn Diamonds Becoming More Popular?

By Seo Team | June 4, 2018 | Tag: Lab Grown Diamond

In today’s date, diamonds mean ‘New Dawn Diamonds’. Why so? Have you ever thought of? Most of you have a tendency to go as per the market demand, without knowing its pros and cons. Instead of taking your own decision, you love to follow others. Is this what you are? Well, in that case, you should know why New Dawn diamonds have taken the place of real mined diamonds and why they are ruling the diamond market.

So, without wasting your time let us check out the key points on why New Dawn diamonds are becoming popular day by day. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


1. Cost Effective:

Before buying something, we all have a common tendency to check out the market price of that particular item. Isn’t it? Then why will diamond be isolated from that? Before the advent of New Dawn diamonds, you might have a perception that diamonds being cost-effective is impossible as they are considered to be the most expensive gemstone available in the market. But your concept was eventually proved wrong and it has appeared just as the icing on the cake. Lab-created diamonds being formed in the laboratory, are available in a huge mass. Whereas, if you look for the real mined diamonds, you will hardly find one. That is the reason why, they can be purchased comparatively at a lower price rate. Want to invest less, but still want to gift something special? Lab-grown diamonds will definitely rule your heart.

2. Eco-Friendly:

New Dawn diamonds are again considered as Eco-friendly diamonds. Why so? Diamonds that you have studied in your high school, are formed under the Earth’s crust, whereas the diamonds that you are learning now, are created in the laboratory by the gemologists. Therefore lab-grown diamonds do not disturb a shovelful amount of earth while its creation. In addition, to get the natural diamonds huge machines are required to mine out the diamonds, that again causes serious pollution. On another hand, no such sound or air pollution occurs when diamonds are grown in labs. In labs, all these things are mostly taken care of. Are you a person with eco-friendly attitude? Then surely you will gonna love it.

3. Everlasting:

Just like real mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also everlasting in nature. These diamonds once bought can be used till eternity. Such an everlasting diamonds at a cost-effective rate, isn’t it amazing? Most of you before committing to buy such diamonds, start wondering about its future. But believe us, these diamonds are beyond your wonder. You can’t even imagine such features of real diamonds in lab-grown diamonds. Do you?

Are you getting heart attacks? Hold on tight. Because there are still some breathtaking features waiting for you.

4. Similar Graded:

Not just like that, people are running after these diamonds. Lab-created diamonds or the New Dawn diamonds are absolutely identical to mined diamonds, in both physical properties and chemical composition. Likewise, they are similarly graded as those natural diamonds. They too possess the four C’s- Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity, as that of the mined diamonds and are graded by the GIA labs. Don’t worry, the jewelers can’t cheat on you. Because, it is the duty of every jeweler to provide the GIA certificate to their buyers on their every purchase. This is yet another reason why people are having a craze to buy such diamonds.

5. Multiple Options:

Buyers, especially the women always look for varieties while purchasing, no matter whether it is a jewelry, costume or something else. They actually want to get the best out of the collection and look the best among others. Moreover, they have a tendency to pair their jewelry with their dress. Is their desire be fulfilled putting on real mined diamonds? Unfortunately not. Real diamonds can only give you variety in shapes, not in shades. As they are found colorless. But lab-created diamonds can make your dream come true. Want a pink heart-shaped diamond, blue round brilliant cut diamond, or anything else? You can get a variety of colors and shapes for your love.

6. Can Be Tested:

While buying something expensive we all have a tendency to examine it, to assure whether the product is fake or not. Isn’t it? Now the question is, “Is this actually needed for the diamonds grown in the laboratory? Since the diamond jewelers are already providing their customers with the GIA certificate.” Well, it is always useful to be secure from beforehand. You don’t have to look for the ways separately, to detect these diamonds. Your lab-grown diamonds can easily be detected by using all the possible ways of distinguishing real diamonds from the fake one. Are you aware of the tests? If not, check out our blogs on diamond tests and detect whether your diamond is a fake stone or the real one.

All these above-mentioned reasons, have taken the breathe away of every potential diamond buyers. Will you like to be the one? Browse the Google and get the best destination of buying such diamonds at a reasonable rate. However, if you don’t mind traveling, then we will refer you to visit the Chicago’s Diamond district once. We are sure the Historic Jewelers Row will certainly take your heart out and you can’t help yourself in purchasing diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other diamond studded jewelry from there.