An Insight to May BirthStones – Emerald

By Seo Team | May 7, 2019 | Tag: diamonds of Chicago

Hey, are you not satisfied with the price of diamonds? Want something more inexpensive than our lab-created diamonds? Chicago’s Diamonds Inc even serves you with plenty of alternatives, other than diamonds.

Gemstones or especially the birthstones are the finest alternatives to the dazzling diamonds. And using these stones as engagement rings or wedding rings will be an amazing creation. Every birthstone has a unique meaning and possesses a special historical significance.

In this blog, we will discuss the details of Emerald, the birthstone associated with the month of May.

Emerald, to be a bit specific, is a green shaded stone that is considered to be a symbol of love and rebirth. It is believed to be the gem of Venus that is good for fertility.

Some historical aspects:

According to ancient history, Cleopatra, Egypt’s tempestuous female monarch, used to wear Emerald. Additionally, based on the evidence found, it has been proved that the ancient Egyptian mummies that were buried in that era, used to have an Emerald carved with the symbol of verdure on their necks so as to symbolize eternal youth.

Therefore, it can be concluded that emeralds in antiquity were mined in Egypt and later the mines were spread across the world. However, the mining ceased with the discovery of the Colombian deposits.

Today, Emerald deposits are found in plenty of places including Columbia, Zambia, Nigeria, India, and many more. And based on this, they are classified into 4 categories.

Columbian Emerald: With respect to color, size, brilliance, and purity, Columbia offers the best Emeralds. They appear in different shades of green in different parts of Columbian mines. For example, the deep green Emerald is found in core depths of the mines. They look superior to any other emerald pieces. Besides these, emeralds are even obtained in yellowish or bluish shades.

Columbian Emerald

Zambian Emerald: Zambia is considered to be the second largest producers of Emerald in the world. It was introduced around the year 1950. Unlike the Columbian gemstones that are light-shaded green, Zambian Emeralds appear in a deep green shade. These green stones are less porous, smaller in size, and less brittle in nature. They produce a brilliant luster, thus making the stones prominent among the buyers. The best part is that, although the stones are dazzling bright, they are priced lower than the Columbian counterparts, hence are strongly affordable with respect to the diamonds of Chicago.

Zambian Emerald

Indian Emerald: Emeralds in India is known as Panna. Though in recent days, not enough mines are found in India, they were the most fascinating gemstone of the royal families. Even the Indian astrologers use these stones as they found some astrological values in them.

Indian Emerald

How to Buy Emeralds?

Just like the diamonds, Chicago‘s emeralds also possess the four Cs. Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. These are the four aspects by which emerald is judged or rated by the marketer.

Color – Emeralds appear in a varied range of hues, starting from yellow-green to blue-green, with the primary shade being green. While other shades are considered secondary. More bright or more vivid the color of the stone will be, the more valuable will be the gemstone.

Clarity – Unlike the diamonds of Chicago, Emeralds possess a large number of inclusions or flaws. Hence, if an emerald is devoid of any visible inclusion, it is termed flawless. However, such gemstones are extremely rare in nature and so are extremely expensive. That is the reason why highly included emeralds are treated to enhance the apparent clarity.

CutLab-created diamonds, as we know have multiple shapes and cuts. However, emeralds are found in some prominent shapes. Signature emeralds are often found in emerald cut, oval cut or rectangular cut.

Carat – Same as diamonds, emeralds are also measured in carat. And the price of the gemstone is calculated according to its weight, color, clarity, and shape.

Diamonds Inc present an array of emerald collection based that hold all these properties mentioned above. Hence anyone looking for a quality emerald can simply crawl into our store and purchase the best one from the creations.

Emeralds in the past were considered as the gemstone of Royals. A gemstone that every ruler or monarch around the world loved to wear. Still now this mystical gemstone shares the same space among the diamonds, rubies, or sapphires.

Besides the marvelous diamonds, Chicago is also known as the land of different gemstones. Therefore, it will not be wrong if you look for birthstones instead of diamonds.

Eternity Bands – Another Way to Define Your Eternal Love

By Seo Team | February 9, 2019 | Tag: diamonds of Chicago

Have you heard of eternity rings or eternity bands? Most probably you have. In fact, there are some who prefer to gift eternity bands to their significant other just because they have fallen in love with them.

Are you planning for the same?

But do you know what they are? Or what they actually represent?
There are many such individuals like you who have heard of these diamond accessories but are still not sure about how they can be defined. Here we are here to help you out in this.

Diamond eternity bands, in our words, is one of the most superior diamond accessories that can be presented so as to define your eternal love. It is one of the most appreciable diamond products that a girl may like for her jewelry wardrobe. Visit the diamonds of Chicago. They are relatively affordable, convenient, and most importantly GIA certified.

However, if you scroll down the dictionary, you may discover the exact meaning of the terms “eternity band”. An eternity band or an eternity ring is a circular band inclusive of precious metal that is featured with diamonds or any other gemstones all around the band. The best part of this ring is you don’t have any particular setting or specific gemstones to create such a ring. As a consequence, it provides a great option for personalization, thus keeping their meaning intact.

Origin of the Eternity Ring

Traveling down the history, it has been discovered that the concept of eternity rings have been originated in ancient Egypt at around 2000BCE. Although at that point in time, these rings were not marked for special occasions. The Egyptian men preferred to gift these rings to their better halves to express their love and commitment.


It it also said that these rings were initially featured in the shape of a snake eating it own tail – thus representing the term eternity. However, with time, these rings are featured with endless circular metal studded with precious gemstones, instead of the snake.

Eternity bands features with diamonds of Chicago work simply amazing, not just because you get an option to comprise your band with lab-created diamonds. They are delicately manufactured offering a very strong reason to the buyers to get attached to.


However, it is not always possible to envelop the entire ring with stones. Therefore, the stones one cover up the top portion of the enternity ring. These give rise two major categories of Eternity bands or Eternity rings – Half eternity bands and Full eternity bands. But that doesn’t mean the meaning or significance of the term will be killed. It will remain the same no matter how you customize your eternity rings.

Based on the band metal, the Diamond District of Chicago offers eternity bands in assorted varieties.

1. Platinum Eternity Bands: Platinum is considered as the most active metal that can be used to customize the eternity rings owing to get a natural white color. This, when paired with a set of dazzling diamonds or other colored gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Blue Topaz etc, looks extremely stunning.

2. Rose Gold Eternity Bands: The rose gold shade is one of the most popular hue likely appreciated by the ladies for their strong feminine and rose-pinkish hue. You can use such an extraordinary shade with your Eternity bands so as get a strong compliment from others. This complementary shade, when contrasted with diamonds, produces a vibrant look to the overall gesture. However, you can even go for colorful stones like Morganite or Pink Sapphire other than natural or lab-created diamonds of Chicago.

3. White Gold Eternity Bands: Platinum and White Gold both are the most appreciable metal often used to personalize an Eternity band. However, if you are bothered about your budget, then, of course, white gold metal plays the role of the best alternative. Just like the platinum set of rings, white gold eternity bands or rings even look marvelous. But they need occasional replating, that a platinum ring is always devoid of.

Which one of the above are you planning to execute? Well, your budget will be enough to define your desire. But whatever you choose, the ring will leave no stone unturned to define your love and commitment. Now, how is that possible?

Eternity bands basically symbolize a person’s ultimate commitment to the other one. The gemstones encircling the entire band have neither a beginning nor an end, thus featuring the term “eternity”.

Won’t you like to gift such a ring to express your longlasting relationship? We guess that would be an amazing token of love.

But don’t confuse this with the wedding bands of Chicago. Although similar in some aspect, they are two different products of diamonds that one can purchase. Visit the diamond stores of Chicago like Diamonds Inc and customize your desire.