Know The Best Affordable Wedding Bands For Women In Chicago

Know The Best Affordable Wedding Bands For Women In Chicago

By Seo Team | July 11, 2018

Diamond rings or diamond bands, no matter what it is. It is a de rigueur expense for every couple getting married. A myriad of wedding band collection is available both at online stores as well as offline jewelry hubs, especially in Chicago. But unfortunately, choosing the right wedding band for women in Chicago is not less than a challenge. Choice of every ‘she’ is different. And so, finding out the right one from the ocean of diamonds is just equal to making an impossible task possible.

Do you know, what is your would-be’s taste? In case not, you should look for that first. Obviously, you don’t want to bark up the wrong tree. Isn’t it? Just like the endless desire for a woman for jewelry, the list of different wedding bands is endless as well. From styles to designs, elegant to classic, modern to intricate, the list is until the horizon. But never mind. Since you are reading our blog, we will certainly help you in finding the right one for her.

While looking for the best wedding ring, its the nature of common buyer to check out their wallet at once. So, here we present the different affordable wedding bands for you or maybe for her. Let’s have a look.

1. Shared Prong Diamond Bands:

Shared Prong diamond bands, as the name suggest, rely on the exclusive prong diamond settings. In these bands, diamonds are integrated into a row in such a manner that it allows maximum light reflection and sparkle. This is the brilliance of every shared prong diamond bands with ‘no’ metal border.

2. Scalloped Pave Diamond Bands:

You must have been the witness of pave diamond rings before. Scalloped pave diamond bands acquire almost the same features. The rounded cutouts on the sides of the band minimize the metal visibility and create an effect of pure shimmer. Therefore, it will not take much time or effort to figure out why many women gravitate towards these bands.

3. French Pave Diamond Bands:

Is your budget low, still you are thriving for diamonds? The uniqueness of French Pave diamond bands reveals through its settings. The phrase ‘French Pave’ has said what it has to say. It refers to a method of setting diamonds. Here the diamonds are set in such a way that it maximizes the amount of light reflecting from either side. In this setting, the metal forms a ‘fishtail’ or you may say a small U or V shape under each diamond. This exposes the sides of the diamonds and ultimately amplify their sparkle.

4. Plain Wedding Bands:

Is it necessary that what others do, we do the same? Sometimes it is better to go ‘odd’. Maybe just to be unique, just to be exceptional or just to come in a limelight. In case of a wedding ring for women, this can be obtained if you go for plain wedding bands. These bands have no embellishments, no doubt. But they are certainly timeless and classic. These bands can be further classified into platinum bands, 18K gold bands, 14K gold bands, and palladium bands. Excited? Browse online or just try one that is available at the store.

5. Eternity Bands:

Diamonds are forever – you must have heard this phrase several times. Isn’t it? But today you may feel this if you heading to purchase eternity bands. The exclusiveness of a diamond eternity band lies in its feature. The ring is wrapped completely with the dazzling gemstones, thus allowing the band to sparkle and shimmer from every angle. However, it is worthy to note that the better it looks, the more difficult it is to alter. If you are not concerned about that, then you may opt for this without any stress.

6. Saphire Rings:

While purchasing a wedding band for women, it doesn’t mean it has to be a ring studded with diamonds. Will it lose its value if it is of Saphire? Obviously not. This option is for those who feel wedding rings or bands doesn’t imply it has to have a diamond included in it. It is also fruitful for those who don’t want to upset his wallet. Yes, in comparison to diamonds, sapphires are available at a low expensive rate. Moreover, diamonds are usually obtained colorless, it is a different matter that today diamonds can also be available in different shades. But still, if you don’t want diamonds yet want to add a splash of color to your band, then sapphire accents can give you that touch. So if you are desiring for something different besides diamond, then this can be the most impressive choice.

Options are many, but you have to convert one into your choice. However, wedding bands can also be further classified based on metals. Do you know that? If not yet, check out our blog on wedding bands based on metals and purchase an affordable wedding band accordingly.

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