Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling With Our Basic Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling With Our Basic Maintenance Tips

By Seo Team | September 3, 2018

Your jewelry is your asset. Don’t you want to keep your asset perfect? However, it’s easy to find out the best jewelry piece for your wardrobe, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to maintain the jewelry and keep it intact forever. Every jewelry, regardless of its material type and gemstone, requires a proper maintenance in order to last for generations. After all, a fine jewelry is also prone to wear and tear. Learning to take care of your ornaments and that also in a proper manner will keep them in the best shape and form, as much as it is possible.

Have you purchased your engagement ring or any other jewelry pieces from Chicago’s Diamond District? Then, of course, you are quite aware of the multiple jewelry repair services in Chicago. Yeah, you may easily avail these and get your ornaments fixed up. But we guess you should also have some responsibility for your assets. Isn’t it?

So, interested? Check out the following points and get to know about some effective maintenance tips to make sure your jewelry quality last for years.

1. Store them properly:

Is it better to fight with the tarnished pieces or to take precautions from beforehand? Obviously, taking precautions will help you to minimize the pains that you are likely to encounter, later on. Additionally, this will save your time and money in the distant future. Make sure that you clean your ornament always with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place. Each piece should be kept separated to prevent them from scratching. Either you keep them intact in a jewelry box or wrap them individually in a soft cloth or tissue.

2. Specific material needs specific cleaning tips:

Not every jewelry material uses the same maintenance process. It’s different for the different material type. Confused? Hell, yeah. You don’t need to. Here we have stagged out some simple jewelry care instructions for your regular used jewelry.


Gemstones, especially the diamonds are said to be the hardest naturally occurring stones. But they can be damaged due to indiscreet handling and negligence. For example, a habit of removing rings by pulling on the stone may result in a loss of the gem. Therefore, they should be worn with extra care. Additionally, rings are too prone to collect dust and soap, especially behind the gem, which causes reduction of brightness and fire. To get back the transparency and luster, just soak them in warm soapy water and use a toothbrush to wipe the dirt behind the stone. Use these diamond jewelry care tips, instead of getting messed up. Jewelry repair in the Chicago Loop area can convert your old one to new, no doubt. But the initial step of precaution should be taken by you.

Sterling Silver:

Silver is very soft and delicate, just like a newborn baby and so you have to take care of it likewise. Regular use of jewelry based on sterling silver may minimize its luster with time. But if you clean your jewelry piece regularly after use, with a soft cotton cloth or flannel, then you can easily get rid of all your future issues.

Cubic Zirconia:

If you are in love with the most pocket-friendly diamond simulant, Cubic Zirconia, then you must also know how to take care of it. Wiping the jewelry with a cotton cloth is obviously a better choice. But if you are looking for the best jewelry care tips for Cubic Zirconia, then we guess using a special jewelry polishing cloth, Sunshine Polishing Cloth will be perfect. Make sure you don’t rub your pieces in a circular motion, as these may encounter a number of scratches. For better results, you may take a warm water and mild soap, and use a cosmetic applicator to reach all the crevices.

There are two other cost-effective methods of using CZ jewelry pieces. You can either steam your jewelry. This is the most effective method to loosen the dirt. Or you may also use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your pieces in a brilliant way.


Compared to other gemstones, pearls are very soft and look for extra attention. So while storing them in your wardrobe, you should use a fabric-lined box or a fabric pouch to keep your pearls safe, instead of storing them in the same box. Further, these organic jewels always require moisture to breathe and shine like always. But the acid produced from the skin is easily absorbed by the pearls, thus causing harm to the pearls and its luster. So to prevent these, either wipe your pearls with a wet soft cotton cloth after every wearing or add a drop of olive oil and clean the dirt with a soft dry cloth to maintain its quality. Make sure you are avoiding toothbrushes, ultrasonic cleaners or any other abrasive materials to clean them.


Gold, though doesn’t tarnish, they become dull and boring when it comes in contact with your skin oil, body lotion, makeup, cosmetics and other substances. However, there are lots of products that can be used to clean gold ornaments. Among those gold jewelry care tips, cleaning with detergent and a soft cloth is the easiest one. For better cleaning, you may use a toothbrush to scrub the jewelry piece. After all, they will not be worn out if you scrub them thoroughly.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel won’t rust, rather they are very durable and can withstand wear and tear, unlike silver jewelries. But these jewelries based on stainless steel can be damaged over time if used regularly. The more you use, the more will be its rate of getting worn out. To avoid this, make sure your jewelry doesn’t come in contact with chemicals. However, it’s quite easy to clean them. Just take a drop of dishwashing liquid in water and wipe all the dirt out. Isn’t it very easy and cost-effective?

3. Expert Advice:

Last but not the least, you can follow an expert’s advice before using your own precaution tips. In fact, if you are planning to purchase jewelry from Chicago, you will be assisted with all such jewelry tips. Embrace them and keep your jewelry healthy.

No matter whatever process you may use, you should store your jewelry in a way as explained in the initial point. Further, if your jewelry has encountered several wears and tears and you don’t want to spend more for a brand new one, the affordable jewelry repair services in Chicago should be worth to be remembered.

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