How You Should Take Care Of Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

How You Should Take Care Of Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

By Seo Team | March 20, 2019

A diamond engagement ring is known for its beauty and excellence but its quality can only be retained if you are taking care of the product delicately. A diamond ring, no matter for what reason you are purchasing, it is expensive. Whether it is a new dawn diamond or a natural mined diamond, it will be expensive than other gemstones. And it is your responsibility to offer proper maintenance to your diamond ring.

Are you excited to know about the possible ways to take care of your custom diamond ring? This blog will let you learn how to care for your diamond and the diamond settings so as to ensure that the ring stays in pristine condition.

A few ways to clean your custom diamond Ring

1. Mixing Ammonia in warm water: In warm water, mix a pinch of ammonia along with some dishwashing liquid. All these in a combined form will help you to take out the dirt from the ring. Soak your diamond ring in this warm water and leave it intact for more than 20 to 30 minutes. But make sure, if your diamond is cracked or fractured, avoid adding ammonia, as these will react with the filling as well as coating the stone.

2. Stop bleaching your Jewelry: It is always recommended to avoid bleaching elements as they have a high potential to damage metals such as gold or platinum. So you need to take care of this aspect as well. They are extremely harmful to your jewelry pieces.

3. Use a toothbrush to clean the dirt: One of the best tools to clean any jewelry is a toothbrush. This lets you clean the dirt gently from the jewelry pieces without even disturbing the paving stones or your diamonds. Brush the ring softly with care and make sure it does not lose the prongs.

4. Clean the lower part of the diamond: The dirt mainly accumulates at the mounting underneath the stone and it slowly builds up. So it should be your responsibility to clean the lower part of your custom diamond ring. Don’t forget it.

5. Rinse the ring with lukewarm water: A little warm water and a soft cloth are enough if you are cleaning your diamond regularly. Making a habit of taking care of the piece instead of once in two weeks is always beneficial.

6. Clean the ring once a week: Are you waiting for the dirt to accumulate on your ring? This is obviously a stupid act. Waiting for longer days will harden the dirt and it really becomes difficult to clean the ring by hand. And in that case, you need an ultrasonic cleaner. This accumulated dirt can be harmful to your ring as well as for your health by causing an indirect reaction. To avoid these, clean your ring once in a week and make it dirt free.

7. Take care of the metal settings: There are different options based on the settings through which a diamond ring can be customized. Now, if you are having a gold finished setting, the dirt can be cleaned by polishing. However, if your ring is based on sterling silver, it should be polished with a silver wipe.

It doesn’t matter what type of diamond you are wearing. What matters is the way you are keeping your diamond safe and secure. You need to be gentle enough while you are wearing your diamond piece. There often such cases where a diamond wears off in a glance. You need to take care of such small things while you are about to put on a diamond or carrying a diamond jewelry pairing with your attire.

What are the things that you need to take care of while wearing them?

1. Make sure it has a nice fit: Loose fitted diamonds always have a tendency to forget its wearer’s address. Such a ring have a high possibility to lose its stone or cause damage if not taken proper care. Therefore, it is indeed a requirement to ensure that your diamond jewelry gives you a nice fit. Otherwise, it could slide off your finger while you are focusing on any other activity.

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2. Avoid catching your ring: What do you mean by catching? There are some diamond cuts or diamond prong settings that have a strong risk of catching on some materials, such as sweaters, hair, lace etc. Avoid such rings that offer this function or be gentle while you are carrying these rings.

3. Stay away from dirt: Yeah, it is possible to clean a diamond ring but it is not the best option always. The best thing is to avoid reaching such situations. Activities that is associated with dirt are like playing sports, gardening etc. If you won’t get there, your ring will be devoid of dirt.

Not just while carrying, you should even be careful while you are storing the diamond jewelry pieces in your safe or wardrobe.

The same aforesaid guidelines are liable for other diamond jewelries as well. Customize your diamond jewelry from Chicago and embrace these.

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