Exhibit Your Love with Our Marquise Diamond Rings

Exhibit Your Love with Our Marquise Diamond Rings

By Seo Team | November 5, 2018

Marquise cut diamonds, also termed as “Navette” shaped diamonds, are defined with elongated silhouettes and elegant curves. Such a featured look never fails to amaze the audience. Would you like to invest in an elongated diamond ring that exhibits amazing brilliance and fire? Or looking for a diamond engagement ring in Chicago that has a striking vintage flair? Surprisingly, a marquise cut diamond ring offers the same.

A marquise cut diamond featured with its long, elongated narrow shape can be the best replacement for oval shaped diamonds. Its featured look not only flatters with excellence but provide a wide option for budget-conscious buyers as well. Exciting right? Why don’t you instilled this natural stone as the center stone of your solitaire engagement ring? It will serve both the purpose of a solitaire ring and marquise cut diamonds.

Here we have stacked some of the best options on Marquise cut Diamond rings. These types will help you to serve your requirement.

1. Accented “V” Ring:

This is one of the most exquisite featured rings, stacked with shimmering pave diamonds and a marquise cut diamond as the center of attraction. The ring forms a chevron-shaped or V-shaped band and exhibits an artistic look without any failure. Often people hover amidst two cases while they encounter tiny pave diamonds. Firstly, they can’t resist themselves from buying such brilliant featured diamonds. Secondly, they can’t take the risk of losing those diamonds, as pave diamonds are prone to lose. Confused? These diamonds are gracefully fastened with claw prongs, thus protecting the diamonds to a great extent. Do you really want something out of the track? Certainly, you should opt for this type of engagement ring in Chicago. In one word they are just ‘amazing’.

2. Stackable Crown Ring:

Wanna gift a diamond ring to your queen? Why don’t you explore the stackable crown ring collection of Diamonds Inc? They are simply out of the blue. The marquise crown ring or nature-inspired ring highlights three dazzling diamond petals stranded on the center of the diamond-studded band, offering a crown shaped feminine vibe. The delicate setting, the classic integrity, and the rich flavor conjointly make it a timeless treasure.

3. Three Stone Ring:

Three-stone ring can be an amazing choice if you are looking for simplicity. Its delicate prong setting on a thin precious metal band exhibits a sophisticated outlook. You might not get any richness in this, but it will certainly be cost-effective and fruitful for daily use. Just try one out from the selections. We guess you will like it.

4. Solitaire Marquise Ring:

Image source: Brownsjewellers

Do you prefer wearing solitaire diamond rings? Or wanna gift a solitaire engagement ring this wedding season? Amongst the ocean of diamonds, often we end up in a confusion which one to choose and which one to avoid. Is that what you are facing right now? You may never regret your idea of placing a marquise cut diamond as the center stone of a solitaire engagement ring. A highlighted diamond with an array of glittering mini diamonds set with three-prong settings is enough to impress your fiance.

5. Vintage Inspire Ring:

Besides all such richness, marquise cut diamonds can offer a complete vintage inspiration. It may sound totally out of the track, but if you believe in hand-engraving and subtle borders of milgrain, a diamond at the center of this historic atmosphere may yield a stunning effect. Gifting a vintage marquise engagement ring will certainly be an amazing alternative to choose.

Isn’t this enough to awe your love? Engagement ring in Chicago has so many options that the potential buyers often get baffled. Hope now you won’t have any such problem.

Customizing your marquise diamond engagement ring or picking up the best diamond product from the store, Diamonds Inc, Chicago excels in both and assures its customers with its comprehensive services.

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