Finest Inclusion to the Array of Men’s Wedding Bands

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Wedding rings for women are considered to be the symbol of eternal love and commitment. The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger has been prevailing since ancient times. Even today, people believe that the vein of the ring finger is directly connected to the heart. Hence wearing the ring on that particular finger is quite auspicious.

In recent years, along with the women’s wedding rings, men’s wedding bands are also prospering daily. Today both men and women bang on to the diamond studios in search for their wedding bands or rings to gift their prospective spouses as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

Have you ever been to Diamonds Inc Chicago? Our collection will not just mesmerize you but even give you plenty of options to make your perfect choice. Wait a minute. It is easy to make the finest choice for a woman’s wedding ring. But when it comes to a man’s wedding band, it is really a tough decision that you have to make.

Pile of stocks is available in our diamond store in Chicago. They all are one-of-a-kind and create excitement in the buyers. Would you like to explore the different variety of wedding bands in our store? Here we go.

1. Simple Wedding Bands: As the same suggests, they are as simple as their name but still are a great option for the couples who are looking for wedding bands that meet their budget. Wedding bands Chicago are made of a single metal, for example, gold, silver, to give a traditional look; titanium, tungsten to add a contemporary gesture. Now the choice is yours. In fact, while choosing this simple engagement ring, the material of the rings pays more attention. These rings are just made to symbolize the eternal relationship amidst the couple.

Simple Wedding Bands

2. Modern Wedding Bands: While looking for this particular diamond jewelry Chicago amazes you with something modern, something more trendy options in the diamond stores. These are quoted as modern wedding bands for men. These rings involve the sleek, black tungsten rings that often seek the attention of the buyers. Alternatively, the black titanium plated rings with a carbon fiber inlay even have a lot more to symbolize. These carbon fiber inlays combine with another color that can be red, green or blue, to make the jewelry exclusive and competitive. You may go for these bands without making a second choice.

Modern Wedding Bands

3. Classic Wedding Bands: Classic wedding bands, unlike the other two mentioned above, are decorated with small beads of diamonds. These are basically the rich traditional-styled engagement rings that are decked up with gemstones. Such a timeless appeal can only be a witness in these bands, without any hesitation. However, other than diamonds, you can even customize these with other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and even moissanite. Now the choice completely depends on your budget. Our diamond store in Chicago is laden with all such creations.

Classic Wedding Bands

4. Two-tone rings: What are two-tone wedding rings for men? These rings are featured with a gold-tone and a silver-tone and often come in multiple varieties of colors and materials. For example, if you are likely to purchase a two-tone titanium ring, then you will witness a white and a black stroke on it. These rings have a sleek finish and offer a stylish look that never dies with time. Well, you even have the option for customization.

Two tone Ring

5. Nature Inspired Rings: Finally, here we have something amazing for you. These rings as titled, are all inspired by nature. Dark and light shades and wood inlay feature an organic and masculine look to the ring. Even there are black ceramic rings for men that have occupied a separate space in the array.

Nature Inspired Ring

If looking for any such diamond jewelry Chicago is the ideal destination to explore. Especially, when you are traveling to the Mallers Building at the Diamond district of Chicago you will be stunned discovering the flood of diamond jewelers.

So, which one do you like to purchase for your man? Is it the classic engagement ring styled wedding band or the one that holds a modern contemporary gesture? Whatever it may be, Diamonds Inc, Chicago will never fail to amaze you with its quality and quantity.

A Handful of Tips to Buy the Perfect Ring

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A wedding and engagement are two of the most special times in life. So, it goes without saying that you have to make them as extraordinary as possible so that you can cherish them for your entire lifetime. A lot of efforts are put in to make these occasions, the most fabulous ones and everybody involved play a crucial role in the cause.

Rings are one of the most integral parts in any engagement or wedding and so, a lot of focus should be put into choosing the best one among the lot. You may think, why so? Well, a beautiful ring for such occasions brings its own share of glamour and charm that will intensify the elegance and beauty of the moment.

A couple is incomplete without the perfect ring. They make them appear extremely graceful during the entire course of the occasion. It often gets difficult to choose the most suitable ring. So, how to go by it?

This blog will present you with a handful of tips that will assist you in choosing from the numerous wedding or engagement rings in Chicago and other places and will reduce your worries to a healthy amount. Let’s have a look at them below.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Follow these tips and purchase excellent rings

Rings have different purposes for different occasions. During an engagement, they act as a promise to get married. And when it comes to marriage, they act as the symbol of staying with each other through the thicks and thins of life. Depending on the occasion, a ring is chosen.

Today, there are thousands of ring shops, both offline and online, that promise to present glamorous products at the most reasonable rate. So, you obviously find it difficult to make a decision and stand firm on it. So now, let’s go through the useful tips that will help you out when in such a dilemma.

Develop a budget

Before you and your partner decide to actually go on a ring shopping spree, make sure to set a budget. Whatever may be the reason for buying a ring, an engagement or a wedding, a developed budget will favor the cause to a significant extent.

Having a pre-determined budget will help you to focus better on the kind of rings that actually would love to buy and your mind won’t wander off to others that are beyond or below your price range. A set budget will narrow down the available options and help you select from the top engagement or wedding rings in Chicago and other places.

Know the metals

Rings for such special occasions are abundantly available in different kind of materials. The most common ones are gold, platinum, white gold and titanium. While the first three are traditional standards, the titanium ones can act as excellent substitutes in case you are allergic to specific metals or if you desire less-costly items.

Also, these metal rings come with diamonds too. If you are looking for a diamond-embedded ring for your wedding or engagement, then Chicago is a top place to visit. But first, have an idea of the metals used, as it will enhance your selection process.

Shop around

Consider buying a ring just like a normal shopping process. What do you do when shopping for an ordinary item? You visit one store to another and compare the items, price range, and other things and only then, make the most suitable decision. Apply the same formula here. You must put in a lot of efforts to make your engagement or wedding, a charismatic one.

There are certain stores which offer unique products while there may be some who offer their products at lucrative discounts. So, visit several stores and then make a final decision.

Some other useful tips for the same

Apart from the above ones, there are some additional tips too. Go through them below.

Spend a considerable amount of time

What most of us do wrong is, we leave certain crucial things, like in this case rings, for the last moment. This eventually leads us to finish the task in hurry and most often than not, we end up buying the wrong item or not the most suitable one. Both wedding and engagements are extremely special life occasions.

They demand more attention. So, spend a significant amount of time, and choose the most stylish rings. Don’t buy in hurry.

Suitable style

You will find both engagement and wedding rings, to be extremely stylish. They are designed with the mindset that they need to appear stylish to deliver the charm that is expected from them. So, choose the ring that will suit your individual style. Also make sure that it is an item that will not let you feel uncomfortable, as generally rings are worn on an everyday basis.
So, follow these tips and buy a gorgeous ring for the purpose!

Easy Ways to Purchase a Diamond Ring Online

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The internet is developing every day. People acknowledge its prolonged existence and thereby trust them enough to make online purchases. Time has gradually changed now. A lot more people are beginning to opt for buying stuff online, that involves a significant amount of cash.

When it comes to jewelry, people are still a bit hesitant to take their foot forward and make a purchase that involves a good sum of money. Most people do not rely on online vendors that much and are worried about whether they will get the right thing in exchange for their valuable money.

Buying diamonds through online vendors

A diamond ring is expensive, remarkable as well as a long-term investment. It will keep on giving you benefits even after its main purpose is served. So, people should buy them wisely. Apart from actual stores, there are tons of online businesses available that offer a beautiful collection of diamond rings. But can we trust such online websites? Who are the best jewelry stores operating online?

This form of investment is something that needs careful analysis and a whole lot of right information to take the right decision. When it comes to online diamond ring shopping, most people tend to be a lot wary of buying such expensive items without any physical examination. Another major issue associated with this form of shopping is, people have doubts concerning money back guarantees.

How can online diamond ring shopping be advantageous?

Well, if you are experiencing such concerns and is worried about whether you are making the right decision or not, then this blog will help you out. Here you will get to know about some simple tips for purchasing the most suitable diamond ring on the internet. But first, let’s check out how selecting this form of shopping will benefit you.

The prime reason behind so many people flocking the online shopping websites is that here products are sold at extremely competitive prices. To add to your joys, you have a plethora of fine offerings to select from. A diamond ring selling website, in all probability, have a collection of engagement rings that exceeds your local jewelry store in the number of items.

You can expect to get rare and uniquely designed diamond rings on online shopping sites. Such varieties are not provided even in local stores and malls. Over the years, online shopping has caught up with the actual shopping numbers. It’s increasing gradually and efficient vendors are playing a crucial role in making that happen.

Some crucial tips that will help you out in the process

To clear your uncertainties and ensure you experience a seamless shopping experience, a few tips are provided here for the same. Let’s check them out.

Check authenticity

There are various business vendors who are out there to cheat you and take the valuable money that you spend on them. Although there are certain bodies that keep a check on such companies and ensure your shopping experience is not bitter, you must take some steps yourself.

While selecting a particular diamond ring company, make sure to check out their website thoroughly. When it comes to buying engagement rings and other diamond based rings, people will never be satisfied with bad products. So, customer complaints against online firms will reveal a lot about them.

Acquire knowledge about their grading process

When buying diamonds online, you can just look at their pictures and then have to decide whether you want to go through the entire process or not. So, it becomes vital for that you learn as much about diamonds as possible like the 4Cs, their grading process etc. These pieces of information are readily available on the internet.

So, if you know them beforehand, you can understand the diamond grading report and then take the right decisions regarding selecting the best online jewelry stores.

Get appraisals done and verify the return policy

The best way to get the most appropriate diamond is by taking the help of an independent appraiser. They will help you in taking the right decision and make sure you are getting the right item for the price you are willing to pay.

Almost every famous online seller offers a one-month return policy for every purchase. The best jewelry stores who are operating online will also include money refunds if you do not consider the diamond ring received, as an appropriate one. These essential tips will help you to have a fantastic online shopping experience.

Some other ways to buy the right diamond ring online

There are a few other things to consider when going for online diamond ring purchase. Those online jewelry stores who have the reputation of acquiring diamonds by the right means and in accordance with the System of Warranties or the Kimberly Process, are the right sellers for you. You have the option of getting a valuable diamond the right way.

There are a number of vendors who offer more than one payment methods. While buying online, credit cards are generally considered to be the safest. However, many vendors now are offering options other than the normally go-to method. Bank Wire and other digital payment options have made the way for the traditional ones.

Diamonds are costlier items. These forms of payment offer huge and lucrative discounts. They help a lot to make the process a satisfying one. When it comes to buying diamond rings online, you should never be hesitant to clear your doubts or questions that cloud your mind while making the needed judgment.

If the retailer is selling genuine products, then they will be more than happy to answer every question of yours. By giving you great feedback, they will be offering their customer service to you. On the other hand, if a vendor is hesitant or is trying to avoid your questions, then you stick on to the matter unless they give the required feedback. This tells a lot about the credibility of the vendor.

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Is it Necessary to Buy Matching Wedding Bands For Couples?

By Seo Team | September 11, 2018 | Category: Wedding Rings or bands

The tradition of exchanging wedding bands on the wedding date has been dated back centuries. In most Western Cultures, brides and grooms prefer to place their wedding bands on the ring finger of the left hand. They strongly believe that the vein of this finger is directly connected to the heart. However, medical science has already corrected this belief. Besides, there are many other convenient ways that the brides and grooms often prefer to put on their wedding ring.

Since endless jewelers with their endless collection are evolving daily, choosing a wedding band or engagement ring sometimes become too cumbersome. Even there are many such buyers who find this beating around the bush, especially, when you are talking about Chicago and its Diamond district. Despite the fact, if they succeed to find the best one out from the collection or customize the ring for your loved one, they end up again with a confusion – whether to buy matching wedding bands for couples or not. This question barely tailors their mind and it becomes hard for them to come to a conclusion.

Are you encountering the same issue? Well, it’s quite natural. Here, today surpassing all your problem we have discovered some relevant solutions.

The tendency of building matching pairs was quite frequent in the past. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule today to create something analogous. It completely reckons on the couple’s interest and choices. Here we have set down two ultimate cases, beyond which nothing can be possible.

Yes, I need a matching pair

While conducting our survey, we discovered there are some couples who feel inclined towards the idea of having matching bands. They served multiple reasons for their preferences.

According to them, matching wedding bands pave a way to express their togetherness. They wanna showcase themselves that they are the two elements of the same mold. No doubt, it means a lot and maybe such an explanation provoke you to buy such matching pairs. Having an analogous pair not just means that both the bride and groom will wear the same style, same color, same design, and pattern. For them, this ensures their compatibility and strengthen their bond.

Is that what you are looking for? Is that what you want to feel for your significant other? Is that what your opinion addresses? Take your time, ask yourself and even your partner.

Leaving all these beliefs behind, there are many couples who have sorted out some practical reasons behind this. For some couples, picking out wedding rings identical for each other is not only a convenient search but also seems to be an affordable one. Instead of spending more time scrolling down the diamond rings online or exploring the store collection and finding out the best ring, choosing a similar pair is relatively a comfortable job. Further, if both of you have similar tastes, then such an approach can certainly be amazing.

No, I want both of them unique

Secondly, in contrast to the previous option, there are many couples who prefer to choose a distinct ring style. The reasons that they put on are as follows. They stated, having two non-matching wedding bands doesn’t mean that you can’t express your love or find a connection. It defines that you both have a unique way to express your talent, love, and commitment.

Every individual is unique in themselves and so is his taste. For instance, you may prefer to choose a vintage style, while your partner may be quite trendy and love to flow with the flow. Or maybe you like a bold jewelry while your partner may try to lean on aesthetics, and so on. In such cases, instead of installing your opinion on your partner’s brain, it is always better to choose according to your preferences. After all, a feminine style always differs from a masculine fashion.

As we have said earlier, there is no immutable rule that you have to wear similar wedding rings. You can make your purchase based on your likes. Further, if you still desire to have something similar, you can easily opt for some matching aspects of the rings. For example – the metal, the settings that are incorporated, or maybe the design. This friendly compromise can be the perfect solution for those who like to have unique sets.

So, what are you desiring for? Matched or un-matched? Whatever may be you are craving for, before heading to the jewelry store you need to consider several things.

1. Custom-made or ready-made:

This is the prior question that you need to ask yourself beforehand. After all, it is easy to acquire a ready-made asset. But to shop for a custom-made diamond ring, you need to make your decision clear, keeping enormous time in your hand.

2. Metals:

Gold, platinum, white gold, tungsten, stainless steel, or titanium – uncountable metals are hailing in the market to tailor your needs. More specifically, with diamonds platinum, white gold or gold are preferred the most. While other contemporary metals are chosen to serve other needs.

3. Color:

For a traditional timeless look, yellow, white, rose gold is the preferred shades. Well, there is no hard-and-fast rule that you can’t choose black or gray hues for your wedding ring.

4. Finish:

Need a polished finish or a matte finish? Polished finish is strongly reflective, but if you are looking for a softer appearance then we guess matte look will suit your demand.

5. Design:

Multiple designs for multiple occasions are evolving daily. If you sort them out in categories, there are three basic classifications. Contemporary, traditional or something in-between. Decide your style before you heading to a store.

In the end, it is only you who can decide what wedding band can make you happy. Decide your budget and look for the wedding ring within that range.


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Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling With Our Basic Maintenance Tips

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Your jewelry is your asset. Don’t you want to keep your asset perfect? However, it’s easy to find out the best jewelry piece for your wardrobe, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to maintain the jewelry and keep it intact forever. Every jewelry, regardless of its material type and gemstone, requires a proper maintenance in order to last for generations. After all, a fine jewelry is also prone to wear and tear. Learning to take care of your ornaments and that also in a proper manner will keep them in the best shape and form, as much as it is possible.

Have you purchased your engagement ring or any other jewelry pieces from Chicago’s Diamond District? Then, of course, you are quite aware of the multiple jewelry repair services in Chicago. Yeah, you may easily avail these and get your ornaments fixed up. But we guess you should also have some responsibility for your assets. Isn’t it?

So, interested? Check out the following points and get to know about some effective maintenance tips to make sure your jewelry quality last for years.

1. Store them properly:

Is it better to fight with the tarnished pieces or to take precautions from beforehand? Obviously, taking precautions will help you to minimize the pains that you are likely to encounter, later on. Additionally, this will save your time and money in the distant future. Make sure that you clean your ornament always with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place. Each piece should be kept separated to prevent them from scratching. Either you keep them intact in a jewelry box or wrap them individually in a soft cloth or tissue.

2. Specific material needs specific cleaning tips:

Not every jewelry material uses the same maintenance process. It’s different for the different material type. Confused? Hell, yeah. You don’t need to. Here we have stagged out some simple jewelry care instructions for your regular used jewelry.


Gemstones, especially the diamonds are said to be the hardest naturally occurring stones. But they can be damaged due to indiscreet handling and negligence. For example, a habit of removing rings by pulling on the stone may result in a loss of the gem. Therefore, they should be worn with extra care. Additionally, rings are too prone to collect dust and soap, especially behind the gem, which causes reduction of brightness and fire. To get back the transparency and luster, just soak them in warm soapy water and use a toothbrush to wipe the dirt behind the stone. Use these diamond jewelry care tips, instead of getting messed up. Jewelry repair in the Chicago Loop area can convert your old one to new, no doubt. But the initial step of precaution should be taken by you.

Sterling Silver:

Silver is very soft and delicate, just like a newborn baby and so you have to take care of it likewise. Regular use of jewelry based on sterling silver may minimize its luster with time. But if you clean your jewelry piece regularly after use, with a soft cotton cloth or flannel, then you can easily get rid of all your future issues.

Cubic Zirconia:

If you are in love with the most pocket-friendly diamond simulant, Cubic Zirconia, then you must also know how to take care of it. Wiping the jewelry with a cotton cloth is obviously a better choice. But if you are looking for the best jewelry care tips for Cubic Zirconia, then we guess using a special jewelry polishing cloth, Sunshine Polishing Cloth will be perfect. Make sure you don’t rub your pieces in a circular motion, as these may encounter a number of scratches. For better results, you may take a warm water and mild soap, and use a cosmetic applicator to reach all the crevices.

There are two other cost-effective methods of using CZ jewelry pieces. You can either steam your jewelry. This is the most effective method to loosen the dirt. Or you may also use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your pieces in a brilliant way.


Compared to other gemstones, pearls are very soft and look for extra attention. So while storing them in your wardrobe, you should use a fabric-lined box or a fabric pouch to keep your pearls safe, instead of storing them in the same box. Further, these organic jewels always require moisture to breathe and shine like always. But the acid produced from the skin is easily absorbed by the pearls, thus causing harm to the pearls and its luster. So to prevent these, either wipe your pearls with a wet soft cotton cloth after every wearing or add a drop of olive oil and clean the dirt with a soft dry cloth to maintain its quality. Make sure you are avoiding toothbrushes, ultrasonic cleaners or any other abrasive materials to clean them.


Gold, though doesn’t tarnish, they become dull and boring when it comes in contact with your skin oil, body lotion, makeup, cosmetics and other substances. However, there are lots of products that can be used to clean gold ornaments. Among those gold jewelry care tips, cleaning with detergent and a soft cloth is the easiest one. For better cleaning, you may use a toothbrush to scrub the jewelry piece. After all, they will not be worn out if you scrub them thoroughly.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel won’t rust, rather they are very durable and can withstand wear and tear, unlike silver jewelries. But these jewelries based on stainless steel can be damaged over time if used regularly. The more you use, the more will be its rate of getting worn out. To avoid this, make sure your jewelry doesn’t come in contact with chemicals. However, it’s quite easy to clean them. Just take a drop of dishwashing liquid in water and wipe all the dirt out. Isn’t it very easy and cost-effective?

3. Expert Advice:

Last but not the least, you can follow an expert’s advice before using your own precaution tips. In fact, if you are planning to purchase jewelry from Chicago, you will be assisted with all such jewelry tips. Embrace them and keep your jewelry healthy.

No matter whatever process you may use, you should store your jewelry in a way as explained in the initial point. Further, if your jewelry has encountered several wears and tears and you don’t want to spend more for a brand new one, the affordable jewelry repair services in Chicago should be worth to be remembered.

Know The Best Affordable Wedding Bands For Women In Chicago

By Seo Team | July 11, 2018 | Category: Wedding Rings or bands

Diamond rings or diamond bands, no matter what it is. It is a de rigueur expense for every couple getting married. A myriad of wedding band collection is available both at online stores as well as offline jewelry hubs, especially in Chicago. But unfortunately, choosing the right wedding band for women in Chicago is not less than a challenge. Choice of every ‘she’ is different. And so, finding out the right one from the ocean of diamonds is just equal to making an impossible task possible.

Do you know, what is your would-be’s taste? In case not, you should look for that first. Obviously, you don’t want to bark up the wrong tree. Isn’t it? Just like the endless desire for a woman for jewelry, the list of different wedding bands is endless as well. From styles to designs, elegant to classic, modern to intricate, the list is until the horizon. But never mind. Since you are reading our blog, we will certainly help you in finding the right one for her.

While looking for the best wedding ring, its the nature of common buyer to check out their wallet at once. So, here we present the different affordable wedding bands for you or maybe for her. Let’s have a look.

1. Shared Prong Diamond Bands:

Shared Prong diamond bands, as the name suggest, rely on the exclusive prong diamond settings. In these bands, diamonds are integrated into a row in such a manner that it allows maximum light reflection and sparkle. This is the brilliance of every shared prong diamond bands with ‘no’ metal border.

2. Scalloped Pave Diamond Bands:

You must have been the witness of pave diamond rings before. Scalloped pave diamond bands acquire almost the same features. The rounded cutouts on the sides of the band minimize the metal visibility and create an effect of pure shimmer. Therefore, it will not take much time or effort to figure out why many women gravitate towards these bands.

3. French Pave Diamond Bands:

Is your budget low, still you are thriving for diamonds? The uniqueness of French Pave diamond bands reveals through its settings. The phrase ‘French Pave’ has said what it has to say. It refers to a method of setting diamonds. Here the diamonds are set in such a way that it maximizes the amount of light reflecting from either side. In this setting, the metal forms a ‘fishtail’ or you may say a small U or V shape under each diamond. This exposes the sides of the diamonds and ultimately amplify their sparkle.

4. Plain Wedding Bands:

Is it necessary that what others do, we do the same? Sometimes it is better to go ‘odd’. Maybe just to be unique, just to be exceptional or just to come in a limelight. In case of a wedding ring for women, this can be obtained if you go for plain wedding bands. These bands have no embellishments, no doubt. But they are certainly timeless and classic. These bands can be further classified into platinum bands, 18K gold bands, 14K gold bands, and palladium bands. Excited? Browse online or just try one that is available at the store.

5. Eternity Bands:

Diamonds are forever – you must have heard this phrase several times. Isn’t it? But today you may feel this if you heading to purchase eternity bands. The exclusiveness of a diamond eternity band lies in its feature. The ring is wrapped completely with the dazzling gemstones, thus allowing the band to sparkle and shimmer from every angle. However, it is worthy to note that the better it looks, the more difficult it is to alter. If you are not concerned about that, then you may opt for this without any stress.

6. Saphire Rings:

While purchasing a wedding band for women, it doesn’t mean it has to be a ring studded with diamonds. Will it lose its value if it is of Saphire? Obviously not. This option is for those who feel wedding rings or bands doesn’t imply it has to have a diamond included in it. It is also fruitful for those who don’t want to upset his wallet. Yes, in comparison to diamonds, sapphires are available at a low expensive rate. Moreover, diamonds are usually obtained colorless, it is a different matter that today diamonds can also be available in different shades. But still, if you don’t want diamonds yet want to add a splash of color to your band, then sapphire accents can give you that touch. So if you are desiring for something different besides diamond, then this can be the most impressive choice.

Options are many, but you have to convert one into your choice. However, wedding bands can also be further classified based on metals. Do you know that? If not yet, check out our blog on wedding bands based on metals and purchase an affordable wedding band accordingly.

Why Is It Important To Wear Wedding Ring Always?

By Seo Team | June 25, 2018 | Category: Wedding Rings or bands

Got married? Now, you have to wear your wedding ring till eternity – how many of you have come across this statement? Almost everyone. Isn’t it? But have you ever thought what is the reason behind this? Wearing wedding ring is however termed as a ritual, but is it only confined to this? Or is there something else that you are still not aware of.

Hold on, guys. You don’t have to submerge yourself more into the ocean of thoughts. Perhaps you have asked this to your guardians or friends. But today, you will get to know the exact reason of wearing your wedding ring always. However, to know them in details you will have to travel thousands of years in the past. So, are you ready? Let’s begin the journey.

If you turn the pages in history, you will find that the concept of wearing the wedding ring is not evolved today, rather it has been prevailing for years.

1. Symbol of trust:

Let us travel to ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago in Egypt, there was a ritual of putting a ring on the finger of every bride. These rings were made of reeds and plants growing on the banks of river Nile, which were again twisted and braided into a circular structure. At that time, there was no diamond, no gold. These rituals were only breathing based on the people’s beliefs. They used to consider that the ring is the symbol of eternity and the love between the couple. They believe that wearing a wedding ring reflects that the groom had full confidence in the ability of the bride to take care of his house.

In fact, this is said to be the initialization of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand.

2. Symbol of commitment:

In the middle ages, marriage was believed to be a financial arrangement. Keeping this in mind, the groom used to present the bride and her family an expensive wedding ring, in order to prove them that he was committed to the marriage and would never take his step back. The family used to protect this ring untill their wedding was not over. Thus the ring became the symbol of commitment towards each other.

Till then, the ritual was moving at the speed of a tortoise, but it gained its momentum in the middle of the 9th Century.

3. Symbol of Status:

Have you heard of Pope Nicolas? Come on, you must have read about him in school. Don’t you? However, you will keep this in mind or not, that of course, depends on your degree of attraction towards the subject.

Now coming to the point. Pope Nicolas I during his reign made a gold ring on the occasion of his wedding. He just wanted to showcase his status and wanted to prove his ability to take care of his wife.

4. Symbol of attachment:

Wearing a wedding ring also proves to be the symbol of attachment. It may signify the fact that the woman is married, but it is also considered as a symbol to show her affection towards her love. It is been said that the vein of the fourth finger of the left hand is directly connected to the wearer’s heart. Do you know, what does that mean? It means, once you are wearing the ring on your ring finger, you both are connected by your hearts and no one can split you into halves until eternity.

Now, the role of a diamond comes into the picture.

5. Symbol of a stable relationship:

In the year 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgandy. During this period, people used to believe that diamonds hold magical powers, that can heal every wound. Moreover, it was considered the symbol of a stable and pure relationship.

Keeping all these above-mentioned factors in mind, today, in the name of ritual, exchange of wedding rings takes place and is asked to wear it for eternity. However, in history, we have not come across the wedding bands for men. All we haved learned about the wedding rings for women. It has been found that the men’s wedding band gained its pace during the World War II. In this phase, the men who were separated from their brides wore wedding bands as the remembrance of their loved ones and their commitments towards them. Initially, the wedding bands they used to wear, were simple gold rings. But today it has been modified into diamond-studded rings.

Hope you have noticed how the concept of wedding ring originated and how it gained its importance with time. Actually, if you look through it carefully, you will find that nothing has changed. The meaning, the significance all are same as it was in the history. The things which have changed is the ring composition, its designs, and patterns. Today, by the term wedding ring we mean a “diamond wedding ring”. No matter we can afford it or not, we never fail to have one for the wedding ceremony. Isn’t it? In fact, there are plenty of affordable lab-created diamond rings residing in the market that simply offer diamond rings within our budget.

Startled? Or mesmerized?

In short, a wedding ring simply defines the love, the commitment and the attachment between the spouses. It has nothing to do with diamond, gold or any other metals. Therefore, if you want you can simply choose any other alternatives. Because in the end, it is your love that matters, not the ring you gift to her.

Do you know what are the alternatives that you can choose for your diamond wedding ring? Don’t worry. Go through our blog on 5 alternative options for your wedding ring and gain your knowledge.

5 Alternate Options to Your ‘Diamond’ Wedding Ring

By Seo Team | April 6, 2018 | Category: Wedding Rings or bands

Diamond is always considered to be the best for any auspicious occasion. Considering diamonds to be auspicious and gifting a diamond wedding ring on your special day, all are typical myths that have taken the name ‘rituals’. A wedding ring is simply a symbol of you getting married and a signature of keeping your promises.

What if you can’t afford diamonds for your partner on your special day? Is this hamper your wedding life? Is this lessen your love towards your partner? Obviously not. These are just beliefs.

A wedding life cannot depend on a diamond, rather it depends on the mutual understanding, trust and love that you share. No matter the ring is a diamond one or not, to just a mark a new beginning of your life you can use many alternate options for your diamond wedding ring. These can be non-traditional but can serve the same meaning for your partner.

5 Alternating options to your ‘Diamond’ wedding ring:

1. Diamond Simulants:

Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are considered most popular among the available diamond simulants in the market. These simulants are grown in the laboratory and looks extremely identical to real diamonds. Unless you are trained, these stones cannot be easily detected among the real stones by just looking at them. They possess the same fire and colour as that of a true diamond, and thus are used as a better replacement for a diamond. However, they lose their luster with time and needs to be polished to retain its glory. Well, don’t pay much for these stones. There are many who try to sell these in the name of real diamonds. It is better if you have a research on the authorized stores and purchase the ring from them.

2. Gemstones| Morganite, Tanzanite, Sapphires, Rubies, Emerald:

Gemstones can take the place of a diamond to quite a great extent. There are several types of gemstones available in the gems market. Like diamonds, each gemstone has a traditional meaning as well. Morganite, Tanzanite, Sapphires, Rubies, and Emerald are the few among them that you can use to make your wedding ring.

Morganite This comes with pale pink or orange-pink colour and possesses huge brightness. You can pair this stone with a rose gold setting to complement with the pink shade of the stone. Well, there is no compulsion. You can also design this stone with a silver shaded metal. Tanzanite The stone appears with a dark blue colour and provides an eye-catching fire. You can wear this daily but make sure you take care of it, as the stone is not so hard. Whatever may be its degree of hardness, it excels in its class and elegance.

Sapphires Sapphires are considered to be the royal stone and an amazing alternative to diamonds. White gold halo setting can be the paired with your Sapphire. Sapphires appear in a different array of colours, blue, pink, red, yellow and green. Choose the one you like to wear.
Rubies Rubies are the gems of love. It comes with deep blood red colour and a stone that does not lose its luster easily. You can have a vintage look with rose gold settings. They are extremely flawless and would be worth if you pay for it.

Emerlad- A range of green hue from light to dark can be obtained in this gemstone. These have a rating of 7.5 hardness and flaws and inclusions are hard to find in these stones. To have a classic look, design this with yellow gold metal.

3. Knot:

What if you gift a knot while tying your knot with your partner? It can be the simplest but stunning way to describe your feelings. This concept of the knot is prevailing from the history, where it was considered as true lovers knot. It was the symbol given by the sailors to their beloved while getting detached. Interlocking two overhand knots in two parallel wires, this knot is made and are worn forever. In Victorian times, young couples are seen to make the knot with a limb of a tree and express their feelings to their love. It’s something interesting. Isn’t it? Would you like to try it?

4. Claddagh ring:

This is a traditional Irish ring rooted from Roman times. The ring highlighted with a crown, two hands, and a head, which refers to loyalty, friendship and love. You will get an appearance of clasped hands symbolizing the vows. To retain the Irish heritage, these rings are commonly used as both engagement and wedding rings. The ring can be worn in two different ways. Women wearing the ring facing the point of the heart out serves as an engagement ring, whereas, the point of the heart turned around refers that she is married. Want to gift something special but traditional? Claddagh ring can serve your purpose.

5. Heirloom:

This can be something very special and meaningful. When you have nothing to give, still you can give something significant. Family heirloom can be the best decision when you are losing hope. Ask your guardians or your family members. There must be a special ring that your mother or your grandmother has kept it for her daughter-in-law. This will be something very precious. Not because it may have diamonds. But because the ring is overloaded with memories and blessings. Gift this to her. She will definitely love it, rather liking it.

In the end, remember, the stone or the metal of the ring doesn’t matter. What matters is your love and commitment, that you can easily share with your love, through all the above-mentioned options. What options will you choose? Let us know.

Diamond Wedding Bands vs Pave Diamond Rings

By Seo Team | March 26, 2018 | Category: Wedding Rings or bands

Have you seen anyone saying ‘no’ to diamonds? Everybody loves to wear a diamond. Whether it is a diamond wedding band or a ring, you will never find anyone who says he or she doesn’t like to have a diamond. And if that diamond is gifted by someone special, then it will definitely hold a different value to them.

Imagine if someone asks you what you will like to choose diamond wedding bands or pave diamond rings. What should be your answer? You will of course get a bit confused. Right? Because both are diamonds and both are near to your heart. You will surely don’t have words to discriminate them. But yes, today we will give a solution to this problem. While going through this blog, you will come across few points that will help you to clear out the confusion between diamond wedding bands and pave diamond rings.

Diamond Wedding Band

A diamond wedding band is nothing but a metal band studded with pieces of diamonds. If you turn down the pages of history you will observe that men in the history used to wear a metal band on their finger. The circular band was made of a metal, completely devoid of diamonds. As time passed away, the metal band started gaining its popularity among the women too. The design was copied from the history and diamonds are added to the metal to give it a new elegant look.

Today, while purchasing a diamond band two things you have to decide initially. The metal type and the diamond setting.

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Metal types:

Based on metal types diamond wedding band can be divided into several types.

1. White metal: Platinum and white gold metal are used to form these bands. The white gesture along with the studded diamonds make the band brighter, more beautiful and captivating.

2. Rose Gold: This option can be obtained if 24 carat gold is used to create such bands. These bands are assumed to be more luxurious and act as a complement to every skin tones. If you want a blend of both gold and diamond, then this can be your most desirable option.

3. Recycle Gold: Metals which are formed by continuous recycling are sometimes used to form wedding bands. If you are an eco-friendly person and wants to avoid gold mining then you can buy the band of this renewable resource.

Diamond setting:

Based on the style of setting the diamonds, you can divide the wedding bands into following categories.

1. Shared Prong Setting: Here diamonds are line up throughout the band using prongs. Shared prong refers to the alignment used in the setting. One prong for two diamonds, thus in a ‘sharing’ gesture. In this case, diamonds are clearly visible and thus gives the band a beautiful texture.

2. Pave diamond setting: In this case, the diamonds are aligned between two thin bars of the metal used. Compared to shared prong setting, it is safer in keeping the diamonds in place.

3. Channel setting: Similar to the pave setting, diamonds are placed within the girdle. Tiny grooves are made to keep the diamonds safe. This setting is one of the finest settings that buyers usually recommend.

Pave Diamond Ring

Before getting into the depth of a pave diamond ring, you should make this clear that a diamond band and a diamond ring are two different items. Sometimes it really becomes difficult to take the right decision between the two. To solve your confusion we have already mentioned in our other blog, which one to prefer the most: a wedding ring or a wedding band.

If you look at the diamond band attentively, you will find that a diamond ring is nothing but the diamond band with a diamond at the center. As you know, if we start categorizing a diamond ring, then there will appear several types of diamond ring. Among such types, a pave diamond ring is the one. We will recommend, if you are looking for a ring that dazzles and shimmers from every angle, then grab a pave diamond ring blindly.

Among the different diamond settings, pave diamond ring is grown to showcase the maximum fire and brilliance of a diamond. You may say, the diamonds placed in this setting are given a platform to showcase their amusing characteristics of exhibiting brightness. The beads of diamonds are clustered together in such a way that a negligible amount of metal is visible. Pave diamond ring are further classified into Pave Halos, French Pave, and Micro Pave. Turn the pages of our blog on pave diamond rings overview and gain more knowledge.

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Hope now you will don’t have any confusion while purchasing a diamond wedding jewelry for your love. Just make sure that the diamonds used are real and not fake. With the term ‘real’ we mean to refer to lab-created diamonds. Why people prefer lab-created diamonds? Know more. As you know, the price of real mined diamonds is out of reach. So you have to depend on lab-grown ones, which are the reflection of natural diamonds. Browse online and get in touch with the diamond stores that sell lab-grown new dawn diamonds at a reasonable rate. There you will get a variety of such diamond rings or bands.