Radiant Cut vs Princess Cut Diamonds – Which one to Prefer for This Valentine?

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Diamonds are the most surprising and impressive gift for Valentine. Are you planning for the same?

Every diamond has its own story to share and so is the radiant cut diamond and the princess cut diamond. Similarly, every lady has her own style or own choice for a diamond to wear. When it comes to these two specific diamonds, it really becomes hard for the buyer to decide which one to prefer the most, especially when it is all about Valentine.

Both radiant cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds have their own unique preferences and potential to drag the attraction of others. Are you residing in such a perplex situation while purchasing diamonds from Chicago?

Both the princess and radiant cut diamonds look awesome when you customize them for a solitaire diamond engagement rings. There are many who even say these two are very much alike and can be used as an alternative for each other. But at least to use them as an alternative you should know the basic similarities and dissimilarities, before purchasing your diamond solitaire ring or wedding ring from Chicago. Let us have a look at the insight.

By definition or by external criteria

What are Radiant cut diamonds?

Radiant cut diamonds can be defined as the square or rectangular shaped diamonds featured with truncated or trimmed corners. They are not less than the round brilliant cut diamonds and so are often classified under the category of brilliant cuts that are designed in a way to enhance the brilliance of a diamond. If you look at them thoroughly, radiant cut diamonds have features of both round brilliant cuts and step emerald cuts. Are you interested to know more about its grading and features? You can simply go through our blog that speaks about different aspects that one needs to know before purchasing a radiant cut diamond ornament.


What are Princess cut diamonds?

Princess cut diamonds are somewhat similar like radiant cut diamonds. They appear rectangular or square shape but featured with the sharp, uncut edges, offering a more geometric look than the radiant cuts. Due to its featured shape, this particular diamond is also known as quadrillion cut diamond.

By Brilliance and Sparkle

Brilliance and sparkle both depend on the cut or the shape of the diamonds. In terms of brilliance and sparkle, diamonds can be easily differentiated. However, this is not the case with these two particular diamonds. As they are similar to a great extent, it is hard to define which diamond cut possess more brilliance. But if you talk about the type of brilliance and sparkle, yes, there lies some definite difference.

Princess cut diamonds are featured with regular, linear, and organized facets. Hence, they tend to reflect light in a more clear and orderly fashion. Radiant cut diamonds, in contrast, offer a more fiery texture and more sparkle, owing to the way their facets are aligned. Thus, it can be concluded that princess cut diamonds reflect light in a more organized pattern, while the radiant cuts exhibit in a more haphazard way.


By Diamond Color

Princess cut diamonds are known for its excellent brilliance and sparkle. As a result, even if the diamond possesses any yellowish tints, owing to its brilliance it can be easily concealed to a great extent. So it is highly recommended that if you are planning to buy a princess cut diamond and have an intention to set it in a white gold or platinum metal, you must stick to color grades in the G-H-I range. In case you are customizing it on yellow gold metal, J or K color grade is what you should prefer.

Now, in contrast to this, for radiant cut diamonds, the yellow tints are more visible than the princess cut diamonds. Therefore, for white gold or platinum settings, it is advised to use diamonds of color grade F-G-H. While for yellow gold settings, I or J shaded diamonds can be the best.

These are some few criteria on the basis of which radiant cut and princess cut diamonds of Chicago can be differentiated.


Additionally, if you are deciding to use such diamonds to create a stunning accessory, make sure you are well aware of the setting you actually need for the diamond. As the sharp corners of a princess cut diamond need a good mounting to protect the vulnerable ends. Perhaps, a setting with V-shaped prongs like Bezel settings might be a good choice for this.

Radiant cut diamonds, on the other hand, can be set on any regular prongs or bezels, without any hesitation.

So, which one would you like to prefer? Which one would you think will be the best gift for your valentine?

No matter which diamond you choose to create your engagement rings or wedding rings from Chicago, make sure they are neither synthetic nor duplicate. GIA certificate is the best way to examine this.

To know more about our wedding rings click on the following links: http://www.diamonds717.com/know-basic-facts-diamond-cuts-shape-buying-diamond-wedding-rings/


Eternity Bands – Another Way to Define Your Eternal Love

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Have you heard of eternity rings or eternity bands? Most probably you have. In fact, there are some who prefer to gift eternity bands to their significant other just because they have fallen in love with them.

Are you planning for the same?

But do you know what they are? Or what they actually represent?
There are many such individuals like you who have heard of these diamond accessories but are still not sure about how they can be defined. Here we are here to help you out in this.

Diamond eternity bands, in our words, is one of the most superior diamond accessories that can be presented so as to define your eternal love. It is one of the most appreciable diamond products that a girl may like for her jewelry wardrobe. Visit the diamonds of Chicago. They are relatively affordable, convenient, and most importantly GIA certified.

However, if you scroll down the dictionary, you may discover the exact meaning of the terms “eternity band”. An eternity band or an eternity ring is a circular band inclusive of precious metal that is featured with diamonds or any other gemstones all around the band. The best part of this ring is you don’t have any particular setting or specific gemstones to create such a ring. As a consequence, it provides a great option for personalization, thus keeping their meaning intact.

Origin of the Eternity Ring

Traveling down the history, it has been discovered that the concept of eternity rings have been originated in ancient Egypt at around 2000BCE. Although at that point in time, these rings were not marked for special occasions. The Egyptian men preferred to gift these rings to their better halves to express their love and commitment.


It it also said that these rings were initially featured in the shape of a snake eating it own tail – thus representing the term eternity. However, with time, these rings are featured with endless circular metal studded with precious gemstones, instead of the snake.

Eternity bands features with diamonds of Chicago work simply amazing, not just because you get an option to comprise your band with lab-created diamonds. They are delicately manufactured offering a very strong reason to the buyers to get attached to.


However, it is not always possible to envelop the entire ring with stones. Therefore, the stones one cover up the top portion of the enternity ring. These give rise two major categories of Eternity bands or Eternity rings – Half eternity bands and Full eternity bands. But that doesn’t mean the meaning or significance of the term will be killed. It will remain the same no matter how you customize your eternity rings.

Based on the band metal, the Diamond District of Chicago offers eternity bands in assorted varieties.

1. Platinum Eternity Bands: Platinum is considered as the most active metal that can be used to customize the eternity rings owing to get a natural white color. This, when paired with a set of dazzling diamonds or other colored gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Blue Topaz etc, looks extremely stunning.

2. Rose Gold Eternity Bands: The rose gold shade is one of the most popular hue likely appreciated by the ladies for their strong feminine and rose-pinkish hue. You can use such an extraordinary shade with your Eternity bands so as get a strong compliment from others. This complementary shade, when contrasted with diamonds, produces a vibrant look to the overall gesture. However, you can even go for colorful stones like Morganite or Pink Sapphire other than natural or lab-created diamonds of Chicago.

3. White Gold Eternity Bands: Platinum and White Gold both are the most appreciable metal often used to personalize an Eternity band. However, if you are bothered about your budget, then, of course, white gold metal plays the role of the best alternative. Just like the platinum set of rings, white gold eternity bands or rings even look marvelous. But they need occasional replating, that a platinum ring is always devoid of.

Which one of the above are you planning to execute? Well, your budget will be enough to define your desire. But whatever you choose, the ring will leave no stone unturned to define your love and commitment. Now, how is that possible?

Eternity bands basically symbolize a person’s ultimate commitment to the other one. The gemstones encircling the entire band have neither a beginning nor an end, thus featuring the term “eternity”.

Won’t you like to gift such a ring to express your longlasting relationship? We guess that would be an amazing token of love.

But don’t confuse this with the wedding bands of Chicago. Although similar in some aspect, they are two different products of diamonds that one can purchase. Visit the diamond stores of Chicago like Diamonds Inc and customize your desire.

What are the Diamond Items for Men that Can Be Gifted this Valentine?

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If women can enjoy the shine of dazzling diamonds, then why not the men? Diamonds are for all. There is no discrimination, no confinement for men. Not just that, like women, men are even fond of such sparkling gemstones and they don’t wait for anyone’s approval to put on such an exclusive jewelry. They can easily wear diamonds as their accessories and pair them with their outfits. This Valentine, why don’t you surprise your love with such exclusive gift? Just gain some knowledge on diamond characteristics, and look for a retail store to purchase true diamonds.

It is a wrong concept, that an assorted variety of diamond items are only for the women. Men are devoid of it. Whoa! Men do have a wide range of products. Let us find out what they are. What the different diamond products are that are specially meant for men, that can be gifted on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

1. Diamond Watches: Diamond watches leave no space to highlight the beauty of a man. Yes, of course, man does have his own beauty that enhances when a diamond is paired with the accessories. Such a bold and appreciable diamond gift is a diamond watch, that you easily present him without any hesitation. A high-quality watch not only defines his status but is the core of a man’s accessory. Watches can be worn any day, any time, and any situation, this is considered one of the most popular gifts for men. It doesn’t matter whether he is a teacher, an engineer, businessman, or holds any other posts, he will truly appreciate a diamond watch. This is not only valuable and beneficial but can also be something that he can wear with pride.

2. Diamond Rings: Gifting a special gift to a special person is not that easy as you think. You really need to put some efforts to build an impact. If you are looking for such an active, but special gift then a diamond ring will add glamour to your gift. A diamond ring can be of multiple types and styles. Stores like Diamonds Inc offer a wide assortment of engagement rings, wedding bands and so on. Why don’t you travel and buy diamond jewelry from Chicago? Men often have a love for simple and classy designs. Therefore, maintain his preference rather than choosing yours.3. Diamond Bracelets or Chain: There are many guys who love to wear bracelets or chain. If you know your partner’s choice, then gifting a diamond chain or a diamond bracelet can be a wonderful option too. Well, check this out before presenting this. This may be something out of the norm, but certainly would be the most eye-catching gift that a lady has ever gifted her man.

Besides these, you can even go for diamond cufflinks. Stop buying shirts and t-shirts for men. They are quite common and doesn’t need any occasion to gift your partner. Then what’s the alternative? Apart from a shirt, look for cufflinks. Add a stylish and starring diamond cufflinks on a shirt featured with French cuffs and just get the view. Don’t you think, it’s a great way to surprise your partner.

It is prior tendency that we often associate diamonds with women. You may call it a tradition or a use-to habit. But reading through this blog, you must have discovered the fact that diamonds can be a special and unique gift for men too. They are not just for women. Instead of giftng normal and common gifts for men like wallets, bags, belts, etc.or boring accessories that remain hanging in his closet, you can surprise your man with a diamond watch, a diamond engagement ring or a diamond cufflink. Presenting diamond jewelries for men on a special occasion like Valentine is a distinct way to let him know how much you love and appreciate his presence. Such a gift is not just for his use, it holds memories that remain intact forever.

Buy diamond jewelry from Chicago at an affordable rate and awe your love.

Perfect Guidelines to Purchase a Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring this Valentine

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Are you planning to gift something different this Valentine? Then a heart-shaped diamond ring can be the best way to surprise your partner.

The heart as we all know is the symbol of love, passion, and romance. That is the reason why, when it comes to diamond, couples often prefer to choose a heart-shaped diamond ring to symbolize their emotion. In fact, custom made weddings rings in Chicago are frequently made with these romantic diamonds.

Are you planning to gift something adorable to your love? Then obviously, a heart-shaped diamond will be the best. Moreover, these diamonds are easy to access and solve the true unique purpose.

Although there are assorted varieties of diamond shapes available in the market, heart-shaped diamonds have become the statement shape among the lovers. It may be the modern trendy cut, but the shape has been in popularity for a long time.

If you scroll down the history, a heart-shaped diamond was presented by Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth. However, this type of cut was initially originated around the early 1900s.

Heart-shaped diamonds hold 56 to 59 facets, thus producing a brilliant dazzling sparkle. The more are the facets, the more is the light performance. Hence, a well-cut diamond is definitely a joy to behold and a unique piece to find. But how? There are many poorly cut stones on the market that are often confused with the authentic ones.

In order to help you out in this, here we have given some tips that you need to grasp.

1. Symmetry: The perfection or the specialty of a heart-shaped diamond lies in its symmetry. Perfect symmetry is defined with each side being a mirror image to the other. If the shape is not up to the mark or there lies a slight defect into the shape, the stone fails to achieve the beauty. After all the beauty of the stone lies in its perfection. Hence, it is required to maintain the symmetry in the stone where each half is exactly alike in size and shape.


To be a bit clear with our idea – the heart should have a clear cleft amidst the two sides simultaneously, the wing should be delicately rounded. So, don’t be blind. Look carefully before making your desirable purchase.

2. Length to Width Ratio Matters: While planning for a custom made wedding ring in Chicago, you must even take care of the length to width ratio. For a hear-shaped diamond, L-to-W ratio is 1.00. According to the diamond chart, anything beyond 1.05 ratio looks narrow and elongated and anything under 0.95 appears wider. If you go for drop earrings or pendants, narrow cuts look alluring. But if you plan for a solitaire ring, wider cut seeks the attention. Though heart-shaped diamond has a perfect ratio, it is absolutely your personal preference to choose the length to width ratio.


3. Size of the diamond: If you are choosing heart-shaped diamonds, it is better to pick up small stones. But make sure, it is neither too small, nor too large. The best carat size that you may stick to is 0.50 and above.

4. Bow-tie effect: What is a bow-tie effect? Bow-tie effect occurs owing to poor cutting and misaligned facets. This allows the light rays to pass through the diamond to create shadows within the stone. Thus darkening the areas on the surface of the diamond. If you look minutely, most heart-shaped diamonds are naive to having bow ties, but these can either be severe or unnoticeable. While choosing a stone, make sure your diamond has a better light performance. Look at the darkened areas initially. Unfortunately, the grading report will never provide this information. You have to be particular with your stone.


5. Color and Clarity Grading: Chicago diamonds are mostly lab-created but above all, they are certified by GIA labs that make them authentic. According to the GIA certificate, these diamonds are graded according to their quality. Heart shaped diamonds are said to retain color and show shades in the stone. That is the primitive reason for their popularity compared to other gemstones or colored diamonds. Are you bothered about your budget? Choose a diamond that resides within the colorless grade (D-E-F). Such a warm tone in your diamond piece will not leave any space to adore your beauty.

Color grade, however, depends on the setting of the jewelry. Suppose, your custom-made wedding ring is created on a yellow or rose gold metal, then the diamond color will be drop down to J. On the other hand, if the diamond is placed on platinum or white gold metal, the ring looks undistinguishable.

Similarly, you need to be focused on your clarity grading as well. Heart-shaped diamonds do contain flaws, owing to their facets structure and clear table. If the diamond is clean, it really doesn’t matter what grade you choose. Scroll your eyes down the clarity scale and choose the best, so as to get the best value for your money.

Now if you are likely to choose larger stones, it is better to make your decision between Flawless to Very Very Slightly Included 2(VVS2). These show inclusions more effortlessly.

6. Diamond Setting: The heart-shaped diamond is no doubt a trendy and statement diamond cut that leaves no space to seek the attention of the audience. But to make it more perfect it is better to choose a perfect diamond setting. 3 prong setting works the best for diamonds that are smaller in size. But if you are talking about, larger diamonds, 5 prong setting serves the best security.

Beyond these, it is all about your budget. Yeah, we agree diamonds are expensive if compared to other gemstones. And when it comes to heart-shaped diamonds they are quite similar to round brilliant cut diamonds and thus are not so pocket-friendly due to their delicate cuts and facets.

Looking for affordable heart-shade diamonds to have custom made wedding ring in Chicago? Why don’t you check in to the Diamonds Inc, the leading wholesale retailer of the Diamond District? You can access a wide assortment of creations here.

What Can be The Best Diamond Gift For Her This Valentine?

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Valentines Day is the day of love for which every lover strongly awaits for the whole year. Hope you are waiting for the same. Well, your wait is about to end as the date is just knocking at the door. What are your plans for this Valentine? Are you interested to gift her a diamond piece this Valentine?

Options on diamonds are many but finding out the best diamond gift for her is troublesome at times. Here we have piled up some dazzling diamond products that are often preferred by the girls. Find the perfect piece of jewelry that suits her style and make her day more special this Valentine.

1. Heart shaped Rings: A heart-shaped ring studded with dazzling pieces of diamond, irrespective of their shapes and sizes, is what a girl loves the most. It is the most appreciable diamond gift that a partner can present on the occasion of Valentines Day. Make your purchase and awe her by enveloping her finger with sterling silver, diamond, or precious stone as the token of love. However, make sure the ring style and size fits her finger truly, otherwise, it will turn out to be the worst.

diamond rings

2. Diamond Engagement Rings: There is no secret that a diamond engagement ring is one of the most popular selections for the V-Day. Well, it is not a tradition but a maximum of the lovers prefer to gift their partners a dazzling engagement ring of diamonds. Are you looking for the same but at an economical price? When it comes to a diamond at a reasonable rate, Chicago engagement rings always win the game. This is basically because of the lab-grown diamonds they produce and trade at a wholesale rate. Move down the posh area of Chicago and look for an engagement ring that suits her personality. Maybe a nature-inspired or a vintage design that has a romantic vibe will attract you the most. But whatever be your choice, make sure they are GIA certified.

3. Dangle Earrings: A pair of dangle earrings covered with small diamond pieces also has the potential to turn the game upside down. Do you want to gift something different this Valentine? This pair of earring can be best if your valentine prefers subtle jewelry styles. Choose a pair that is round, short, or choose a design that looks dazzling and showcase vibrant colors.earrings

4. Heart-shaped Necklace: A metal chain with a heart-shaped locket having pieces of pave diamonds look stunning. Browse the internet to find the latest heart-shaped necklace styles and choose one from there. The styles may vary in terms of metal, stone, and setting and accordingly the price range varies. All diamond dealers have a separate zone of diamond pendants. Explore the collection and make your purchase.


5. Diamond Tennis Bracelets: A diamond bracelet is not just a token of love that you gift your valentine, but it is a promise that you want to showcase by gifting her the band. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can make her day more special. From yellow gold to platinum you can use any type of metals to adore your set. In fact, diamonds with a slight yellow or beige tint serve as the best pair with a yellow or rose gold setting.

Diamond Bracelets

6. Diamond Studded Watches: Is your partner prefers to have a classy outlook? Then we guess, gifting a diamond-studded watch can be the best choice. Choose a diamond-studded watch that combines both form and function. They can be a bit expensive but certainly will be a timepiece.

diamond watches

Jewelries are considered as the girls’ best friend and it is assumed to be the most romantic gift one can ever give her partner on Valentine’s Day. However, there are some who hesitate to buy a diamond jewelry as they feel these will pinch their pocket. As a consequence, they end up buying birthstone jewelries or jewelries studded with cubic zirconia. For such buyers, we would say, just travel down the diamond wardrobe of Diamonds Inc, Chicago. It offers collection ranging from expensive natural diamonds to economical lab-grown diamonds. Buy diamonds as per your budget.

Make Creative Plans For Valentines Day In Advance

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So, it’s nearly that time of the year when people will have a whole week in their hands, to express their love for their partner, in different ways. Exciting isn’t it? Well, if you love someone or is in a relationship, then be prepared! As nothing can be a better time to express your thoughts for your partner than Valentine’s week!

A lot of people think and think about what gifts will they present to their lover but ultimately end up buying something wrong or useless, to say the least. Money is not always an issue when it comes to the right gifts. You need to possess the correct and interesting ideas. Only then can your Valentine’s Day turn up as exciting and lovely as you wished it to be!

So, now let’s come to the all-important question. What could be the ideal Valentine’s day gift for your partner? If you are thinking about gifting jewelry items from reputed shops, then we are that diamond store in Chicago that you are seeking. But a lot of people decide to take the safe approach, that involves less hassle or less thinking time.

They go for the conventional forms of gifts like a costly bouquet, or other expensive ideas like dining at luxurious restaurants. But Valentine’s Day is not just about showcasing your money spending capability. It’s about up to what extent you can go, to impress your loved one.

Intriguing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for making it a memorable one


Presenting diamond jewelry items can be a great idea. So, have a look at our stunning offerings and buy diamond jewelry from Chicago. Now, let’s have a look at those special ideas to make this day of the year cherishable for a lifetime.

The mix tape

This is a classic and evergreen idea, that has never managed to go out of fashion, even with such a notable and humongous change in lifestyle and trend. Gift your partner a collection of the songs you both love or songs that have a particular theme. With the presence of iTunes, you can now think and implement this idea in the most effective way.


So, utilize the modern ways but keep the nostalgic and romantic feel intact. You can get a lot of other such creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas here in this blog. They will play a good part in transforming this special day into something magical and memorable for you.

Jewelry gift ideas

Jewelry items are perfect keeping the value and significance of the day in mind. They can be a great form of gift for both male and females. When it comes to gifting women, there is a wide range of Valentine’s Day special pieces of jewelry like solitaire rings, bracelets, stud earrings or diamond-based products.When it comes to gifting your boyfriend, fiancee or your husband absolutely mesmerizing jewelry items on this special day, then there are a lot of available options too such as gemstone rings, engraved rings and other kinds of items. Check out our offerings listed within our site, select the best one today and hence, buy diamond jewelry from Chicago!

Little love notes

This one is for those who love to do cute little things for their beloved ones and thus express their emotions, feelings, and thoughts about the person in their own cute little yet lovable way. Sounds interesting right? Well, let me tell you more about it now.

You can hide candy hearts or love notes where your lover will be able to find them. For instance, you can slip them in their wallet or their bags. So, take all these ideas into consideration and choose any or all of them, to make this day further special for just the two of you.

Repurpose Old Jewelry and Make Them Long Lasting

By Seo Team | January 3, 2019 | Category: Diamonds Valentines Week

Every jewelry lover will agree on this fact that their relationship with their close-to-heart pieces of jewelry never ends. We all love to increase our jewelry collection. But with the passage of time, they grow old and their value diminishes to us. However, we find it extremely hard to discard them as too many emotions and memories are attached to them.

Some of them have a special place in our heart and we love them, despite their worn-out appearance at present. However, to make space and allow for newer things to happen, we must make a way out. What can we do? Should we throw out some valuable pieces of jewelry which have over the years have given us so much happiness and pleasing memories, just because they are old now and lost their internal shine?

There is actually a great way to solve this issue. We all have a certain level of creativity within us and we need to use them in such a scenario. We can always repurpose them and make them even more beautiful or something which goes with the present time. It may sound that a lot of hard work is needed here, but no. It takes a whole lot of passion, enthusiasm, and creative outputs.

We must pour our heart out and contribute to the cause so that the end result is fine. If you had bought custom-made jewelry from Chicago stores, then do not discard them like this.

How can you repurpose your old pieces of jewelry in a great way?

The act of repurposing of old jewelry pieces contributes a lot towards the betterment of the environment. Also, the work allows for extremely special practical items that can find a place in your home or office. But the main point is, it need not be discarded and can be used for different other purposes, thus increasing its value in the process.

This blog will present you with several ideas regarding this context. Check them out and try to apply them, if you are facing a similar situation in life too.

Attractive artwork

People who love jewelry, find happiness in other beautiful things that life possibly has to present too. Artwork belongs to this category. It is very much possible for you to craft attractive and incredible pieces of artwork through your old pieces of jewelry, that you were thinking of discarding in the first place.

This is a great way to see that their value and euphoria is not wasted. They deserve this effort behind them. Also, you need not be a great artist, in reality, to do so. Just a few simple steps and voila! Just look out for a beautiful frame and the process gets its needed finishing touch. Your artwork will change how your room looks and might be the solo piece of attraction for visitors as well.

There are many stores that sell custom diamond rings in Chicago. They can offer many more good ideas.

Creative Bookmarks

When you have a look at your old pieces of jewelry, you will find it harder to let them go. They will remain an integral part of you forever if you just take a few important steps. Vintage jewelry items can be repurposed in different ways and creative bookmarks are certainly one of them. You can use your old earrings or necklaces and turn them into bookmarks by using ribbons.

They look very creative and also displays this side of your brilliantly. The whole thing only requires you to be passionate and not a whole set of skills. The end result will be extremely satisfying as well as useful in nature. Don’t let go of your valuable old jewelry items. They deserve a better ending.

Keep your Jewelry in Good Shape in Time of Winter

By Seo Team | December 24, 2018 | Category: Diamonds Valentines Week

Winter is that time of the year where every single thing in life needs extra protection and care. Everything, starting from your body to materialistic elements like your house and car all need sufficient precaution. If you love them from all your heart and treasure them, then you need to take efforts to protect them throughout this season. Otherwise, they can get severely damaged.

It is also necessary that you protect your jewelry items. All of us love our jewelry but do not take sufficient steps to protect them and we end up regretting it. Our jewelry collection can be termed as a valuable treasure. They glorify our lives in many ways and so, all must ensure that they get the protection that they deserve, during the season of winter.

Winter is a time that can ruin the shine and glowing nature of jewelry items, thus making you question their durability. But the fact is that we need to take special care of them at this time of the year irrespective of whether we are wearing them or they are packed and stored away in a safe place. This blog discusses ways of doing so. Read about them below.

Tips to keep your jewelry safe during the winter

Attractive jewelry compliments your overall look and supports your fashionable dresses, thus making you appear stylish and trendy. The value of high-quality jewelry pieces is known to all of us. Therefore, we should be a lot more aware of its delicate nature and how the different facets of nature can damage them.

Shops that offer the best engagement rings in Chicago will also recommend useful methods to preserve them in winter. Let’s go through some useful tips and thus, know how to safeguard your valuable jewelry items during this season of the year.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning jewelry pieces regularly are the best option available to you. This is a fact that is known by everyone yet we still end up not following them. This results in our favorite pieces of jewelry losing its appeal and charm. Most experts on this topic will also agree on this. You must clean them in regular intervals and let them retain their innate sparkle.

Dirt and grime will accumulate on their surface with time. So, it is said that you engage in regular cleans. What good will this do? Well for starters, this cleaning will save them from permanently losing their luster and other kinds of damage. It may so happen that you require them urgently and when you reach out to them, you find all of them appearing unappealing and dull.

Be cautious while layering up

The season of winter demands that you layer up and stay away from the cold. But this acts as a problem for people who love to wear jewelry items. There have been many cases and you must have also come across such ones where valuable jewelry pieces are damaged after they have snagged on buttons.

When you decide to buy diamond rings in Chicago, the store manager will say the same too. The repairing charges depend on the extent of damage and sometimes it can be quite high. So, it is advised that you remain careful with them throughout. While undressing, do remember to remove them carefully first and only then proceed with the whole undressing thing.

Keep them dry

It is important that you keep your precious jewelry items dry, especially during this time. In this season it is very important that you wipe your precious jewelry items before storing them. Also, see that the jewelry box is dry. In winter, most of us precipitate a lot and this will pose as a danger to some kinds of jewelry pieces.

Buy Online Designer Jewelry and Spice Up your Life

By Seo Team | December 21, 2018 | Category: Diamonds Valentines Week

Jewelry is an important ingredient that adds an extra element to your already appealing image and helps to take things further. It compliments how you dress up and helps to enhance your overall body image. So, it is very important that you select the right kind of jewelry that will go with your dress or any specific occasion in question.

Designer jewelry items look extremely stunning. There are various shops that sell such products to enthusiastic and interested customers. Other than the real world sellers, you will now find numerous such internet-based sellers too who offer them at contrasting rates and sometimes even include discounts and other offers, that make their customers excited.

So basically, the point is, customers have a range of options with them when it comes to acquiring designer jewelry. This has made life beautiful for people. Can you imagine your life without their glitterati? Nobody can. Everyone loves to don jewelry items that will spark off their glamorous and fashionable side.

Live life bold and beautiful by wearing stylish designer jewelry

Accented “V” Ring

Life has many things to offer if you look closely. So, make the best out of your life by incorporating variety into it. There is a famous line that goes like this ‘variety is the spice of life’. Life will be a bit more fun and exciting if you incorporate variety into your jewelry items too.

This blog will present you some easy ways to add the element of variety to your different moods and thus make life fun-filled, through designer jewelry. There are many designers that incorporate lab created diamonds into their works. Wear them and live life to the fullest!

Lit up even the most casual look

Accented Baguette Ring

We all must try out different methods and appear appealing even with our most casual look. We can experiment a lot with our casual outfits and thus appear in public, all elegant and classy. If you plan to have a weekend outing with your friends, then you can wear some cool designer jewelry items and appear fashionable in front of them.

A sassy designer pendant or a classy diamond earring will do the trick with ease! So you can now make your friends jealous by getting hold of such items and appearing trendy and fashionable. They will have a lot to gossip about you for a long time! Just visit a reputed diamond store in Chicago and get the best products.

Appear ravishing even in formal events

Diamond Bands

Most of us do not possess the true fashion sense and thereby, accept what is prevalent or what we have been told since ages. When you attend a formal event like an interview or a meeting or graduation ceremony or other such public gatherings, you are a bit hesitant towards beautifying your look through jewelry.

Why do we do this? It’s because we are scared that the wrong pieces of jewelry can ruin it for us and we will end up all embarrassed. But the truth is that jewelry items can make you look perfect for the event, apart from adding the needed style and fashion. One can get as bold as possible yet remain gracious in a formal event.

We must know how to use designer jewelry to the best. Surely, overdoing it can kill our looks and efforts. But wearing them the right way can also help to enhance our image among the rest. The right pieces of jewelry will magnify how we look and in such events sometimes it is essential that people notice you. If you appear confident, they will automatically take notice of what you say or convey.

Why People Find Lightweight Diamond Jewelry More Comfortable?

By Seo Team | December 19, 2018 | Category: Diamonds Valentines Week

The demand for diamond jewelry is changing with time. Now, people are more inclined to wear diamond jewelry that is lightweight in nature. What can be the reason behind this change in mindset? Now, people are not comfortable in wearing jewelry items that are heavy in nature as they feel stocked. Giving up on jewelry is not an option, as everyone desire to appear glamorous and beautiful. So, what modern people are doing nowadays is, they are opting for jewelry items that are light in nature. This is an intelligent step as it serves both the purposes simultaneously. The modern trend stays far away from aspects that seem to be overdone. Today, style is more about comfort and creative innovations. This shows in the changing jewelry trend too.

When you visit a top diamond jewelry store in Chicago, the engagement rings present there will mesmerize you and you will find many such magnificent items that show class and elegance in a subtle yet expressive way. They will most likely be lightweight things as comfort is one of the top factors that jewelers consider while turning their ideas into reality.

This generation loves to enjoy more than just showing off how wealthy or classy they are. This is one major mindset difference that has led to this change in trend. Take yourself for instance. Imagine you are at a party or having a quality time with your family, will you like to carry the burden of heavyweight jewelry all along?

Or would you rather go for something that displays both style and elegance yet are light in nature, allowing you to not be concerned about them being a burden?


Why lightweight jewelry won’t affect your style quotient?

The truth is that lightweight jewelry has become an integral part of our lives. People who love to wear jewelry need not be worried about maintaining their style as most modern jewelers work exclusively towards giving their customers the best of experience along with a stunning design and style.

The main idea behind this is designing intricate and artistic jewelry pieces that are not heavy to wear. Let’s check out different ways by which you can manage to remain stylish without compromising on your comfort.

Variations in style

It is a common misconception that lightweight jewelry is not stylish in nature and you will not look good. People must come out of this and embrace the reality. Old-age conventions and norms have always restricted people in working out innovative ways.

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Any good design or pattern that comes with heavy pieces of jewelry can be molded into the lightweight ones too. Therefore, you are not compromising anything. Rather, you are opting for a comfortable jewelry experience. You will get stunning lightweight customized jewelry in Chicago.

Even the most classy metal like Gold can be used in lightweight pieces of jewelry. So, why go for the heavy ones, in the first place itself?

Versatility in the choice of accessories

This generation firmly believes in versatility. I am sure you will agree with this. With lightweight diamond jewelry, you can expect versatility from them. Are you wondering in what sense? Do you like to possess a bunch of jewelry, that you can wear both in your office and at home, equivalently?

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This is what I am talking about. You can’t wear heavyweight jewelry and expect to be at the office the whole day. Neither can you wear them at home, as you will not be able to live comfortably. So, will you buy different pieces of jewelry for different situations? Or will you love to have those around that will suit you everywhere?


Lightweight diamond jewelry is a boon to people. Embrace their utility and live your life stylishly!