Bezel Setting vs Prong Setting – Which one to Choose?

Bezel Setting vs Prong Setting – Which one to Choose?

By Seo Team | November 12, 2018

Engagement rings, regardless of its types, styles, and settings, are indeed next to the heart of every individual. Yet, people are more obsessed with two awe-inspiring settings – bezel set and prong set. Traditionally, these two are more defined by the buyers in comparison to others, as they are unique in their roles. That is the reason why it is difficult to choose between bezel setting and prong setting while dealing with the diamonds shop in maller building at Chicago’s diamond district.

Have you encountered any such situation? Then this blog will certainly open doors for you to make your relevant purchase.

How can you define Prong Settings?

No matter whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding ring, prong setting is almost common for every ring type. The setting involves either 4 or 6 metal pins, placed at an equal distance around the diamond stone. With the 4 metal pins, the diamond is more highlighted. Whilst with the 6 metal pins, it is more secure. Now the choice is yours – what will you prefer? Amongst other diamond setting styles of the diamond shops in maller building, Prong setting is defined with a little metal claw, that holds the diamond in a grip. The claws are often rounded, pointed, flat, or even V-shaped.

Pros of Prong Setting

1. Makes the diamond more prominent and noticeable.
2. Enables sufficient light to pass through it, thus making the stone more attractive and brilliant.
3. Easy to maintain as easy to clean.
4. Can be a timeless treasure

Cons of Prong Setting

1. Act as a barrier to an active lifestyle. It is appropriate for occasional needs.
2. May get lose if used regularly. So it is highly recommended to have proper inspiection on prongs at least after every two years, just to ensure its security.
3. Quite vulnerable to damage. This implies, every diamond when lacks in maintenance are open to impact. Therefore, it needs a great care and maintenance to avoid such circumstances.

What is Bezel Setting?

Unlike Prong setting, Bezel sets are treasured owing to their sleek and slim design and modern curves. Instead of having claws and pins, it believes to mount the gemstones on the metal or rings and other jewellry. Such a ring, when featured with a diamond at the center, looks stunning. Whereas, when paired with accent stones and wedding bands looks extremely unique in all respects.

Let us find out what are its pros and cons

Pros of Bezel Setting

1. As this setting mounts the stone on the metal, it is extremely secure from potential damage. Yet if the stone suffers any irregularities, it is always ready to accept the challenge and to its best leave the diamond undamaged.
2. Doesn’t get loose in contrast to prong setting. Since the setting is made just above the girdle of the diamond, the gemstone remains in its place all the time.
3. Looking for a modern aesthetic? Something that is in trend? Bezel setting serves you the same.

Cons of Bezel Setting

1. In prong setting, the diamond appeared to be protrusive. But Bezel setting does not offer this feature.
2. Since less diamond is observable, less light is reflected back to the viewer.
3. Bezel set may have a sleek concept, but it generally looks bulkier, thus compressing the overall sleekness.

So, which one do you choose for customizing your engagement ring? We guess Diamonds Inc, one of the reputed diamond shop in maller building, Chicago may help you out on this. They offer personal assistance so that you can create the best for your love. Explore the collection, browse the flowing trend, and design your ring accordingly.

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