Bezel Setting vs Prong Setting – Which one to Choose?

By Seo Team | November 12, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

Engagement rings, regardless of its types, styles, and settings, are indeed next to the heart of every individual. Yet, people are more obsessed with two awe-inspiring settings – bezel set and prong set. Traditionally, these two are more defined by the buyers in comparison to others, as they are unique in their roles. That is the reason why it is difficult to choose between bezel setting and prong setting while dealing with the diamonds shop in maller building at Chicago’s diamond district.

Have you encountered any such situation? Then this blog will certainly open doors for you to make your relevant purchase.

How can you define Prong Settings?

No matter whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding ring, prong setting is almost common for every ring type. The setting involves either 4 or 6 metal pins, placed at an equal distance around the diamond stone. With the 4 metal pins, the diamond is more highlighted. Whilst with the 6 metal pins, it is more secure. Now the choice is yours – what will you prefer? Amongst other diamond setting styles of the diamond shops in maller building, Prong setting is defined with a little metal claw, that holds the diamond in a grip. The claws are often rounded, pointed, flat, or even V-shaped.

Pros of Prong Setting

1. Makes the diamond more prominent and noticeable.
2. Enables sufficient light to pass through it, thus making the stone more attractive and brilliant.
3. Easy to maintain as easy to clean.
4. Can be a timeless treasure

Cons of Prong Setting

1. Act as a barrier to an active lifestyle. It is appropriate for occasional needs.
2. May get lose if used regularly. So it is highly recommended to have proper inspiection on prongs at least after every two years, just to ensure its security.
3. Quite vulnerable to damage. This implies, every diamond when lacks in maintenance are open to impact. Therefore, it needs a great care and maintenance to avoid such circumstances.

What is Bezel Setting?

Unlike Prong setting, Bezel sets are treasured owing to their sleek and slim design and modern curves. Instead of having claws and pins, it believes to mount the gemstones on the metal or rings and other jewellry. Such a ring, when featured with a diamond at the center, looks stunning. Whereas, when paired with accent stones and wedding bands looks extremely unique in all respects.

Let us find out what are its pros and cons

Pros of Bezel Setting

1. As this setting mounts the stone on the metal, it is extremely secure from potential damage. Yet if the stone suffers any irregularities, it is always ready to accept the challenge and to its best leave the diamond undamaged.
2. Doesn’t get loose in contrast to prong setting. Since the setting is made just above the girdle of the diamond, the gemstone remains in its place all the time.
3. Looking for a modern aesthetic? Something that is in trend? Bezel setting serves you the same.

Cons of Bezel Setting

1. In prong setting, the diamond appeared to be protrusive. But Bezel setting does not offer this feature.
2. Since less diamond is observable, less light is reflected back to the viewer.
3. Bezel set may have a sleek concept, but it generally looks bulkier, thus compressing the overall sleekness.

So, which one do you choose for customizing your engagement ring? We guess Diamonds Inc, one of the reputed diamond shop in maller building, Chicago may help you out on this. They offer personal assistance so that you can create the best for your love. Explore the collection, browse the flowing trend, and design your ring accordingly.

Why Custom Engagement Rings Are The Best Choice For a Couple?

By Seo Team | October 11, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

An engagement is a beautiful occasion that deserves a lot of attention from people, towards making it a grand event. While buying the right engagement ring, a couple faces the heat of making the right choice. Engagement rings are jewelry items whose purchase demands a lot of thinking and time-consuming, as it’s sheer value in the concerned event cannot be measured by any means.

So, how to go by the entire engagement ring buying process successfully? Well, for starters you can visit the most reputed stores such as Diamonds Inc and select from the wide range of available items.

There is one more unique option other this conventional form of ring buying; custom-made engagement rings. The concept of custom-made engagement rings has grown quite popular in the last few years.

Go for custom-made rings and have a sizzling engagement

What are custom-made engagement rings? These form of rings are designed by the ultimate buyers entirely and the jeweler follows their idea while developing it. This is what makes them so much exciting as well as appealing. Most couples are now readily going for this approach and avoiding the orthodox one for several reasons. Let explore them in details below.

Custom-engagement rings bring out the creative aspects of people and let them live the special day of their lives as per their own wish. A couple may have different ideas and thoughts in their mind regarding how the engagement would be or how they want it to be.

Their creative inputs thus will not come to a halt when it is their turn for choosing the suitable engagement ring. When it comes to ring purchase, custom-made diamond engagement rings are something that is loved worldwide.

Custom-engagement rings are highly beneficial in other ways too

The biggest benefit that custom-made diamond or other stone-embedded rings brings to the table is cost-effectiveness. Like for instance, if a to-be-engaged couple decides to go for a ring that appears the same as that of a celebrity-worn one, then it will be an economical approach. This is due to the fact that a custom-jeweler will be able to replicate it beautifully and also, at a lower cost.

The couple can also get suggestions from the jeweler regarding the different costing aspects involved in the process. This will help them to customize it further and in sync with their set budget. There are some additional benefits too that supports this form of ring creation in a huge way. For instance, people can reproduce vintage designs and transform the entire image of their engagement.

With custom-engagement rings, you can explore your creative cells in an extensive way. Different ideas may begin circulating your mind the whole time since your engagement was fixed and plannings started.

You can now implement a whole lot of them while designing your ring. Just get in touch with a highly-skilled jeweler such as Diamonds Inc and get your custom ring done in style!

Essential Tips For Purchasing The Most Appropriate Engagement Ring

By Seo Team | October 6, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

An engagement is one of the most joyous occasions in anyone’s life. Efforts are taken to make this life event as cherishable as possible. A lot of emphases is put on different aspects such as the look of the event, proper execution of the whole plan etc. Amidst all these, an engagement ring is one thing that needs to be remembered and give enough importance.

An engagement ring serves many purposes. It does not stick to only it’s basic job but also acts as a symbol of love, creativity, status and much more. A competent jewelry repair service in Chicago or any other place will take care of any kind of ring. So, if you are planning to get hitched soon then this blog will be of immense help to you.

How to buy the most suitable engagement ring for the gracious event?

Nowadays there is enough number of jewelers available, who will offer you a variety of engagement rings. Often it has been seen that, selecting the right man for the job get’s extremely difficult. Are you planning to buy diamond jewelry from Chicago or any other city? The tips presented below in this respect will help you out significantly.

Learn to distance yourself away from the trend

What’s trendy, may not be what you require. You must see from a perspective, that does not count only the trendy things. Buy diamond jewelry from Chicago or other places but do not worry about missing out on trendy items.

The ring should represent your feelings for your partner, symbolize your love for them and portray a meaningful message like staying eternally forever, committed to each other etc. Go out of the trendy collections and get your partner the type of ring they desire.

You need to understand which item is best suited as per her personality, appearance, style etc. Do they prefer platinum or are they gold-loving people? You can always contact the best jewelry repair service in Chicago if anything happens to your wedding rings. Keep these in mind and then select the most relevant ring for them.

The stone need not be a flawless one

Most people consider flawless diamond wedding rings to be the only best jewelry pieces available. The truth is that you do not need a flawless piece of jewelry to make the occasion a memorable one. Rings should be expressive and must convey your thoughts and emotions relating to the person the ring is meant for.


Colored Options For The Center Stone of Your Engagement Ring

By Seo Team | September 27, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

So, weddings bells are just about to ring. Are you ready with your engagement ring? Browse the cache of Chicago diamond jewelers. They are just amazing and at the same time, do not compel you to break your bank. Apart from traditional promising bands, you can also hover yourself to their different colored gemstones. I guess, they are overwhelming. Such heart-stirring jewelries can only be witnessed if you travel to the diamond district of Chicago.

However, choosing an alluring colored gemstone for your engagement ring, instead of a traditional diamond is itself a challenge. Not because it is hard to find one, but because it is hard to choose the perfect colored center stone. Let us check out along with natural diamonds what else Chicago’s Historic Jewelers Row is intended with.

1. Colored Diamonds:

Natural colorless diamonds are pretty penny. Hence, colorful lab-grown diamonds can be the assured response to your concern. Are you at a loss, whether to bank on simulants or not? Whoa, take it easy. They are the best replacement for your natural precious stones. Just like a diamond, they are with a hardness 10 that indicates a resistance of scratches. No doubt, they are identical in all grounds and are available in different shades of love. For example, you can opt for pink, green, red, and even black and brown. Isn’t it quite appealing? Hence, putting a twist on your traditional purchase will not only be scalable but also profitable in all respects.

2. Blue Sapphires:

Looking for engagement rings that aren’t diamonds at the diamond district of Chicago? You may end up with Sapphires. They are normally blue in shade, but can also appear in every hue except red. This serves as the symbol of royalty and also known for its pleochroism. Pleochroism is an optical phenomenon that showcases two different shades, depending on the angle you look at. There are some gemstones that can also change color based on the light resource. For example, Star Sapphires yield a star like an optical effect known as asterism. Further, with a hardness 9, these blue gemstones form the hardest gems among other gemstone categories, except diamonds. Therefore, on all grounds, sapphire engagement rings prove to be the best ring type among other non-diamond gemstones.

3. Green shaded Emeralds:

Homologous to Sapphires, Emeralds also showcase a royal effect to the wearer. However, if you compare others with its hardness, emeralds appear with hardness 8 and can prevent scratches only if they are given a special care. They are basically treated with oil and filers and should be avoided to come in contact with ultrasonic, steam or boiling systems. Such a caring gemstone seems to occur in gorgeous green shades, from light to deep dark hue.

4. Blood Red Rubies:

One of the affordable gemstone engagement rings can be sorted with Rubies. Such a stone, when placed on the circular metal band, turns out to be extremely sizzling. These gemstones appear in a red variety of corundum. It is worthy to note that all other shades of corundum are considered to be sapphires. Hardness and durability are almost similar to that of sapphires, although rubies need more treatments and augmentations. Pigeon blood red, purplish red with dark tone are the common shades of these gemstones.

5. Purple shaded Amethysts:

Amethysts are the most popular alternative to colored diamonds, especially for those who are scouting for pocket-friendly center stones. These gemstones reside between light lavender to deep purple. Although they come with hardness 7, due to no cleavage planes they are hard to break and are scratch-proof. For sure, you can list it down to your priority list. It would be extremely enduring allowing you to express your love and commitment through its shade.

6. Colorful Tourmalines:

While looking for the center stone, tourmalines can be the effective alternatives to your diamond. Not just because of its aesthetics, but its hardness, durability, and price rate serve as the bonus. Analogous to Amethysts, they possess 7 hardness and no cleavage, thus making the ring highly durable. You may endure these gemstones in an assorted range of colors. Some popular shades include – Green or Verdelite Tourmalines, Chrome Tourmalines, Rubellite Tourmalines, Blue or Indicolite Tourmalines, and Paraiba Tourmalines. Wanna craving to place any of these on your engagement ring?

7. Golden Citrines:

Lemon yellow, golden or champagne brown – all are the three popular shades of Citrines. It can be an awesome touch if you are heading for a rich flavor along with quality features. The rich orange or yellow shade with red strokes of Citrines enhance the price range, compared to others. Hence, if you are seeking for a golden shaded non-diamond gemstone and simultaneously not so bothered with your wallet, then these semi-precious engagement rings can be a blooming option.

8. Blue shaded Aquamarines:

Diamond district of Chicago, Historic Jewelers Row also allows you to hunt for blue-green shaded Aquamarines. Their hardness is about 7.5-8 and not actually need special care or cleaning to restrain their luster and for greater durability. To know how to maintain Aquamarines, you can go through the link given.

9. Colorful Garnets:

Garnets offer hardness ranging from 6.5-7.5, quite less than other non-diamond natural stones. However, due to its no cleavage formula, it wins to serve relative durability. Just like diamonds, these garnets are cut so as to form a cushion-shaped, heart-shaped or round brilliant shaped diamond. Such an extraordinary gemstone appears in different ranges, based on its color. They are:
Demantoid garnets – They are found rare and so are highly expensive. But obviously not as expensive as diamonds.
Tsavorite garnets – These appear in emerald-like color, possess high durability, more brilliance, and dispersion than emeralds.
Mandarin garnets – They are rare and are found in brilliant orange shades, that is unlikely to be obtained in any other gemstones.
Malaya garnets – Red, orange, pink and peach are the exclusive color ranges of these garnets.
Rhodolite garnets – These garnets have the ability to change colors based on light sources. Some gems are found to change their appearance, from purplish red in incandescent light to blue in daylight.
If you consider these grounds, then garnets can be the best gemstones for engagement rings. What say?

10. Vibrant crystal Opals:

From all these aforesaid gemstones – diamond or non-diamond, Opals play a completely different role. They possess a unique optical phenomenon called play of color. Now, what’s that? This is a pseudochromatic optical emission that results in flashes of colorful light from the stone. Not only this, Opals also differs due to its unusual colors, patterns, and imaginative descriptions. All these along with its distinct terminology and grading system, make the stone unique and exceptional.

Even if Opals possess loads of variance, their hardness of 5.5 – 6.5 makes them vulnerable to scratches. They are extremely sensitive and if aimed to serve as an alternative traditional engagement ring, should be taken utmost care.

Hope now you are cleared with every colorful gemstone that you can put on as the center stone of your engagement ring. No doubt, Chicago’s diamond district excels in all these.

However, relying only on aesthetics will certainly not be felicitous. Rather you should also ponder the other factors that may include gem’s hardness, wearability, clarity, durability, and optical characteristics. Make your purchase on these grounds will definitely be advantageous.

Easy Ways to Purchase a Diamond Ring Online

By Seo Team | September 19, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

The internet is developing every day. People acknowledge its prolonged existence and thereby trust them enough to make online purchases. Time has gradually changed now. A lot more people are beginning to opt for buying stuff online, that involves a significant amount of cash.

When it comes to jewelry, people are still a bit hesitant to take their foot forward and make a purchase that involves a good sum of money. Most people do not rely on online vendors that much and are worried about whether they will get the right thing in exchange for their valuable money.

Buying diamonds through online vendors

A diamond ring is expensive, remarkable as well as a long-term investment. It will keep on giving you benefits even after its main purpose is served. So, people should buy them wisely. Apart from actual stores, there are tons of online businesses available that offer a beautiful collection of diamond rings. But can we trust such online websites? Who are the best jewelry stores operating online?

This form of investment is something that needs careful analysis and a whole lot of right information to take the right decision. When it comes to online diamond ring shopping, most people tend to be a lot wary of buying such expensive items without any physical examination. Another major issue associated with this form of shopping is, people have doubts concerning money back guarantees.

How can online diamond ring shopping be advantageous?

Well, if you are experiencing such concerns and is worried about whether you are making the right decision or not, then this blog will help you out. Here you will get to know about some simple tips for purchasing the most suitable diamond ring on the internet. But first, let’s check out how selecting this form of shopping will benefit you.

The prime reason behind so many people flocking the online shopping websites is that here products are sold at extremely competitive prices. To add to your joys, you have a plethora of fine offerings to select from. A diamond ring selling website, in all probability, have a collection of engagement rings that exceeds your local jewelry store in the number of items.

You can expect to get rare and uniquely designed diamond rings on online shopping sites. Such varieties are not provided even in local stores and malls. Over the years, online shopping has caught up with the actual shopping numbers. It’s increasing gradually and efficient vendors are playing a crucial role in making that happen.

Some crucial tips that will help you out in the process

To clear your uncertainties and ensure you experience a seamless shopping experience, a few tips are provided here for the same. Let’s check them out.

Check authenticity

There are various business vendors who are out there to cheat you and take the valuable money that you spend on them. Although there are certain bodies that keep a check on such companies and ensure your shopping experience is not bitter, you must take some steps yourself.

While selecting a particular diamond ring company, make sure to check out their website thoroughly. When it comes to buying engagement rings and other diamond based rings, people will never be satisfied with bad products. So, customer complaints against online firms will reveal a lot about them.

Acquire knowledge about their grading process

When buying diamonds online, you can just look at their pictures and then have to decide whether you want to go through the entire process or not. So, it becomes vital for that you learn as much about diamonds as possible like the 4Cs, their grading process etc. These pieces of information are readily available on the internet.

So, if you know them beforehand, you can understand the diamond grading report and then take the right decisions regarding selecting the best online jewelry stores.

Get appraisals done and verify the return policy

The best way to get the most appropriate diamond is by taking the help of an independent appraiser. They will help you in taking the right decision and make sure you are getting the right item for the price you are willing to pay.

Almost every famous online seller offers a one-month return policy for every purchase. The best jewelry stores who are operating online will also include money refunds if you do not consider the diamond ring received, as an appropriate one. These essential tips will help you to have a fantastic online shopping experience.

Some other ways to buy the right diamond ring online

There are a few other things to consider when going for online diamond ring purchase. Those online jewelry stores who have the reputation of acquiring diamonds by the right means and in accordance with the System of Warranties or the Kimberly Process, are the right sellers for you. You have the option of getting a valuable diamond the right way.

There are a number of vendors who offer more than one payment methods. While buying online, credit cards are generally considered to be the safest. However, many vendors now are offering options other than the normally go-to method. Bank Wire and other digital payment options have made the way for the traditional ones.

Diamonds are costlier items. These forms of payment offer huge and lucrative discounts. They help a lot to make the process a satisfying one. When it comes to buying diamond rings online, you should never be hesitant to clear your doubts or questions that cloud your mind while making the needed judgment.

If the retailer is selling genuine products, then they will be more than happy to answer every question of yours. By giving you great feedback, they will be offering their customer service to you. On the other hand, if a vendor is hesitant or is trying to avoid your questions, then you stick on to the matter unless they give the required feedback. This tells a lot about the credibility of the vendor.

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Is it Necessary to Buy Matching Wedding Bands For Couples?

By Seo Team | September 11, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

The tradition of exchanging wedding bands on the wedding date has been dated back centuries. In most Western Cultures, brides and grooms prefer to place their wedding bands on the ring finger of the left hand. They strongly believe that the vein of this finger is directly connected to the heart. However, medical science has already corrected this belief. Besides, there are many other convenient ways that the brides and grooms often prefer to put on their wedding ring.

Since endless jewelers with their endless collection are evolving daily, choosing a wedding band or engagement ring sometimes become too cumbersome. Even there are many such buyers who find this beating around the bush, especially, when you are talking about Chicago and its Diamond district. Despite the fact, if they succeed to find the best one out from the collection or customize the ring for your loved one, they end up again with a confusion – whether to buy matching wedding bands for couples or not. This question barely tailors their mind and it becomes hard for them to come to a conclusion.

Are you encountering the same issue? Well, it’s quite natural. Here, today surpassing all your problem we have discovered some relevant solutions.

The tendency of building matching pairs was quite frequent in the past. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule today to create something analogous. It completely reckons on the couple’s interest and choices. Here we have set down two ultimate cases, beyond which nothing can be possible.

Yes, I need a matching pair

While conducting our survey, we discovered there are some couples who feel inclined towards the idea of having matching bands. They served multiple reasons for their preferences.

According to them, matching wedding bands pave a way to express their togetherness. They wanna showcase themselves that they are the two elements of the same mold. No doubt, it means a lot and maybe such an explanation provoke you to buy such matching pairs. Having an analogous pair not just means that both the bride and groom will wear the same style, same color, same design, and pattern. For them, this ensures their compatibility and strengthen their bond.

Is that what you are looking for? Is that what you want to feel for your significant other? Is that what your opinion addresses? Take your time, ask yourself and even your partner.

Leaving all these beliefs behind, there are many couples who have sorted out some practical reasons behind this. For some couples, picking out wedding rings identical for each other is not only a convenient search but also seems to be an affordable one. Instead of spending more time scrolling down the diamond rings online or exploring the store collection and finding out the best ring, choosing a similar pair is relatively a comfortable job. Further, if both of you have similar tastes, then such an approach can certainly be amazing.

No, I want both of them unique

Secondly, in contrast to the previous option, there are many couples who prefer to choose a distinct ring style. The reasons that they put on are as follows. They stated, having two non-matching wedding bands doesn’t mean that you can’t express your love or find a connection. It defines that you both have a unique way to express your talent, love, and commitment.

Every individual is unique in themselves and so is his taste. For instance, you may prefer to choose a vintage style, while your partner may be quite trendy and love to flow with the flow. Or maybe you like a bold jewelry while your partner may try to lean on aesthetics, and so on. In such cases, instead of installing your opinion on your partner’s brain, it is always better to choose according to your preferences. After all, a feminine style always differs from a masculine fashion.

As we have said earlier, there is no immutable rule that you have to wear similar wedding rings. You can make your purchase based on your likes. Further, if you still desire to have something similar, you can easily opt for some matching aspects of the rings. For example – the metal, the settings that are incorporated, or maybe the design. This friendly compromise can be the perfect solution for those who like to have unique sets.

So, what are you desiring for? Matched or un-matched? Whatever may be you are craving for, before heading to the jewelry store you need to consider several things.

1. Custom-made or ready-made:

This is the prior question that you need to ask yourself beforehand. After all, it is easy to acquire a ready-made asset. But to shop for a custom-made diamond ring, you need to make your decision clear, keeping enormous time in your hand.

2. Metals:

Gold, platinum, white gold, tungsten, stainless steel, or titanium – uncountable metals are hailing in the market to tailor your needs. More specifically, with diamonds platinum, white gold or gold are preferred the most. While other contemporary metals are chosen to serve other needs.

3. Color:

For a traditional timeless look, yellow, white, rose gold is the preferred shades. Well, there is no hard-and-fast rule that you can’t choose black or gray hues for your wedding ring.

4. Finish:

Need a polished finish or a matte finish? Polished finish is strongly reflective, but if you are looking for a softer appearance then we guess matte look will suit your demand.

5. Design:

Multiple designs for multiple occasions are evolving daily. If you sort them out in categories, there are three basic classifications. Contemporary, traditional or something in-between. Decide your style before you heading to a store.

In the end, it is only you who can decide what wedding band can make you happy. Decide your budget and look for the wedding ring within that range.


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How To Choose The Perfect Diamond For Your Love?

By Seo Team | July 27, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

Diamonds are forever – it’s true. But can you give any assurance that your diamond is perfect? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, to choose the perfect diamond from the collection. However, it is not so hard to find one from the store. Wanna know how? Well, the degree of diamond’s perfection depends on several attributes. To know them in details, you have to traverse the infographic below. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for diamond wedding bands, engagement rings or loose diamonds, just make sure you are considering the following points while making the purchase.

How to choose the Perfect Diamond for your love?

Wanna make your day more perfect by gifting a perfect diamond to your spouse? contact us or reach us directly at our store in Chicago to fulfill your desire.

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Ways Of Choosing The Best Engagement Ring

By Seo Team | May 25, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

Once you’ve found your ladylove and you are ready to get engaged with her, you should have a clear vision of how you want your dazzler to look.

The most traditional look for an engagement ring is a diamond set in a silver or gold band. If your fiance-to-be is more unconventional, you can add more diamonds, choosing different colored stones like emeralds or sapphires, or finding the best design band.

The best way of buying an engagement ring is:-

1. Establish your budget­­:-

First, we need to establish the budget which will help the jeweler to give you different options within your budget. As it is heard that a man should spend a huge amount on an engagement ring but this is crap. Spending huge amount on an engagement ring would be a waste of money. In the end, it’s not the amount of money you spend on an engagement ring that matters, but rather the thought that goes into purchasing it.

2. Look through the current jewelry to determine her general preferences:-

You need to know the preference of how should be the size, band, color, and style:-

Style: Will it be understated, vibrant, traditional or colorful

Color: What color does that person want should it be colorful or she wants it to keep it white, silver or gold

Band: The band is something where the stone is placed. Will it be silvery, golden or like a funkier one

Size: She wants the size of the stone to be big or small or she wants the band to b broad or a bit thinner one.

3. Do indulge your family, friends to know that the choice made by you is perfect or not:-

Do ask your family about the ring that you have chosen so that you might get more information as they have more experience about valuable things. You can ask her parents about her choice what’s her dream about the engagement ring.

4. Good quality diamond ring:-

Diamonds is now on a trend as because it has a higher value and most of them have a lot of liking towards it. So if you know about your fiance then you might know which type of ring she wants like diamond or gold .So while choosing the best diamond ring we need to look for 4c’s

A. Cut: There are different ways to cut a diamond and the type of cut impacts a diamond’s sparkle. The cut that produces the most sparkle is the round cut, princess cut are good. A high-quality cut is more important than weight or an extremely high clarity or color grade: a diamond, shines a light back out the direction it came in and breaks it up a bit in the process.

B. Carat: Carats refer to the unit of measurement of the diamond, and refers to weight, rather than size. For example, if a diamond is 60pt then it is 60% or 0.60 of a carat. Higher the carat rate more expensive will be the diamonds.

C. Clarity: As diamonds are formed naturally, there are imperfections in nearly all diamonds. So more clarity increases its value

D. Color: The color of diamonds considerably varies and most people prefer a white colored diamond for an engagement ring.

5. Ring size:-

Now after knowing the preference then your next step is to know the ring size of your loved ones.

6. Pick a jeweler:-

So at last when you are done with confirming about the ring to family members, your lover, your friends then you need to find a trustworthy jeweler from whom you can buy the ring.

7.choose the perfect setting:-

In an engagement ring, a diamond is held in place by a setting. The setting has two jobs:

i. To highlight the beauty of diamond
ii. To protect it from damage

Here are three common types of settings:
A. Prong, B. Bezel

8. Pick a ring that suits her style:-

An engagement ring is worn on a daily basis. It should make the wearer’s heart sing. This means put your tastes aside and find out what the partner likes which will make her happy and even excited about you.

At last, you need to surprise your partner by proposing her by not telling her these are the things you need to know before choosing an engagement ring. people have a tendency to just go and buy a ring and propose her.

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10 Unknown Facts About Lab Created Diamonds.

By Seo Team | May 23, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

Most of you beat a retreat, whenever you hear the phrase ‘lab-created diamond’. You feel that the dazzling stones are not the original diamonds, rather they are just an imitation of those. Are you the one among such buyers? If yes, then you must be unaware of the facts related to lab-created diamonds. In this blog, we have come up with 10 exciting unknown facts about these lab-grown diamonds. After going through it, you will realize what a mess you have done on refusing to buy such diamonds.

Are you ready to check out the points? Great! let us have look.

1. Not duplicate diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds are not at all duplicate diamonds, rather they are 100% identical to mined diamonds. Surprised? You should be. If you are the one who generally avoids taking risks of buying such lab-created diamonds, then you must read this point at least twice. For your sake let us clear this out, that the definition of duplicate diamonds begins with Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. Such imitations look exactly the same as that of the mined diamonds, but do not possess any characteristics of natural diamonds. Whereas, these lab-grown diamonds possess the same physical as well as chemical composition as that of real mined diamonds. Thus they achieve the same dazzling sparkle and luster.

2. Certified diamonds:

This particular point has been taken up to prove the previous fact. No one, including you, will believe that the diamonds which are formed in the laboratory are 100% identical to the mined diamonds, unless you are provided with a certificate. Well, to ensure all the buyers, these lab-grown diamonds are certified from the GIA labs. This means that the diamonds though formed in the laboratory are completely natural in all respect. Therefore to confirm it, the certificate is provided to every potential buyer along with their purchase.

3. Graded just as mined diamonds:

You will be surprised to know that the Lab-grown diamonds which once you have rejected just by assuming it as imitation stones, are graded by the Gemological labs using the same four C’s that the real mined diamonds use. By the term Gemological labs we mean to refer the International Gemological Insititute, that we have already mentioned in our previous point. These abide by every government rule before disclosure of lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, the same quality graded diamonds with four c’s- colour, carat, cut and clarity can be obtained in lab-grown diamonds.

4. Created under CVD or HPHT process:

You must be knowing that the original mined diamonds are formed under the Earth’s crust under extreme pressure and temperature. The diamonds which are mined today, are formed billions of years ago. Just to maintain the process and make sure that the lab-grown diamonds have all the aspects of natural mined diamonds, these diamonds are created under Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process. However, the CVD process is highly appreciated if compared to the HPHT method. Are you excited to know this in details? It is better if you go through our blog that speaks how lab-created diamonds are made.

5. High Tech Miracle:

Have you ever thought that Lab-grown diamonds can be a high tech miracle? Yes, patented processes and proprietary equipments are used to bring out the miracle. No doubt, a diamond seed is used to form such an intimate diamond. Initially a rough diamond crystal grows and eventually the dazzling stone is created having all identical properties. Since real diamond is considered to be the hardest substance, its chemical, electrical, thermal and optical properties are adapted after a whole long process is done.

6. Eco-friendly diamonds:

The Lab-certified diamonds or the New dawn diamonds are considered as the eco-friendly diamonds. You must be thinking – how a diamond can be eco-friendly. Right? Yes, everything is possible if diamonds are lab-created. This is because, lab created diamonds won’t disturb a single amount of earth during its creation. Whereas, to mine natural diamonds a large amount of Earth is been removed. Are you an eco-friendly person? Well, in that case you have missed such an amazing product.

7. Sustainable Resource:

Even though the real diamonds are hardly found in nature, the demand for purchasing diamonds are gradually increasing day by day. Do you think the needs of all the potential buyers are not being fulfilled? The supply of mined diamonds may get reduced, development of huge mines get reduced, but not the needs of people. Such gap is filled by these New Dwan diamonds. As these diamonds are formed in the laboratory, there will be no such case that the resource will decline with time. In fact, these restore the Earth’s natural resources.

8. Everlasting diamonds:

You must have known that diamonds are everlasting. But most of you hesitate to buy these lab grown diamonds as you are not aware of their lifespan. But like natural diamonds, New Dawn diamonds are also termed as eternal diamonds, as their lifespan is for eternity.

9. Guaranteed Origin:

The only difference that lies between natural diamonds and lab-certified diamonds is in their origin. Natural diamonds as you all know are formed naturally under the Earth’s crust, whereas these diamonds are created in the laboratory. Therefore, since you are aware of the fact where these diamonds were born, you can remain sure about their source. You don’t have to hover around. All these will be crafted on the lab certificate.

10. Less-expensive:

Last but not the least, Lab-grown diamonds costs comparatively less than real mined diamonds. Yes, it is not a joke. But you can get your desired diamond at a pocket-friendly rate. This is just because the diamonds are created in the labs and in a mass. Yes, identical mined diamonds at a reasonable rate. Isn’t it amazing? Stop imagining. And reach the destination where you had said ‘no’ to the lab-created diamonds.

Hope these facts have changed your perspective regarding lab-certified diamonds. If this is the case, what are you waiting for? Look for a suitable diamond dealer and check out your wedding ring, engagement ring or any other diamond studded jewelries based on such diamonds.

7 Ways To Pick Up The Best Engagement Ring

By Seo Team | May 18, 2018 | Tag: Engagement ring

There is a huge difference between planning for an engagement ring and choosing the best ring. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to choose the best from the collection. But now the question that arises: Are you looking for a Diamond or other gemstones? We will prefer you to go for a Diamond engagement ring. This might be a precious one if compared to other gemstones but will extremely be the best one for your engagement. Yet, there are several other alternate options too, to buy a wedding or an engagement ring.So, are you planning to buy the diamond one for your engagement? Well in that case, you don’t have to get panic. In this blog, we have sort of some important points regarding your engagement ring, so that you can get the perfect one for your love. Get ready to have a look.

1. Choose the metal:

Before, looking for a diamond the very first thing that you should look for, is the metal. Several options are available such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and so on. A Gold band gives you a yellow-orange reflection with a high durability. If you are ready to tint your diamond with a yellow shade, then this will be a perfect match. Want a bright silvery appearance? White Gold can give you the mixture of an off-white colour, plated with rhodium or any other metal. Platinum is hard, strong and silvery. If you want to pair your diamond with a silver shade, then Platinum can be something amazing. However, you may also go for a silver metal if you want to reduce your budget. What is her choice? Trust us, it matters a lot to get the best diamond ring.

2. Look for Lab created diamond:

While you are looking for a best diamond engagement ring, you should be the witness of exclusive lab-created diamonds. Why so? Unlike natural mined diamonds, there are multiple colours for lab-grown New Dawn diamonds available in the market. Not only this, you will get the same featured diamond at a pocket-friendly rate. Isn’t it a ‘wow’ factor? These diamonds are formed under CVD and HPHT process in the laboratory and so possess 100% identical physical and chemical composition as that of the natural diamonds. Can’t believe? Just have a look on our blog and know how these lab-grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds are made.

3. Decide your budget:

Budget is always the prior factor when it comes to diamond. But in case of lab-grown diamonds, you can stay relax for a time being. As we have discussed before, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive compared to the mined diamonds. How will you feel if you get a diamond at a half-price rate? Obviously, it will be a great achievement. But the price of a diamond ring actually depends on several factors. That includes it’s weight, cuts, settings and designs, among which the weight of a diamond truly matters. The more the carat of a diamond, the more will be the price factor. So it is better to decide your budget first, and then check out the collection accordingly.

4. Look for certification:

In our previous points, we have talked about lab-created diamonds. But to get the best diamond, you need to look for the certification. What is that? lab-grown diamonds are also known as lab-certified diamonds that means the GIA labs have certified these diamonds as 100% identical to mined diamonds- as Gemological Institute of America is considered the most reliable. Therefore, you can blindly make a purchase.

5. Decide the shape:

To get the best diamond engagement ring, the most fundamental factors that you have to keep in mind is the four C’s – Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour. Among them, the cut of a diamond signifies a diamond the most. Cut of a diamond is responsible for the diamond shapes and its brightness. The finer the cut is, the brighter will be its fire. Such an exclusive diamond shape is a round brilliant cut diamond. However, princess cut, heart-shaped or oval-shaped diamond are also in demand in today’s date. Know your partner’s choice and pick out the diamond ring based on that. Are you aware of the latest diamond shapes? In that case, check our blog to know the diamond cuts and know the diamond shapes.

6. Decide the colour:

Mined natural diamonds are colourless, but not the lab-grown diamonds. Colourless diamonds start from grade D and yes of course, are rarely found in nature. Whereas, you can get these lab-grown diamonds in various shades – blue, green, yellow, pink or white. What is her favorite colour? Is it there in a diamond? Have a research on different colours of diamond and look for the same in the collection.

7. Check out the clarity:

Clarity of a diamond represents the flaws and inclusions present in a diamond. Flawless diamonds are the real diamonds that are rare in nature and so are highly expensive. Therefore, before purchasing a diamond, you must take care that your diamond possess the minimum clarity or in words you may say a minimum number of tiny pieces of carbon left after their formation process. However, these inclusions are not visible in a naked eye, so you must take help of the experts.

However, it is always better to go for a custom-made diamond ring, instead of a ready-made one. Not because you don’t get the desired collection in ready-made diamond rings, but because you will get an opportunity to showcase your love creatively according to your desire. But make sure you keep all the above-mentioned points in mind and then commit to buy a diamond ring for your engagement.