Radiant Cut vs Princess Cut Diamonds – Which one to Prefer for This Valentine?

By Seo Team | February 12, 2019 | Tag: Diamonds from Chicago

Diamonds are the most surprising and impressive gift for Valentine. Are you planning for the same?

Every diamond has its own story to share and so is the radiant cut diamond and the princess cut diamond. Similarly, every lady has her own style or own choice for a diamond to wear. When it comes to these two specific diamonds, it really becomes hard for the buyer to decide which one to prefer the most, especially when it is all about Valentine.

Both radiant cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds have their own unique preferences and potential to drag the attraction of others. Are you residing in such a perplex situation while purchasing diamonds from Chicago?

Both the princess and radiant cut diamonds look awesome when you customize them for a solitaire diamond engagement rings. There are many who even say these two are very much alike and can be used as an alternative for each other. But at least to use them as an alternative you should know the basic similarities and dissimilarities, before purchasing your diamond solitaire ring or wedding ring from Chicago. Let us have a look at the insight.

By definition or by external criteria

What are Radiant cut diamonds?

Radiant cut diamonds can be defined as the square or rectangular shaped diamonds featured with truncated or trimmed corners. They are not less than the round brilliant cut diamonds and so are often classified under the category of brilliant cuts that are designed in a way to enhance the brilliance of a diamond. If you look at them thoroughly, radiant cut diamonds have features of both round brilliant cuts and step emerald cuts. Are you interested to know more about its grading and features? You can simply go through our blog that speaks about different aspects that one needs to know before purchasing a radiant cut diamond ornament.


What are Princess cut diamonds?

Princess cut diamonds are somewhat similar like radiant cut diamonds. They appear rectangular or square shape but featured with the sharp, uncut edges, offering a more geometric look than the radiant cuts. Due to its featured shape, this particular diamond is also known as quadrillion cut diamond.

By Brilliance and Sparkle

Brilliance and sparkle both depend on the cut or the shape of the diamonds. In terms of brilliance and sparkle, diamonds can be easily differentiated. However, this is not the case with these two particular diamonds. As they are similar to a great extent, it is hard to define which diamond cut possess more brilliance. But if you talk about the type of brilliance and sparkle, yes, there lies some definite difference.

Princess cut diamonds are featured with regular, linear, and organized facets. Hence, they tend to reflect light in a more clear and orderly fashion. Radiant cut diamonds, in contrast, offer a more fiery texture and more sparkle, owing to the way their facets are aligned. Thus, it can be concluded that princess cut diamonds reflect light in a more organized pattern, while the radiant cuts exhibit in a more haphazard way.


By Diamond Color

Princess cut diamonds are known for its excellent brilliance and sparkle. As a result, even if the diamond possesses any yellowish tints, owing to its brilliance it can be easily concealed to a great extent. So it is highly recommended that if you are planning to buy a princess cut diamond and have an intention to set it in a white gold or platinum metal, you must stick to color grades in the G-H-I range. In case you are customizing it on yellow gold metal, J or K color grade is what you should prefer.

Now, in contrast to this, for radiant cut diamonds, the yellow tints are more visible than the princess cut diamonds. Therefore, for white gold or platinum settings, it is advised to use diamonds of color grade F-G-H. While for yellow gold settings, I or J shaded diamonds can be the best.

These are some few criteria on the basis of which radiant cut and princess cut diamonds of Chicago can be differentiated.


Additionally, if you are deciding to use such diamonds to create a stunning accessory, make sure you are well aware of the setting you actually need for the diamond. As the sharp corners of a princess cut diamond need a good mounting to protect the vulnerable ends. Perhaps, a setting with V-shaped prongs like Bezel settings might be a good choice for this.

Radiant cut diamonds, on the other hand, can be set on any regular prongs or bezels, without any hesitation.

So, which one would you like to prefer? Which one would you think will be the best gift for your valentine?

No matter which diamond you choose to create your engagement rings or wedding rings from Chicago, make sure they are neither synthetic nor duplicate. GIA certificate is the best way to examine this.

To know more about our wedding rings click on the following links: http://www.diamonds717.com/know-basic-facts-diamond-cuts-shape-buying-diamond-wedding-rings/


Best Places To Propose Your Girl With Diamonds In Chicago

By Seo Team | June 9, 2018 | Tag: Diamonds from Chicago

So, at last you have found your diamond. And now waiting for the perfect moment to place your million dollar question in front of her? Well, a moment can never be perfect. It is you, who can make your moment perfect. If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, the time will never appear. Instead you should look for a perfect destination to make your moment memorable. Agree or not? If yes, then buy diamonds from Chicago and travel with us to those top exciting places there, where you can propose your girl in an impressive way.

Are you ready? We will start with the Lincoln Park, followed by the Sixteen Restaurant, North Avenue Beach, London House Cupola, Shedd Aquarium, Grant Park, and finally the Magnificient Mile.


1. Lincoln Park:

Have you noticed one thing, we have kept the Lincoln Park at the first position? Why so, any idea? This is because of the hidden garden featured there with flora creates a romantic ambiance all around. The running water, the fresh leaves, the refreshing air, the chirping birds and beautiful flowers, especially at the Lincoln Park Conservatory are just amazing. The botanical garden at the shore of Lake Michigan, creates an aura of romance and compel the visitors to express their love keeping the nature as their witness. Not only this, the tree-lined Lincoln Park also offers an amazing nightlife, dining and entertainment, which you may entertain with your partner.

2. Sixteen Restaurant:

A candle-light dinner with a romantic background music, what else is required to propose your love with a diamond engagement ring? Chicago’s Sixteen Restaurant can provide this ambiance for you in the most romantic way that you may never have expected. The roof-top restaurant is located in the community area of Chicago. Along with dining, this skyscraper offers a spectacular eye-catching view of the city’s urban landscape that includes, the Lake Michigan, Chicago River, and the Wrigley Building clock tower. If you are planning to propose your love during summer, you can also get to admire the beauty of the seasonal semi-weekly fireworks that is displayed over the lake from Navy Pier.

3. North Avenue Beach:

Are you looking for a beachside ambiance, to put your million dollar question? If yes, then North Avenue Beach of Chicago can be the most romantic spot. It is said to be the most significant beach, positioned at the Lincoln Park running from North Avenue to Diversey Harbor. But what makes it much more romantic? The beach standing at 1600 north, provides a city skyline view to the west along with beachfront view of the Lake Michigan located at the east. How can you make it ‘the best’? Hold her hand, walk along the beach, wait for the sunset and kneel down to put your proposal.

4. London House Cupola:

LondonHouse Cupola is a luxury lifestyle hotel positioned along the riverfront offers a romantic fairytale combination. This includes an arrangement of a romantic cupola for one hour where a host escort the couple to the cupola that is 23 stories up, a bottle of Dom Perignon, a flower petal walkway into the private space, and a private dining room arranged in the hotel itself. Isn’t it enough to spend a romantic evening with your girlfriend? In fact, we would say it can be one of the trendiest spots to propose her, that we have discussed yet.

5. Shedd Aquarium:

Looking for the best date destination? Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is considered to be one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world. Now, how this can turn to be romantic, is the matter to know. The house of 3200 fish offers a visually and architecturally beautiful spot, where you can plan for a romantic afternoon with your beloved, exploring the beauty hand-in-hand. Doesn’t it seem like a romantic fairy tale? It can be further romantic if you end up your day by proposing her with a diamond ring, in this aquatic environment of Chicago.

6. Grant Park:

Yet another water theme for proposing can be the Buckingham Fountain located in the middle of Grand Park of Chicago. It is one of the largest fountains in the world, possessing a 319 acre greenspace known as “Chicago’s front yard”. Proposing your beloved with the captivating fountain in the background, have you ever thought that? However, if you are deciding to have this kind of approach during mid-October to March, then we are quite unfortunate to say that at this point of time the fountain remains decorated with glamorous holiday lights, but the water flow is resisted.

7. Magnificent Mile:

The Magnificent Mile of Chicago, is known for its shopping destination, running from the Chicago River to Oak Street in the Near North Side. You may wonder, how a business district can turn to be the most romantic place. This can be possible if you think otherwise. At each and every step of the Magnificient Mile you can be the witness of upscale restaurants, historical landmarks, or luxury hotels along with branded boutiques and departmental stores. What you can do is – take your girlfriend or your bride-to-be for shopping, and then surprise her with a proposal. This sounds crazy, but believe us this unexpected proposing location can be the most extraordinary and memorable moment for her, allowing the crowd to be the witness of your love.

Hope you have already decided which can be the perfect proposing spot for you. That’s great. But are you going to propose her with a simple red rose? Obviously not. So, it is the time to get ready with a diamond engagement ring. Isn’t it? So, have you already purchased? If not, then Chicago’s Historic Jewelers Row can help you with a variety of diamond collection.

Custom-made diamond or a ready-made one, which one will you prefer? If confused know why people are replacing the idea of buying ready-made diamonds with the custom-made diamonds and make your desirable flexible purchase in this Diamond district.

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How To Buy Lab-Created Diamonds In Chicago

By Seo Team | May 12, 2018 | Tag: Diamonds from Chicago

Are you hunting for something special to gift your love? Then you should look for diamonds. But why diamonds? Because diamonds act as the symbol of love, extensive care and commitment. They might be expensive but definitely not a worthless investment. Now the question is, from where to buy diamonds? Diamonds and Chicago has an adorable relationship. When it comes to diamonds, Chicago has to be the priority and vice versa. But why? To know why we refer Chicago to buy diamonds, just click on the said link and go through our blog.

So are you ready to buy diamonds from Chicago? That is a brilliant decision. Chicago has a wonderful collection of diamonds at a less expensive rate. But that doesn’t mean you can rely on every jeweler to make your desire. There are certain measures you need to follow so as to buy diamonds in Chicago. Don’t panic. It’s not as difficult as you are thinking. In this blog, we will try to help you out by sharing with you the obvious measures.

1. Research on Jeweler:

No matter whether you are buying diamonds from Chicago, or any other place, you have to check out the details of the jewelers at the initial stage, before trusting on them. Now when the question comes to Chicago, then you have to be furthermore aware of this point. But why? Is this because a majority of the jewelers are fraud? Well, that is not the case. Chicago’s Historic Jewelers Row is the residence of multiple numbers of jewelers ranging from branded traders to local small wholesalers. For example, the Maller’s Building at the Jewelers Center is comprised of 190 jewelers from 33 different countries. So if you straight away visit there, you will only be in trouble. Therefore, it is better to summarize which diamond stores you need to visit and which can be avoided.

2. Save money using lab-created diamonds:

Have you heard of lab-grown New Dawn diamonds? These are the lab-created diamonds that are formed under CVD or HPHT process in the laboratory and thus possess the identical characteristics of a real mined diamond. What if you get diamonds at a wholesale rate? These diamonds are formed in a huge mass, and so can be easily purchased at a pocket-friendly rate. Everyone wants to save their pocket for future investment, including you. Thus we will recommend, look for lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds and bring a diamond smile on her face.

3. Look for certified diamonds:

In the previous option, we have asked you to spend less and buy lab-created diamonds. But how will you trust them? For this, it is mandatory to get a GIA lab certificate for those diamonds from the specified jewelers. Yes, every lab-grown diamonds are lab certified, thus giving you the guaranty that these diamonds though created in the labs but retains the same physical characteristics as well as chemical composition.

4. Ask for Personal Assistance:

Diamonds in Chicago are plenty and their creations are breathtaking. Natural diamonds are normally colourless, but these lab-grown diamonds have different varieties of shades and shapes. With time you may become confused what to buy and what not. For this, you should look for those jewelers who can serve you with personal assistance. He will not only pick up the best for you from the selection, but also if you want to go for custom-made diamond jewelry, he will assist you to create the best one for your love.

5. Undergo certain tests:

There are plenty of duplicate diamonds available in the market, that looks identical to the mined diamonds. To make sure what you are purchasing you should perform some tests to detect real diamond from the fake stones. The tests may include dot test, reflective test, fog test and so on. Are you interested to know about these in details? If so, then go through our article on Diamond tests: Fake or Real and gain some knowledge.

6. Look for free valet parking:

While scrolling down this point you may feel, how parking facility can be related to diamonds’ purchase. Don’t be surprised. Since we are talking about the posh area of Historic Jewelers Row to purchase diamonds, it is indeed necessary to keep an eye on this point. Why so? While searching for jewelers in this area, you may find it difficult as well as expensive to park your car there and get your desired diamond. But if you browse carefully, you will discover some diamond stores who provide an exclusive facility of free valet parking. Check in these stores. This as a result, will make your shopping hassle-free and you can purchase your diamond in a relaxed mood.

Hope now this is clear to you what are the things you have to keep in mind while buying diamonds in Chicago. So what are waiting for? Move down to the Historic Jewelers Row, Chicago and be the witness of such an exclusive collection of diamonds, but make sure you are having quite a knowledge of diamonds. Otherwise, you can’t help yourself being cheated by some fraud jewelers.

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