Stackable Rings – A New Dimension To Your Love

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Solitaires and three-stone rings are often the centers of attraction of the buyers. But have you ever swap out these with the adorable stackable rings? Stackable Rings have created a new dimension of love in this era. With its spectacular essence, it has never ceased to surprise the buyers. The Diamond District in Chicago offers tons of mesmerizing selections on this categories. But what are they? Any idea?


What are Stackable Rings?

Stackable rings are the rings that can be easily worn with any other rings. The word ‘stackable’ defines that are genuinely worn in combinations of three or more. Isn’t it interesting? Such a ring allows the wearer to create multiple combinations and try out one at a time.

Browsing the array of creations, you will be crazy to find that such a stacking ring collection is the ultimate in personal life as well as for versatility. Excited to wear one of the versatile combinations? You have the liability to mix any styles, metals, precious gemstones, and even custom designed pieces as per your desire. Your style may encounter multiple changes throughout your lifetime, and I guess you don’t have any other flexible rings like this. Isn’t so?



Stacking rings can be classified into three basic categories such as classic, modern, or combination of both. Yet they can even be created on any combination that you desire for. There is no bound for that. While surfing history, it is found that these rings or bands were initially found in ancient Egypt. The rings were featured with a variety of precious and decorative metals in the form of armbands or rings. Even the Greeks and Romans embraced this jewelry and they are often used as a highly personal representation of the owners.

Well, stackable rings in today’s date are no exception. An assortment of materials along with traditional jewelry making techniques, personalized with custom designs conjointly create a standout ring.

A stackable ring put more attention to its detailing, whether it is the design, style, or metal. In a whole, the craftsmen never leave any stone unturned to make it an exceptional one. Do you wanna design your own stacks? You are always welcome for that. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are the basic metals used to create the band of stacking ring. Variations in color and textures coupled with precious gemstones are always encouraged and appreciated as they together offer an enthralling look to its treasure.

Now the question is – what type of gemstones will suit your stacking ring? Options are many. But among them, diamond stacking rings, sapphire stacking rings, and ruby stacking rings are the most durable and most popular undertakings. Well, that doesn’t mean it will be a mislead if you try out other gemstones. Unlike these harder lifeline gemstones, softer gemstones can definitely be worn but they are susceptible to damage is used daily. Regardless of the gemstones or birthstones delicately studded on your ring, each of them offers intense glory. Further creating a gemstone studded stack let you create an ultimate illusion of one ring.

Well, reaching the conclusion, styles of stackable rings no matter what stones you put on have evolved a lot over centuries. Especially, if you turn the pages of last few years you may discover that an assortment of creations using computer-aided design and 3D printing have taken over the traditional time-consuming procedures. Recently, CAD/CAM creation has dominated almost 90% of the art jewelry design in the world. This ability to draw and illustrate ideas and thoughts in a photo-realistic manner has additionally metamorphosed the correspondence procedure of creation, custom jewelry in particular.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s a high time to gift something special, something spectacular, something that your partner will never forget? Whether it is a marquise diamond ring or a stacking ring, move to the diamond district in Chicago and Diamonds Inc, in particular. Here you will find an endless collection of stacking ring in multiple ranges.

Significance Of Historic Jewelers Row In Chicago

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If you are visiting Chicago, Historic Jewelers Row should definitely be your places to visit. Why? Because Historic Jewelers Row in Chicago is a community, not only famous for its social and economical history but also famous for trade of jewelleries with amazing foot fall. These jewelleries have self-made elegant designs and patterns. It is a historic as well as a shopping district in loop community area of Chicago, situated in Wabash Avenue running between East Washington Street and East Monroe Street.

Historic Jewelers Row in Chicago holds different group of buildings. These buildings have their importance in the evolution of Chicago commercial architecture. The district is comprised of Post-Chicago Fire Loft manufacturing buildings, Chicago School Loft manufacturing, commercial buildings, early twentieth century skyscrapers, and Art Deco-style commercial buildings. The architecture of these buildings are planned by efficient Chicago architects: John Mills Van Osdel, Hill and Woltersdorf, Adler and Sullivan, D.H. Burnham and Co., Holabrid and Roche, Alfred Alschuler, Christian Eckstorm and Graham Anderson, and Probst and White. This loop area in Chicago basically holds the historical buildings, Millenium Park, World class shopping and Museums.


At present, the historic Jewelers Row in Chicago is recognized as jeweler’s hub. On 9th July 2003, this district was cognominated as a Chicago Landmark. If you go through the history of the Jewelers Row, you will find that right from the year 1872, the Jewelers Row started to gain its fame and now it has become the heart of Chicago’s center for manufacturing of diamond jeweleries and watches and as well as repairing them. In the year 1912, with the contribution of artists,manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers, twenty-one storied Mallers Building at 5 South Wabash became significant. It is comprised of 12 iconic steel Jeweler’s Row makers as well as 215 jewelers or more in both ground floor storefronts and upper floor offices. After the World War II, two most important companies emerged in Chicago. They were Sherman Tucker and M.Y. Finkelman. Marshall, the son of Finkelman brought international fame to the jewellery trade thus establishing the Jeweler’s Center in late 1980’s.

Jewellery Stores which we recommend to check out for shopping can be the following ones. The JEWELER’S CENTER at Wabash Mall have more than 190 jewelers representing 33 countries. Their services are as distinctive as their jewelleries. The Diamonds Inc. is situated within the Jeweler’s Center uses the life guaranteed, dazzling natural diamonds in decking up the ornaments. Even the LUO M JEWELERS specialised in customized jewelleries .

You can also discover different Gem Stones and dazzling watches in these stores along with the jewellery repairing services.

But how to get there? There are plenty of metro stations which you can easily avail to reach Jewelers’ Row:

1. Brown, Orange, Green, Purple and Pink Lines: Adams/Wabash or Randolph/Wabash stations
2. Red Line: Monroe Station Stops at S Slate/Monroe
3. Blue Line: Monroe Blue stops at S Dearborn/Monroe

View of Jewelers_Row_Diamonds Inc

Apart from Metro service you can also go there by car if you want. But Parking in Chicago, is something you must be wondering what to do. You can go through some Parking tips in general. But the Jewelery Row provides paid parking services in the loop area. In General the hourly parking rate ranges from $6.50 in the loop area. Parking options include:

1. SP Plus @55 Monroe (Wabash & Monroe)
2. Inter Park at 17 E Adams (Adams & Wabash)
3. Inter Park at 20 E Randolph (Randolph & Wabash)

Due to the amazing significance of the Historic Jewelers Row in Chicago, this place is gathering a lot of fame. Thus we recommend you that if you get an opportunity to travel to Chicago, you must keep in mind that you should visit this landmark. It can be a window shopping, doesn’t matter, but you will get to know not only about the history of this place but also about the dazzling natural diamonds and gemstones.