Why we refer you to buy diamonds from Chicago

By Seo Team | April 11, 2018 | Tag: custom-made diamonds

Are you looking for diamonds to gift your love on a special day? Is it that you are getting married or it is your anniversary? Whatever it may be, the person is really lucky enough to have you, we might say. Every girl wants to get something special and extraordinary from her partner and if it comes in terms of a diamond, then believe us it will really make her day.

So from where you have decided to buy your diamonds, for your diamond?

If this question is confusing you, then just give your confusion a break! Because in this blog we will talk about such a destination, from where you can get your best diamond piece for your partner. We are talking about Chicago and its Diamond district, Historic Jewelers Row. If you ask us, then we will say, nothing can be better than Chicago. Do you know why? Let us discuss this with you in details.

1. Costs:

Whenever you think of purchasing something expensive, you always visualize its cost first. Right? Costing factor really matters. And when it comes to the diamond you think twice. We have seen most of you stepping backward, just because you can’t afford to buy a diamond and end up giving a moissanite ring, which starts revealing its original look after few days. But this will not be the situation if you decide to buy diamonds from Chicago. Yes, you don’t have to give duplicate diamonds just to make her happy. The Historic Jewelers Row in Chicago doesn’t let you this happen. It is their specialty that they trade and manufacture diamonds at a wholesale rate and keep their customer happy. Won’t you want to be one of their happy customers? Then just move down to the loop community area and step into the Jewelers Center there.

Cost for your diamond | Diamonds717

2. Multiple Choice:

You may have faced a situation, where you have two choose between two-three collections of diamonds. It becomes really tough to select from the ones which your heart doesn’t permit. But without any other option, you go for it. This will not be the case if you step into the Diamond district of Chicago. There is no shortage here. Neither of diamonds nor of jewelers. In fact, the Jewelers Row is named due to the home of hundreds of jewelers. The Jewelers Center in Wabash Mall is comprised of 190 jewelers of 33 different countries. Isn’t it enough to buy a single diamond?


3. Eco-friendly diamonds:

After reading this much, you may have appeased your heart to buy diamonds from Chicago. But your mind is still not responding. Why is it? Because you are thinking how this can be possible that such an expensive stone is sold at such a low price rate. Yes, this is not impractical. Chicago jewelers avoid to sell real mined diamonds as they disturb a huge amount of earth. To save the mother earth, the gemologists have brought out a massive creation: lab-created diamonds or popularly known as New Dawn diamonds. These diamonds are made in the laboratory under HPHT or CVD process. To know more check out our blog where we will discuss how these synthetic diamonds are created. No doubt, they are completely different from diamond stimulants and are 100% identical to real diamonds. If you are having any doubt you can check why people are liking New Dawn Diamonds.

4. Quality certified diamonds:

Now the question comes to trust. Yes, we believe trusting something easily is really hard. But what if you get an authentic certificate of trust? Since the diamonds in Chicago are all manufactured in the laboratory, they are certified from GIA labs. The certificate indicates that except their origin, they are identical to the mined diamonds in all respect. Whether it is according to physical properties or chemical composition. It is the duty of every jeweler to present the certificate of authentication to every customer while their purchasing. And if they miss it, it is your responsibility to ask for that along while buying your product.

GIA certified diamonds Inc

5. Personal assistance:

Now, Chicago’s diamond district and their engrossing collection can make you confuse. There may be a situation, when you can’t make out what exactly you want from the store, which product will bring out a smile in her face, or what can be the best diamond among the thousands. To bring you out from such situation, the jewelers of Chicago provide you with personal assistance. They will treat you personally and help you out to get the best product from the store. You just need to be aware of the quality of diamonds. Know about the ways how to detect true diamonds from the fake one before purchasing, so that no one can cheat on you.

Personal Assistance for your diamond ring | Diamonds717

6. Custom-made diamonds:

Now this is something unique. Along with the variety of designs and patterns, if you still not get your desired diamond (though this is next to impossible), Chicago jewelers give you an option to create your own diamond product. In another way, if you want to gift your love something unique and exceptional, then this can be an ideal option that you may think of. Custom-made diamonds can act as a media to convey your love through the dazzling stone and along with this speak out about your hidden talent. Check out this to know what makes custom-made engagement rings so popular among the buyers.

Computer aided design creation of jewelry - Diamonds Inc (CAD Design)

Hey, Guys don’t forget about Parking. You all know that here, parking is very expensive. That is why people prefer using public transport rather than their own car. But taking your partner to choose the wedding ring or engagement ring in a public transport will be quite unpleasant. So don’t think about that parking will be an expense. Some jewelers like us provide free 2 hours valet parking to the nearest lane just for creating a better customer relationship. Book your appointment and avail the Parking voucher for this perquisite.

Hope now you have understood, why we were referring you Chicago, to buy diamonds. So don’t be late. If you are residing there, then you are a lucky one having diamonds surrounding you. But if you are staying at a distance, just fly to Chicago and check out its beauty.

Guide to buy a custom-made wedding ring | Diamond jewelry

By Seo Team | April 9, 2018 | Tag: custom-made diamonds

You have visited multiple stores and won’t find a single piece to gift your love on your wedding. Is it the situation you are facing right now? If so, then not to worry. You still have an option left. Surprised? Yes, we are talking about custom-made diamonds. In fact, it can be the best replacement for your ready-made diamond. Have you ever bought any custom-made diamonds before? If not, don’t worry we will guide you on this. Follow this blog, to know how you can buy custom-made wedding ring from the store.

We will give you 7 general tips so that you can buy the best custom-made wedding ring from the collection.

1. Take enough time before ordering:

As you are creating your diamond ring, you should have a handful of time. custom-made jewelry takes time and the work goes on a process. First, you need to consult the designer, the designer creates the sketch based on your idea, you choose the diamond type and shape, he makes a raw mold of your ring, review it, and finally get your ring done. This overall time truly depends on how much the creator is experienced. If you need to get your diamond wedding ring in few days, then you must check it out the professionals available in the market, who can bring down your thoughts and ideas within few days. So we will recommend you to start early get your exact design done to perfection.

2. A reputable jeweler:

To buy a perfect jewelry what you need is a perfect jeweler. There are several diamond jewelers in the market ranging from top to small traders. Some are genuine and some are fake. You may come across some traders that sell diamond stimulants in the name of real diamonds. So make sure the jeweler is creating your wedding ring with certified diamonds. For this, just have a research on the reputable jewelers over the web or ask your family members or relatives or friends if they know any.

3. Choosing a Diamond:

Before moving on to the shape and style of a diamond, you need to look for the 4 C’s of a diamond. Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity are the main four characteristics that make a diamond a real one. After you are ensured about its quality, you should look forward to a diamond that is within your budget. Often people like to purchase round brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds are known for its brightness and fire and thus are too expensive than others. If you think you can afford it, then you are always welcome to go for it. Otherwise, drop the plan and think of something else. Cushion cut, heart-shaped, emerald cut diamonds are less expensive compared to the round cut diamonds. Choosing a perfect diamond wedding ring is very necessary. Know deeply about the cuts of the diamond you are choosing and its significance to your life. Once your design is done, the value of the ring will depend on the diamond you choose.

Choosing your diamond from Diamonds Inc

4. Buy certified diamonds:

What happens if the diamond you have chosen is a fake one? All your money will be in a drain. That is why it is necessary for you to keep an eye on the quality of diamond the jeweler is providing you. You must be knowing, real mined diamonds are quite expensive and rare to find in nature. So as its substitute, New Dawn Diamonds or Lab Created diamonds are grown in the gems lab. Hope you have also decided to purchase these diamonds and save your Earth. If not, you should. These are not duplicate diamonds and possess all characteristics of a real diamond. So we will recommend you to go for such pocket-friendly diamonds. To know whether the stone is genuine or not, the jewelers are meant to provide GIA certificate along with these diamonds. You may also perform different diamond tests to detect whether it is a fake stone or a true diamond.

GIA certified diamonds Inc

5. Diamond Settings:

The jeweler will try to pressurize you for the high rated diamond settings. But you should be confident enough to choose the best but less expensive diamond settings. A custom-made wedding ring can cost more if you can’t tackle all these. Do you know what are the different diamond settings that you can put on? If not then check out that first on our blog, different diamond settings and decide yours.

Cleaning and checking of diamonds and jewelry

6. Design your ring:

Imagine how will the wedding ring look like, when she will be wearing it on her finger. Show your creativity and express your hidden talent. This is the best way to express your feelings through a ring. With your whole heart, design the mixture of your imagination and her preference and create your art. If you feel uncomfortable to create the design yourself, you can go to the jewelry designer or just book an appointment with any jewelry designer, or come to us and we will create your vision and dreams and show you how it will reflect. A pencil sketch something like this and then create the CAD design too.

custom made design for you by diamonds inc chicago

7. Know how to lower your budget:

While creating something extravagant, you should not forget your estimate. Most of you will say, customizing wedding ring will raise your budget. But this conception is totally wrong. The price of a custom-made wedding ring truly depends on the ring metal, the diamond type, and the overall design. If you choose them deliberately, then no one can resist you to buy such ring at an affordable rate.

Gifting a custom-made diamond ring will not only be priceless to her, but it will also give you a platform to design your talent and bring out your creativity. Hope these tips will help you out to buy a customized ring for your love and make her wedding night quite special. Don’t think much. If you still have 7 days in your hand, you can look for such jewelers who promise their clients to deliver their respective product in 3 days. Rather you can also contact your known jeweler, from where you have already bought diamonds before. This will have two advantage. One you can easily request them to create your ring on time and ask them to lower the cost.

Cost of a diamond ring really matters. What if you can’t give a diamond to her? Is this will create differences in your wedding life? Read the blog how different alternatives can be the substitute for your diamond ring and decide what you should choose.