Check Out Our 2019 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

By Seo Team | February 19, 2019 | Category: Diamonds

Diamond engagement rings are in popularity for thousands of years. They used to define these rings as the symbol of love and commitment and even now, these rings possess the same significance and meaning. Are you planning to customize a diamond engagement ring from Chicago? For that, you need to know about the latest designs and styles that are launched in the market.

Diamonds never get backdated. But the designs and styles that are crafted to add beauty and luster to the diamond pieces always change with time. And the only way to learn about the new addition is to explore the galleries.

Based on the survey, here we have listed down some latest engagement ring trends that are going to create a buzz in 2019.

1. Fancy Shaped Diamonds: Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring? Whenever it comes to an engagement ring, it is the traditional round brilliant diamond solitaire ring that strikes our mind. Isn’t it? However, 2019 has come with non-round or fancy shaped diamonds. Oval and pear-shaped diamond shapes were in the limelight in the previous year and you must have expected the same. But surprisingly, this year is all about the fancy cuts like cushion cut or radiant cut diamonds.

2. Halo Diamond Rings: Halo diamond engagement rings of Chicago were in the high flame in the past few years. However, owing to their elegant and marvellous texture and appearance, these are again in trend. The speciality of these diamonds is they appear large when stacked as the center of the diamond ring. Many couples crave for this distinct and delicate accent.

3. Contemporary Take on Three-Stone Rings: Three stone rings have a lot more to seek the attention of the viewers. It is being said, that the three stones feature the couple’s past, present and future, where the center gem is accented by two diamonds or other other gemstones on either side. Such a contemporary look adds a distinct perfection to the timeless treasure. If you want, you may incorporate them with fancy-shaped diamonds or unique accent gemstones like baguettes, trillions, pears, etc.

4. Yellow Gold Rings: Till now, platinum or white gold metals are preferred with diamonds to give a lusturous and signified look to the ornament. This year people are ready to shop something new. Yellow gold engagement rings with accented diamonds that were once faded, are again in trend. Diamonds or other fancy colored gemstones are inserted to complement this ring, thus offering a bit vintage, classic and modern style.

5. Stacked rings: Among the other selecting styles, stacked rings are pretty famous. Whether it is for an engagement purpose or any other special occasion, couples are now preferring to customize rings stacked with diamonds. These basically resemble wedding band – a bit traditional, a bit modern, overall providing a timeless classic look.

Above all, lab-grown diamonds or new dawn diamonds are highly appreciated by most of the buyers. Nowadays, buyers are more budget conscious. They look for amazing yet economical stuff and that is the reason why the new dawn diamonds are being highlighted. These diamonds are stated “eco-friendly” as they won’t disturb a single shovelful of the earth while the creation. Although being lab-created, they are formed under the HPDT or CVD process, thus ensuring the same identical properties of a real mined diamond. In fact, if you compare them gracefully, these diamonds are more sustainable than organic diamonds and are more elegant and fire.

Confused, whether to go with these? Oh! Come on. These may be lab-created, but are authentic GIA certified diamonds, that gives you the assurance that they are not duplicate and you can rely on for your purchase.

Are you heading to customize an engagement ring from Chicago’s leading diamond outlet? In that case, Diamonds Inc may serve you the best to a great extent. They do not just offer wide diamond creations, but even allow the clients to customize their products, at a reasonable rate.

What are the Diamond Items for Men that Can Be Gifted this Valentine?

By Seo Team | February 5, 2019 | Category: Diamonds

If women can enjoy the shine of dazzling diamonds, then why not the men? Diamonds are for all. There is no discrimination, no confinement for men. Not just that, like women, men are even fond of such sparkling gemstones and they don’t wait for anyone’s approval to put on such an exclusive jewelry. They can easily wear diamonds as their accessories and pair them with their outfits. This Valentine, why don’t you surprise your love with such exclusive gift? Just gain some knowledge on diamond characteristics, and look for a retail store to purchase true diamonds.

It is a wrong concept, that an assorted variety of diamond items are only for the women. Men are devoid of it. Whoa! Men do have a wide range of products. Let us find out what they are. What the different diamond products are that are specially meant for men, that can be gifted on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

1. Diamond Watches: Diamond watches leave no space to highlight the beauty of a man. Yes, of course, man does have his own beauty that enhances when a diamond is paired with the accessories. Such a bold and appreciable diamond gift is a diamond watch, that you easily present him without any hesitation. A high-quality watch not only defines his status but is the core of a man’s accessory. Watches can be worn any day, any time, and any situation, this is considered one of the most popular gifts for men. It doesn’t matter whether he is a teacher, an engineer, businessman, or holds any other posts, he will truly appreciate a diamond watch. This is not only valuable and beneficial but can also be something that he can wear with pride.

2. Diamond Rings: Gifting a special gift to a special person is not that easy as you think. You really need to put some efforts to build an impact. If you are looking for such an active, but special gift then a diamond ring will add glamour to your gift. A diamond ring can be of multiple types and styles. Stores like Diamonds Inc offer a wide assortment of engagement rings, wedding bands and so on. Why don’t you travel and buy diamond jewelry from Chicago? Men often have a love for simple and classy designs. Therefore, maintain his preference rather than choosing yours.3. Diamond Bracelets or Chain: There are many guys who love to wear bracelets or chain. If you know your partner’s choice, then gifting a diamond chain or a diamond bracelet can be a wonderful option too. Well, check this out before presenting this. This may be something out of the norm, but certainly would be the most eye-catching gift that a lady has ever gifted her man.

Besides these, you can even go for diamond cufflinks. Stop buying shirts and t-shirts for men. They are quite common and doesn’t need any occasion to gift your partner. Then what’s the alternative? Apart from a shirt, look for cufflinks. Add a stylish and starring diamond cufflinks on a shirt featured with French cuffs and just get the view. Don’t you think, it’s a great way to surprise your partner.

It is prior tendency that we often associate diamonds with women. You may call it a tradition or a use-to habit. But reading through this blog, you must have discovered the fact that diamonds can be a special and unique gift for men too. They are not just for women. Instead of giftng normal and common gifts for men like wallets, bags, belts, etc.or boring accessories that remain hanging in his closet, you can surprise your man with a diamond watch, a diamond engagement ring or a diamond cufflink. Presenting diamond jewelries for men on a special occasion like Valentine is a distinct way to let him know how much you love and appreciate his presence. Such a gift is not just for his use, it holds memories that remain intact forever.

Buy diamond jewelry from Chicago at an affordable rate and awe your love.

Perfect Guidelines to Purchase a Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring this Valentine

By Seo Team | January 31, 2019 | Category: Diamonds

Are you planning to gift something different this Valentine? Then a heart-shaped diamond ring can be the best way to surprise your partner.

The heart as we all know is the symbol of love, passion, and romance. That is the reason why, when it comes to diamond, couples often prefer to choose a heart-shaped diamond ring to symbolize their emotion. In fact, custom made weddings rings in Chicago are frequently made with these romantic diamonds.

Are you planning to gift something adorable to your love? Then obviously, a heart-shaped diamond will be the best. Moreover, these diamonds are easy to access and solve the true unique purpose.

Although there are assorted varieties of diamond shapes available in the market, heart-shaped diamonds have become the statement shape among the lovers. It may be the modern trendy cut, but the shape has been in popularity for a long time.

If you scroll down the history, a heart-shaped diamond was presented by Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth. However, this type of cut was initially originated around the early 1900s.

Heart-shaped diamonds hold 56 to 59 facets, thus producing a brilliant dazzling sparkle. The more are the facets, the more is the light performance. Hence, a well-cut diamond is definitely a joy to behold and a unique piece to find. But how? There are many poorly cut stones on the market that are often confused with the authentic ones.

In order to help you out in this, here we have given some tips that you need to grasp.

1. Symmetry: The perfection or the specialty of a heart-shaped diamond lies in its symmetry. Perfect symmetry is defined with each side being a mirror image to the other. If the shape is not up to the mark or there lies a slight defect into the shape, the stone fails to achieve the beauty. After all the beauty of the stone lies in its perfection. Hence, it is required to maintain the symmetry in the stone where each half is exactly alike in size and shape.


To be a bit clear with our idea – the heart should have a clear cleft amidst the two sides simultaneously, the wing should be delicately rounded. So, don’t be blind. Look carefully before making your desirable purchase.

2. Length to Width Ratio Matters: While planning for a custom made wedding ring in Chicago, you must even take care of the length to width ratio. For a hear-shaped diamond, L-to-W ratio is 1.00. According to the diamond chart, anything beyond 1.05 ratio looks narrow and elongated and anything under 0.95 appears wider. If you go for drop earrings or pendants, narrow cuts look alluring. But if you plan for a solitaire ring, wider cut seeks the attention. Though heart-shaped diamond has a perfect ratio, it is absolutely your personal preference to choose the length to width ratio.


3. Size of the diamond: If you are choosing heart-shaped diamonds, it is better to pick up small stones. But make sure, it is neither too small, nor too large. The best carat size that you may stick to is 0.50 and above.

4. Bow-tie effect: What is a bow-tie effect? Bow-tie effect occurs owing to poor cutting and misaligned facets. This allows the light rays to pass through the diamond to create shadows within the stone. Thus darkening the areas on the surface of the diamond. If you look minutely, most heart-shaped diamonds are naive to having bow ties, but these can either be severe or unnoticeable. While choosing a stone, make sure your diamond has a better light performance. Look at the darkened areas initially. Unfortunately, the grading report will never provide this information. You have to be particular with your stone.


5. Color and Clarity Grading: Chicago diamonds are mostly lab-created but above all, they are certified by GIA labs that make them authentic. According to the GIA certificate, these diamonds are graded according to their quality. Heart shaped diamonds are said to retain color and show shades in the stone. That is the primitive reason for their popularity compared to other gemstones or colored diamonds. Are you bothered about your budget? Choose a diamond that resides within the colorless grade (D-E-F). Such a warm tone in your diamond piece will not leave any space to adore your beauty.

Color grade, however, depends on the setting of the jewelry. Suppose, your custom-made wedding ring is created on a yellow or rose gold metal, then the diamond color will be drop down to J. On the other hand, if the diamond is placed on platinum or white gold metal, the ring looks undistinguishable.

Similarly, you need to be focused on your clarity grading as well. Heart-shaped diamonds do contain flaws, owing to their facets structure and clear table. If the diamond is clean, it really doesn’t matter what grade you choose. Scroll your eyes down the clarity scale and choose the best, so as to get the best value for your money.

Now if you are likely to choose larger stones, it is better to make your decision between Flawless to Very Very Slightly Included 2(VVS2). These show inclusions more effortlessly.

6. Diamond Setting: The heart-shaped diamond is no doubt a trendy and statement diamond cut that leaves no space to seek the attention of the audience. But to make it more perfect it is better to choose a perfect diamond setting. 3 prong setting works the best for diamonds that are smaller in size. But if you are talking about, larger diamonds, 5 prong setting serves the best security.

Beyond these, it is all about your budget. Yeah, we agree diamonds are expensive if compared to other gemstones. And when it comes to heart-shaped diamonds they are quite similar to round brilliant cut diamonds and thus are not so pocket-friendly due to their delicate cuts and facets.

Looking for affordable heart-shade diamonds to have custom made wedding ring in Chicago? Why don’t you check in to the Diamonds Inc, the leading wholesale retailer of the Diamond District? You can access a wide assortment of creations here.

Why People Find Lightweight Diamond Jewelry More Comfortable?

By Seo Team | December 19, 2018 | Category: Diamonds

The demand for diamond jewelry is changing with time. Now, people are more inclined to wear diamond jewelry that is lightweight in nature. What can be the reason behind this change in mindset? Now, people are not comfortable in wearing jewelry items that are heavy in nature as they feel stocked. Giving up on jewelry is not an option, as everyone desire to appear glamorous and beautiful. So, what modern people are doing nowadays is, they are opting for jewelry items that are light in nature. This is an intelligent step as it serves both the purposes simultaneously. The modern trend stays far away from aspects that seem to be overdone. Today, style is more about comfort and creative innovations. This shows in the changing jewelry trend too.

When you visit a top diamond jewelry store in Chicago, the engagement rings present there will mesmerize you and you will find many such magnificent items that show class and elegance in a subtle yet expressive way. They will most likely be lightweight things as comfort is one of the top factors that jewelers consider while turning their ideas into reality.

This generation loves to enjoy more than just showing off how wealthy or classy they are. This is one major mindset difference that has led to this change in trend. Take yourself for instance. Imagine you are at a party or having a quality time with your family, will you like to carry the burden of heavyweight jewelry all along?

Or would you rather go for something that displays both style and elegance yet are light in nature, allowing you to not be concerned about them being a burden?


Why lightweight jewelry won’t affect your style quotient?

The truth is that lightweight jewelry has become an integral part of our lives. People who love to wear jewelry need not be worried about maintaining their style as most modern jewelers work exclusively towards giving their customers the best of experience along with a stunning design and style.

The main idea behind this is designing intricate and artistic jewelry pieces that are not heavy to wear. Let’s check out different ways by which you can manage to remain stylish without compromising on your comfort.

Variations in style

It is a common misconception that lightweight jewelry is not stylish in nature and you will not look good. People must come out of this and embrace the reality. Old-age conventions and norms have always restricted people in working out innovative ways.

Diamonds Jewelry

Any good design or pattern that comes with heavy pieces of jewelry can be molded into the lightweight ones too. Therefore, you are not compromising anything. Rather, you are opting for a comfortable jewelry experience. You will get stunning lightweight customized jewelry in Chicago.

Even the most classy metal like Gold can be used in lightweight pieces of jewelry. So, why go for the heavy ones, in the first place itself?

Versatility in the choice of accessories

This generation firmly believes in versatility. I am sure you will agree with this. With lightweight diamond jewelry, you can expect versatility from them. Are you wondering in what sense? Do you like to possess a bunch of jewelry, that you can wear both in your office and at home, equivalently?

Diamonds Earrings

This is what I am talking about. You can’t wear heavyweight jewelry and expect to be at the office the whole day. Neither can you wear them at home, as you will not be able to live comfortably. So, will you buy different pieces of jewelry for different situations? Or will you love to have those around that will suit you everywhere?


Lightweight diamond jewelry is a boon to people. Embrace their utility and live your life stylishly!


Beauty of Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

By Seo Team | November 28, 2018 | Category: Diamonds

Again one of the greatest treasures of the Art Deco Era is the Baguette Cut Diamonds. A baguette cut diamond is basically a step cut diamond that is dressed up in long, rectangular, elongated shapes, offering exceptional clarity. The name “Baguette” has been derived from its cutting that resembles a French bread stick or a baguette. Such a cut accentuates the diamond luster, portraits its whiteness, and clarity. Are you likely to build your diamond engagement ring using baguette cut diamond? You must have a distilled clear idea on the diamond crystal.

Characteristics of Baguette cut lab-grown diamond.

1.Shape: As said earlier, baguette cut diamonds are featured with long, rectangular contour with octagonal corners. Its bold shape coupled with straight lines and step characteristics conjointly offers the beauty to the baguette.

2.Facets: Baguettes are normally featured with 14 facets. However, they can even possess 24 facets coupled with parallel ones that arranged in a way resembling a terrace. These facets together excel the diamond luster, depleting its brilliance if compared to the other diamond cuts.

3.Brilliance: Coming to the brilliance, a baguette is nothing if compared to the round brilliant cut diamond. Well, that doesn’t imply you will encounter a huge loss if you aim for customizing a baguette diamond engagement ring. Brilliance may be less, but you will surely not be devoid of it. Therefore, it is always recommended that while shopping for these diamonds you should go for the colorless grade to attain its extremity.

4.Clarity: No matter whether it is a lab-grown diamond or natural diamond since the baguette diamonds possess inadequate brilliance, they even lack clarity. Inclusions and flaws are strongly visible in these diamonds. Thus adding a negative aspect to this dazzling step cut diamond.

Baguette diamonds are basically classified into two categories – straight baguettes and tapered baguettes.

Straight Baguettes– These step cut diamonds are extremely straight and rectangular featured with opposing sides being perpendicular to each other.

Tapered Baguettes– As these step cut diamonds dwindle on one of their two ends, they are termed as tapered baguettes. This creates a trapezoidal structure.

Irrespective of the type of baguette diamond you choose for your engagement ring, it will offer you an exceptional look, framing the center diamond. You may even customize a solitaire or simply go for a three stone baguette ring. No doubt, it will be an amazing approach.

An assortment of diamond engagement rings for example filigree engagement rings, rose gold rings and so on, have hit the market of Chicago in the last few years. And this is yet another inclusion.

Despite having so many options, there are even some consumers who are dying to get a baguette cut diamond ring as per their choice. For them, the diamond stores, Chicago have quite a few options. For examples:

Three Stone Baguette Ring


Stackable Baguette Ring


Accented Baguette Ring


Channel Set Baguette Ring

What are you looking for? Which style is your favorite? Take your own decision and grab the one that you find is the best. Diamond stores, Chicago are decked up with several alternatives. Yet to get the best you may rely on Diamonds Inc, Chicago for more options.

Hit on Diamonds this Black Friday

By Seo Team | November 23, 2018 | Category: Diamonds

Black Friday may not be an official holiday for some of the US states like California, but it is certainly regarded as the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season. It is the informal name given to the day following the “Thanksgiving Day in the United States”, which is celebrated on every fourth Thursday of the month of November.To be more optimized, Black Friday is basically a business shopping day of the year, acclaimed since the year 2005. On this day, every major retailer sets off their day early and offers promotional sales, special offers and exclusive discounts on every purchase.

What are your plans this Black Friday? You all are having an official holiday, we suppose.

So have you already created your bucket list? If not, this season you must add diamonds as your first priority. Worried about your wallet? That of course, we all are bothered about. Yet, the diamond shops in Chicago offer exclusive discounts and deals this Black Friday.

Natural diamonds often pinch the pocket of the buyer. Yeah, we agree. And that’s the primitive reason why many diamond lovers skip this choice and opt for a colored gemstone or a duplicate diamond piece. But what if you get the flexibility to buy diamonds at a pocket-friendly rate?

Diamond stores in Chicago are known for its exclusive selections on both natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, thus paving the way for the budget-friendly buyers to make their adorable purchase without any hassles. Not just in price, lab-created diamonds offer many other conveniences. Here we have stacked down a few of them.

1.Environmental Sustainability:

One of the most primary benefits of lab-grown diamonds is their environmental sustainability. Unlike natural mined diamonds, these diamonds neither waste a single shovelful of earth, nor creates air pollution by using mines. Rather, under HPHT and CVD process it takes considerably less energy to grow a diamond. Consequently, relative to mining diamonds lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally sustainable.

2.Superior Quality:

Diamonds that are obtained naturally may contain inclusions or impurities. Whereas the ones that are grown above the earth’s surface are delicately grown in the lab, thus providing 100% certainty in its quality.

3.Identical to Mined Diamonds:

One of the most substantial features of these non-earthed diamonds is that they are absolutely identical to mined diamonds physically, chemically, and optically – thus speaking about its 100% authentic nature.

What are you opting for? Colorless diamonds or multi-colored ones. Lab-grown diamonds even give you this flexibility.

Diamonds are women’s or girls’ best friend. So why don’t you shop for diamonds on this Black Friday sale and surprise your love in the festive season? We guess this will be a smart approach. At once you are gifting something that she loves the most and on other hand saving your wallet. Lab-grown diamonds are itself less expensive. Additionally, you are getting a chance to avail the amazing offers. Isn’t it just unbelievable?

Move down the diamond stores in Chicago. There are arrays of diamond outlets with their mesmerizing countless collection. Reach there to get a diamond based product like an engagement ring, wedding band or anything that you desire.

Bezel Setting vs Prong Setting – Which one to Choose?

By Seo Team | November 12, 2018 | Category: Diamonds

Engagement rings, regardless of its types, styles, and settings, are indeed next to the heart of every individual. Yet, people are more obsessed with two awe-inspiring settings – bezel set and prong set. Traditionally, these two are more defined by the buyers in comparison to others, as they are unique in their roles. That is the reason why it is difficult to choose between bezel setting and prong setting while dealing with the diamonds shop in maller building at Chicago’s diamond district.

Have you encountered any such situation? Then this blog will certainly open doors for you to make your relevant purchase.

How can you define Prong Settings?

No matter whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding ring, prong setting is almost common for every ring type. The setting involves either 4 or 6 metal pins, placed at an equal distance around the diamond stone. With the 4 metal pins, the diamond is more highlighted. Whilst with the 6 metal pins, it is more secure. Now the choice is yours – what will you prefer? Amongst other diamond setting styles of the diamond shops in maller building, Prong setting is defined with a little metal claw, that holds the diamond in a grip. The claws are often rounded, pointed, flat, or even V-shaped.

Pros of Prong Setting

1. Makes the diamond more prominent and noticeable.
2. Enables sufficient light to pass through it, thus making the stone more attractive and brilliant.
3. Easy to maintain as easy to clean.
4. Can be a timeless treasure

Cons of Prong Setting

1. Act as a barrier to an active lifestyle. It is appropriate for occasional needs.
2. May get lose if used regularly. So it is highly recommended to have proper inspiection on prongs at least after every two years, just to ensure its security.
3. Quite vulnerable to damage. This implies, every diamond when lacks in maintenance are open to impact. Therefore, it needs a great care and maintenance to avoid such circumstances.

What is Bezel Setting?

Unlike Prong setting, Bezel sets are treasured owing to their sleek and slim design and modern curves. Instead of having claws and pins, it believes to mount the gemstones on the metal or rings and other jewellry. Such a ring, when featured with a diamond at the center, looks stunning. Whereas, when paired with accent stones and wedding bands looks extremely unique in all respects.

Let us find out what are its pros and cons

Pros of Bezel Setting

1. As this setting mounts the stone on the metal, it is extremely secure from potential damage. Yet if the stone suffers any irregularities, it is always ready to accept the challenge and to its best leave the diamond undamaged.
2. Doesn’t get loose in contrast to prong setting. Since the setting is made just above the girdle of the diamond, the gemstone remains in its place all the time.
3. Looking for a modern aesthetic? Something that is in trend? Bezel setting serves you the same.

Cons of Bezel Setting

1. In prong setting, the diamond appeared to be protrusive. But Bezel setting does not offer this feature.
2. Since less diamond is observable, less light is reflected back to the viewer.
3. Bezel set may have a sleek concept, but it generally looks bulkier, thus compressing the overall sleekness.

So, which one do you choose for customizing your engagement ring? We guess Diamonds Inc, one of the reputed diamond shop in maller building, Chicago may help you out on this. They offer personal assistance so that you can create the best for your love. Explore the collection, browse the flowing trend, and design your ring accordingly.

Exhibit Your Love with Our Marquise Diamond Rings

By Seo Team | November 5, 2018 | Category: Diamonds

Marquise cut diamonds, also termed as “Navette” shaped diamonds, are defined with elongated silhouettes and elegant curves. Such a featured look never fails to amaze the audience. Would you like to invest in an elongated diamond ring that exhibits amazing brilliance and fire? Or looking for a diamond engagement ring in Chicago that has a striking vintage flair? Surprisingly, a marquise cut diamond ring offers the same.

A marquise cut diamond featured with its long, elongated narrow shape can be the best replacement for oval shaped diamonds. Its featured look not only flatters with excellence but provide a wide option for budget-conscious buyers as well. Exciting right? Why don’t you instilled this natural stone as the center stone of your solitaire engagement ring? It will serve both the purpose of a solitaire ring and marquise cut diamonds.

Here we have stacked some of the best options on Marquise cut Diamond rings. These types will help you to serve your requirement.

1. Accented “V” Ring:

This is one of the most exquisite featured rings, stacked with shimmering pave diamonds and a marquise cut diamond as the center of attraction. The ring forms a chevron-shaped or V-shaped band and exhibits an artistic look without any failure. Often people hover amidst two cases while they encounter tiny pave diamonds. Firstly, they can’t resist themselves from buying such brilliant featured diamonds. Secondly, they can’t take the risk of losing those diamonds, as pave diamonds are prone to lose. Confused? These diamonds are gracefully fastened with claw prongs, thus protecting the diamonds to a great extent. Do you really want something out of the track? Certainly, you should opt for this type of engagement ring in Chicago. In one word they are just ‘amazing’.

2. Stackable Crown Ring:

Wanna gift a diamond ring to your queen? Why don’t you explore the stackable crown ring collection of Diamonds Inc? They are simply out of the blue. The marquise crown ring or nature-inspired ring highlights three dazzling diamond petals stranded on the center of the diamond-studded band, offering a crown shaped feminine vibe. The delicate setting, the classic integrity, and the rich flavor conjointly make it a timeless treasure.

3. Three Stone Ring:

Three-stone ring can be an amazing choice if you are looking for simplicity. Its delicate prong setting on a thin precious metal band exhibits a sophisticated outlook. You might not get any richness in this, but it will certainly be cost-effective and fruitful for daily use. Just try one out from the selections. We guess you will like it.

4. Solitaire Marquise Ring:

Image source: Brownsjewellers

Do you prefer wearing solitaire diamond rings? Or wanna gift a solitaire engagement ring this wedding season? Amongst the ocean of diamonds, often we end up in a confusion which one to choose and which one to avoid. Is that what you are facing right now? You may never regret your idea of placing a marquise cut diamond as the center stone of a solitaire engagement ring. A highlighted diamond with an array of glittering mini diamonds set with three-prong settings is enough to impress your fiance.

5. Vintage Inspire Ring:

Besides all such richness, marquise cut diamonds can offer a complete vintage inspiration. It may sound totally out of the track, but if you believe in hand-engraving and subtle borders of milgrain, a diamond at the center of this historic atmosphere may yield a stunning effect. Gifting a vintage marquise engagement ring will certainly be an amazing alternative to choose.

Isn’t this enough to awe your love? Engagement ring in Chicago has so many options that the potential buyers often get baffled. Hope now you won’t have any such problem.

Customizing your marquise diamond engagement ring or picking up the best diamond product from the store, Diamonds Inc, Chicago excels in both and assures its customers with its comprehensive services.

What Makes Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Most Expensive?

By Seo Team | August 10, 2018 | Category: Diamonds

It’s not that every diamond is expensive. The price of a diamond depends on several factors, among which the four C’s of a diamond – diamond cut, diamond color, diamond carat and diamond clarity, influence the most. It is obvious to conclude that a flawless, well-proportioned stone, having brilliance in fire and perfection will cost more than a flawed gemstone of the same carat. These are the few factors that are apparently visible. But there are many, working indirectly, thus increasing and reducing the cost of a diamond. That is the reason why it is said – there are many ways to buy a diamond ring within budget, whether it is a custom jewelry from Chicago or ready-made collection.

However, when the question appears – which diamond is the most expensive one? It doesn’t take a long time to put the answer ‘Round Brilliant cut diamond‘. Now the question is why? How this diamond differs from other gemstones. To explain this you will have to explore the different cuts of a natural gemstone with us.

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

A brilliant cut diamond is known for its exclusive brilliance, which is, of course, the prime aspect that every buyer looks for in their gemstone. But what makes the diamond so brilliant? What is the reason behind its exceptional brightness? The reason lies in the way it has been dissected to give the shape. This particular diamond comes with numerous facets that result in its notable splendor. To be precise, there are almost 58 facets – 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion. However, there are also 32, 64, 80 or 96 facets present on the girdle, which are mainly excluded while counting the total facet. Often this particular shape of the gemstone causes an illusion of a cone or act like a prism causing intense emission and refraction of light through the top of the diamond resulting in spectacular sparkles. However, cutting such a stone contribute to major loss of the original rough stone compared to other styles of cutting. All these factors make it the most expensive diamond cut per carat. Yet, these have not affected the demand for the potential buyers.

Well, now let’s stack up the rest of the cuts and discover why they secure the next positions after the brilliant cut diamonds.

2. Princess Cut Diamonds:

It is often found that one with a bit lower budget tends to rely on princess cut gemstones for their flawless fit, especially with traditional settings. This doesn’t mean that it is the cheapest, nor it means expensive. It just has a moderate rate. This particular cut emphasizes a symmetrical square that contributes to compressing the diamond value quite a little. This may involve a lower color grade but have the ability to mask the imperfections to a great extent. Since these natural gemstones carry most of the original rough diamond’s weight, their value fairly decreases from the price scale.

3. Oval Cut Diamonds:

Most of you likely assume that the oval cut diamonds are similar to the round brilliant cut gemstones in all aspects. But this is where you all go wrong. Due to the oval elongated shape of the gemstone, this diamond cut doesn’t allow light to refract as precisely as in a round stone. It may resemble a large stone but the degree of its brightness is quite less when compared to the expensive round stone. Therefore, the oval shaped gemstone can be the perfect choice for those who look for a larger stone and along with good brightness. However, lower grade results in lower popularity which in turn influence the price rate.

4. Radiant Cut Diamonds:

It is not that only a round brilliant cut diamond ring has the ability to exude light a lot. You may get the same from the radiant cut natural stones as well. Due to the presence of 70 facets, this specific diamond type comes up with both the fire of round cut stone and emerald cut stone. Then where the difference lies? The difference lies in its radiating power. The facets may allow vibrant shine and fire, but the cut also gives the evidence of a lower color grade. On this account, these gemstones possess a lower price rate as compared to other aforesaid cuts of the same carat.

5. Fancy Diamond Shapes (Marquise, Heart, Pear):

Not every diamond store allows its customers to witness different fancy shapes. But this is not the case with the Jewelers Row. Have you ever been to Chicago Jewelers Row? If yes, then you can figure out what we exactly trying to say. Now, coming back to these cuts, all these are exclusive fancy cuts that come up with more pocket-friendly quotations.

Marquise and Pear shaped stones appear in elongated versions with an assurance of a proper ratio between the stone’s length and width. These have an added advantage for the buyers who want their fingers to appear thinner.

Heart-shaped diamonds appear larger both in size and carat than other cuts, just because to make the curves completely visible. Consequently, it amplifies the value of the gemstone – but obviously not as much as the round cut stones.

6. Vintage Diamond Shapes (Cushion, Emerald, Asscher):

Want an antique allure on your engagement ring at a comparatively lower price rate? Why not you try out these Vintage cuts?

Cushion cuts also known as pillow cuts used to come up with step facets rather than brilliant cut that is used today. Such a cut can be preferred if you want a true vintage inspiration.

Emerald and Asscher cuts serve a sophisticated look. They may not be as brilliant as the above-mentioned cuts but are often used in vintage-inspired engagement rings. Well, now if you ask – what is the cheapest diamond cut? Then can be the possible reaction.

Hope now you have figured out the factors – why are round diamonds most expensive? These round cut gemstones are not only gaining its popularity but also hiking in price, with an aim to kiss the sky one day. It is a common desire for most of the brides to have a round brilliant cut gemstone for their engagement rings. However, there are many who end up to trim their desire and feel satisfied with other brilliant cuts.

Feeling confused while making your timeless purchase? Explore our blog on different diamond shapes. This will guide you to choose the perfect one.

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Different Shades Of Diamonds To Shed Your Love

By Seo Team | August 3, 2018 | Category: Diamonds

As you know, a pure flawless diamond is always colorless, but unfortunately, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to reach to those diamonds. And the reason you know why. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t even rely on diamond jewelry. In fact, lab-created diamonds are the best replacement for natural diamonds. Due to its timeless benefits, these diamonds are preferred by almost every potential buyer while purchasing a custom-made diamond jewelry or any ready-made product.

Now, coming to colorless diamonds, these are referred to as those natural gemstones that are void of impurities. However, in reality, such gemstones are unlikely to be perfect. They either come up with different impurities giving rise to fancy shades or color or are simply lab-created diamonds as it is said earlier.

Diamonds occur in different color variants. Let’s check it out what they are.


1. Grey Diamond:

Grey colored gemstones occur in two categories – Fancy Grey diamonds and Included/Salt and Pepper Grey diamonds. Natural Fancy Greystones are extremely rare and possess high clarity due to the absence of imperfections or inclusions. According to the intensity of the color, they are further subdivided into Faint Grey, Very Light Grey, Light Grey, Fancy Light Grey and Fancy Grey and Fancy Dark Grey. In contrast to this, Salt-Pepper Greystones when formed under extreme heat and pressure within the earth, possess the high intensity of impurities. Here, ‘Salt’ is referred to ‘White’ inclusions while ‘Pepper’ is referred to as ‘Black’ inclusions. Such imperfections add an interesting and unique appearance to these included Grey, Salt, and Pepper or Rustic and Raw diamonds.

2. Brown Diamond:

Unlike other fancy colored diamonds, brown colored gemstones are less attractive, because of the reduced glimmer. Earlier, they are mainly used for industrial purposes, but with a significant improvement in marketing programs now they are considered as valued gemstones and are often termed as ‘chocolate gems’. Now, what’s the reason behind its brown shade? The brown shade is the resultant of irradiation or nickel impurity that can be easily recognized through spectroscopic measurements. Irradiation of diamonds is basically done by applying high-energy particles such as electrons, ions, neutrons or gamma rays. These particles generate vacancies or defect in the diamond lattice by ejecting carbon atoms and eventually, by applying heat at 600°C, the brown color is obtained.

Image source: Pexels

3. Blue Diamond:

Blue colored gemstone exhibits all the same inherent properties of the mineral available in the stone. Due to the traces of boron, the crystalline lattice structure gets contaminated resulting in the formation of the blue hue on the stone. However, just like all other fancy diamonds, these gemstones also hail in ranges – flawless to included and based on its impurities the degree of clarity differs. Well, this can be a perfect fit for your man-made diamond rings matching with her wedding attire.

4. Pink diamond:

It is been said that pink colored natural gemstones are the resultant of enormous additional pressure that the diamond undergoes during its formation. Like other fancy colored gemstones, these stones also emerge in multiple sub-categories that include – graded faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy intense, fancy deep, and fancy vivid. And depending on the intensity of the hue and the clarity, the price of these gems differs.

5. Yellow diamond:

No doubt, yellow colored gemstones are the most popular color among all other fancy colored natural gems. Just like other gemstones have acquired their color by inhaling impurities, the yellow color is also obtained from the same. Here nitrogen molecules play the role of the impurities that absorb all the blue light, giving a yellow hue to the natural stone.

Image source: Wikimedia

The color of a diamond is always graded by internationally recognized laboratories, GIA or AGS for example. According to the grading scale, D, E, F symbolizes the colorless or white diamonds. G, H, I, J refers to near colorless. Faint color belongs to K, L, M category. While very light color and light color belong to N – R and S – Z categories respectively.

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