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You have visited multiple stores and won’t find a single piece to gift your love on your wedding. Is it the situation you are facing right now? If so, then not to worry. You still have an option left. Surprised? Yes, we are talking about custom-made diamonds. In fact, it can be the best replacement for your ready-made diamond. Have you ever bought any custom-made diamonds before? If not, don’t worry we will guide you on this. Follow this blog, to know how you can buy custom-made wedding ring from the store.

We will give you 7 general tips so that you can buy the best custom-made wedding ring from the collection.

1. Take enough time before ordering:

As you are creating your diamond ring, you should have a handful of time. custom-made jewelry takes time and the work goes on a process. First, you need to consult the designer, the designer creates the sketch based on your idea, you choose the diamond type and shape, he makes a raw mold of your ring, review it, and finally get your ring done. This overall time truly depends on how much the creator is experienced. If you need to get your diamond wedding ring in few days, then you must check it out the professionals available in the market, who can bring down your thoughts and ideas within few days. So we will recommend you to start early get your exact design done to perfection.

2. A reputable jeweler:

To buy a perfect jewelry what you need is a perfect jeweler. There are several diamond jewelers in the market ranging from top to small traders. Some are genuine and some are fake. You may come across some traders that sell diamond stimulants in the name of real diamonds. So make sure the jeweler is creating your wedding ring with certified diamonds. For this, just have a research on the reputable jewelers over the web or ask your family members or relatives or friends if they know any.

3. Choosing a Diamond:

Before moving on to the shape and style of a diamond, you need to look for the 4 C’s of a diamond. Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity are the main four characteristics that make a diamond a real one. After you are ensured about its quality, you should look forward to a diamond that is within your budget. Often people like to purchase round brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds are known for its brightness and fire and thus are too expensive than others. If you think you can afford it, then you are always welcome to go for it. Otherwise, drop the plan and think of something else. Cushion cut, heart-shaped, emerald cut diamonds are less expensive compared to the round cut diamonds. Choosing a perfect diamond wedding ring is very necessary. Know deeply about the cuts of the diamond you are choosing and its significance to your life. Once your design is done, the value of the ring will depend on the diamond you choose.

Choosing your diamond from Diamonds Inc

4. Buy certified diamonds:

What happens if the diamond you have chosen is a fake one? All your money will be in a drain. That is why it is necessary for you to keep an eye on the quality of diamond the jeweler is providing you. You must be knowing, real mined diamonds are quite expensive and rare to find in nature. So as its substitute, New Dawn Diamonds or Lab Created diamonds are grown in the gems lab. Hope you have also decided to purchase these diamonds and save your Earth. If not, you should. These are not duplicate diamonds and possess all characteristics of a real diamond. So we will recommend you to go for such pocket-friendly diamonds. To know whether the stone is genuine or not, the jewelers are meant to provide GIA certificate along with these diamonds. You may also perform different diamond tests to detect whether it is a fake stone or a true diamond.

GIA certified diamonds Inc

5. Diamond Settings:

The jeweler will try to pressurize you for the high rated diamond settings. But you should be confident enough to choose the best but less expensive diamond settings. A custom-made wedding ring can cost more if you can’t tackle all these. Do you know what are the different diamond settings that you can put on? If not then check out that first on our blog, different diamond settings and decide yours.

Cleaning and checking of diamonds and jewelry

6. Design your ring:

Imagine how will the wedding ring look like, when she will be wearing it on her finger. Show your creativity and express your hidden talent. This is the best way to express your feelings through a ring. With your whole heart, design the mixture of your imagination and her preference and create your art. If you feel uncomfortable to create the design yourself, you can go to the jewelry designer or just book an appointment with any jewelry designer, or come to us and we will create your vision and dreams and show you how it will reflect. A pencil sketch something like this and then create the CAD design too.

custom made design for you by diamonds inc chicago

7. Know how to lower your budget:

While creating something extravagant, you should not forget your estimate. Most of you will say, customizing wedding ring will raise your budget. But this conception is totally wrong. The price of a custom-made wedding ring truly depends on the ring metal, the diamond type, and the overall design. If you choose them deliberately, then no one can resist you to buy such ring at an affordable rate.

Gifting a custom-made diamond ring will not only be priceless to her, but it will also give you a platform to design your talent and bring out your creativity. Hope these tips will help you out to buy a customized ring for your love and make her wedding night quite special. Don’t think much. If you still have 7 days in your hand, you can look for such jewelers who promise their clients to deliver their respective product in 3 days. Rather you can also contact your known jeweler, from where you have already bought diamonds before. This will have two advantage. One you can easily request them to create your ring on time and ask them to lower the cost.

Cost of a diamond ring really matters. What if you can’t give a diamond to her? Is this will create differences in your wedding life? Read the blog how different alternatives can be the substitute for your diamond ring and decide what you should choose.

What makes custom made engagement ring more popular?

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Are you looking for an exclusively designed engagement ring for your fiance?

Then you are on the verge of completing your research. Yes, if you are reading this blog, then you will come to know that you have wasted your time searching for the exclusive design in multiple stores for such a long time. Let me tell you how.

You are looking for a ready-made engagement ring that will be exclusive and exceptional in nature. But are you sure that the ready-made ring that you are going to buy will be an exceptional piece? For your kind information, a jeweler creates a number of pieces of the same jewelry holding the same design and pattern. So how can it be a unique one? If you are trying to impress your fiance, then go and customize your engagement ring. Just buying a ready-made ring from a store will be so typical and unladylike.

A customized engagement ring is featured with lots of advantages which have tend to gain its popularity among the buyers.

Before moving on to the reason of its popularity, let us discuss, what is the importance of engagement ring?

An engagement ring is the symbol of love and devotion. This is because of the diamond, which is considered to be the signature of intense love and commitment. In fact, it has been proved that the vein of the fourth finger of the left hand is connected with that of the heart. Thus a diamond engagement ring when worn on the left hand-third finger be the witness of love for the wearer. So there can be no better day than this auspicious occasion to express feelings and confess love.

If you think in another way, gifting a diamond engagement ring has become a ritual among all. The diamond placed on the ring is said to be auspicious and that is the reason it has become a custom to give diamond on auspicious occasions. Not only in today’s chapter but if you turn the pages in the history, you will discover that the people used to consider diamond a lucky and a powerful one. They used to believe that if you wore a diamond, it would act as a protective shield. Time has passed but the conception is still prevailing.

What makes the customized ring so popular?

Since the importance of engagement ring holds so much value, hence the ring has to be the best one.

If you think in depth, you will recognize that value of purchasing a custom made engagement ring is even more than buying a ready-made ring. If you are customizing the ring, it means you are creating the ring in your own way. Therefore, you are putting down your thoughts and concepts to build a ring that will result in a unique and special appearance. This will showcase your own personality, art, and creativity and will give you the platform to express your feelings, your love and care towards your partner. Before your design is approved and design is set to cast, a Computer-aided Design ( CAD) artist creates your ring on a computer with every detail you have provided, from cuts to the quality of diamonds to be put. This design is approved and then a wax model is created. So, just don’t think that customization means you won’t get the desired result that you are thinking of. Know how a custom made wedding ring is created. Its all about how much efforts you have taken to gift her a token of appreciation.

Computer aided design creation of jewelry - Diamonds Inc (CAD Design)

Just think of it. When she will come to know that the design and pattern made in your engagement ring has been created by you, what will be her reflection? Believe me, she will be excited.

Well, building a custom-made engagement ring is not an easy task. Whereas if you opt for a ready-made ring, you can simply visit the best jewelry corner and choose the best ring for your partner. But while customizing a ring, you need to do lots of research.

Another feature of a customized ring that has intended it to gain popularity is its variation in costs. The price of a customized ring completely depends on the design pattern that you have chosen. Thus you cannot conclude that the cost of a custom made engagement ring is higher or lower than a ready-made one.

cast your ring in the metal of your choosing (yellow or white gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) using our Indutherm MC 100 V Casting unit and other casting techniques

Hope you have understood why a tailored engagement ring is far better than a ready-made one. Thus due to all the above features majority of the buyers aimed to create a customized ring. If you are the one among them, then don’t waste your time searching for the best suited ring. Because you need to have a sufficient amount of time for the exclusive creation.

Diamond is said to be girl’s best friend. So, create something that never detaches the best friend from its best friend. Make sure you are concerned about the diamond characteristics: cut, color, clarity, and carat. There are plenty of shapes and color of a diamond. Choose the diamond that will suit her the best and is within your budget. However, you can research on the various new trends that have emerged in the market and create your own from them. Whatever may be your decision, while purchasing the custom-made engagement ring make sure the diamond that you are using is the certified one. Will you like to give her a duplicate fake diamond? Obviously not. So be careful and know how to detect a real diamond from the fake ones.

Replace your ready made diamonds with custom made diamonds

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Hey, are you planning to gift diamonds to your wife this anniversary?

If you are keeping this as a secret, then it will be an amazing surprise to her. So what option have you chosen for diamond: ready made or custom made? Well, if you are the one who has decided to visit a store and purchase a ready-made diamond from the broad exposure of dazzling diamonds, then we will suggest you to skip this idea. Rather, you replace your ready-made diamonds with custom-made diamonds. We are not asking you to replace just like that. There must be some reasons behind it.

A custom made diamond is always preferred more than a ready-made diamond. But what makes it more preferable and recommended?

        1. Diamonds are the symbol of love and devotion. You can simply purchase a ready-made diamond-studded jewelry to express your feeling towards your love. But in case, when you are customizing a diamond jewelry, you are developing your own creativity. The final product will reflect your personality, your nature of work, and it will give you a platform to express your love and efforts towards it through the customized diamond.

        2. A custom made diamond jewelry plays the best role when your budget is low. The cost of a custom-made diamond depends on the design and patterns or the type of diamond you have used. You can’t wrap up saying that a custom-made diamond is expensive than a ready-made diamond. Nor can you say that the former is cheaper than the later.

        3. If you have adequate time on your hand, then gifting a custom-made diamond will be a wise decision. You can create something that you want. There will be no flaws. You can inspect your own work. Hurray, due to the latest technologies used these days, this custom made rings are also made in short span of time. Probably few hours or a day.

        4. There is nothing unique in purchasing a ready-made ring. A particular jeweler creates plenty of identical jewelry pieces. So how can you prove that the diamond that you are gifting is exceptional? But if you are customizing a diamond then you can proudly say that the diamond is different from others.

Due to these features, it is highly acceptable that a ready-made diamond should be replaced by a custom-made one. But you have to be clear enough that the deadline is far from the date of creation.

Hope these have made you clear to some extent.

You have decided to purchase a diamond, but do you have knowledge about the diamond’s characteristics? If not, then keep this in mind, while purchasing a diamond, you should have that minimum knowledge of the properties of diamond. We are stating you this for your own sake. Otherwise there are some traders who will take this advantage and provide you a fake diamond instead of the certified or the real one.

However, we will suggest you, don’t intend to buy a real diamond. It is quite expensive and you may not afford it. Instead, it is better to purchase new-dawn diamonds. These are lab-grown diamonds formed in the laboratory, not duplicate diamonds.

Do you know what makes these diamonds similar with real diamonds? New-dawn diamonds possess identical to real diamonds in both physical and chemical characteristics. And the only place that it differs is the origin. Since these diamonds are man-made, you can get these at a rate lower than a real one. Therefore you are getting all the features of a real diamond in a new-dawn diamond then why will you purchase the costlier one?

Just make sure you are purchasing a certified diamond. If the jeweler fails to give you the certificate then take a wise decision and drop the plan of purchasing the diamond from them. As we have told you earlier, the new-dawn diamonds are the replica of a real diamond in all respect. Therefore you can recheck their characteristics as you do for a real diamond. The value of a diamond depends on its four C’s. The cut, colour, clarity and carat.

  • Cut in a diamond gives the diamond different shapes: Round Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Oval cut, Emerald cut, Pear-shaped, Marquise cut, Cushion cut, Radiant cut, and Asscher cut. Check out different shapes of a diamond and then use it to customize it. The brightness of a diamond depends on its cut. Finer the cut, brighter will be the diamond.

  • A real diamond is always colourless and is rarely available in nature. This is the reason why they are so expensive. But if you are thinking to go for the certified diamonds, you will get various shades.

  • Clarity defines the flaws or inclusions in a diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are mainly flawless. There are different ranges of diamond’s clarity.

    IF : internally flawless

VVS1-VVS2 : very very slightly included

VS1-VS2 : very slightly included

S1-S2: slightly included

  • Diamonds are always measured in carats. The diamonds which weigh more is highly expensive.

    Browse them all to know in details before purchasing.

How is a custom ring made for you?

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Are you planning to present the same boring off the shelf jewelry to your lover on your wedding. Go door to door and shop to shop to look after the best diamond ring for your partner. Spend days in just selecting something that suits your budget and taste. Trust me ! Thats too Conventional and monotonous.

Opposed to it, a win win situation for you is when you are provided with a complete package of jewelry creation, with customization available thats worth the price. Not only that, you get to see various designs of your choice Online while spending quality time with your partner in a cafe. And the best part is when all this is done quickly.

Customizing anything, be it a cake or a t-shirt is never easy. But when we talk about Customized jewelry, it is really a pain for buyers. Though it looks exciting to begin the hunt for the best provider, it may become irritating if you don’t know the process. Before buying such special gifts, you must do some research work, budgeting, trend, preferences, best and reliable jewelry provider near you, etc. Even you must have the knowledge about the process of creating custom rings. How long it takes to create one? And what may it cost to you?

This article will help you to know the process of making a custom ring so that you are not fooled. Here are the basic steps of creating custom ring which has been fragmented to five easy phase:


Usually the designing of customized rings take a long time as it involves various tweaks, resending and confirmation of designs. It may take a month or more to just get the right design working for you while this vary from customer to customer. You may consider working with a professional and patient jeweler fruitful than working with freshers. The jeweler will ask for your preferences for the custom ring and will submit their sketches to you. This process will continue until you have selected your design of the custom ring from the sketches given by the jeweler. Like this, the design will get selected. After some revisions, they will give you the final design for your custom made ring. It is a time-consuming step, so make sure you have enough time when you are going for this step. Make sure to finalize the price of your custom ring before any fabrication is done to the ring.
designing and getting it finalized by the client
In Chicago’s Diamonds Inc, a digital print machine is used to select the prototype for your custom ring which reduces about five times the amount of time required in creating and selecting a custom made ring design. This speedy processing helps the customers to save their time and headache. A rendition of the finished product is then made to show you what the ring will look like once it is complete.

Computer aided design creation of jewelry - Diamonds Inc


The making of a ring in general consist of two methods, one is fabrication & other can be divided into many sub methods. Fabrication is the method in which the jeweler uses metal-smith tools like files, pliers, soldering torch, & etc. This method requires intensive labor and have some boundaries. The other methods in making the ring include Wax Forming and Casting.

These wax forming & casting methods allow the jeweler to create more dainty craftsmanship in the ring & is used for making most of the jewelry. In wax forming method a dummy ring is sculpted of wax in the same size of the final piece. After the waxing is done, the wax ring is soaked in plaster like substance to make it harder. The wax gets melted & only the hard structure remains & then the molten metal is poured in the hard cavity. After the metal cools down, your metal ring is recovered from the hard plaster & go through next step. Here is Master Casting & CAD that can help you make your jewelry as unique as the person it is for with the Computer Aided Design.

Manufacturing of wax model of ring in matters of hours


The next step that comes after making the ring is cleaning step. The defects I.e the tool marks that has been created are also checked in this step and removed. Some does the entire thing manually. But with latest advancement and to do away the manual error and negligence, the lazer machine below does all for Diamonds Inc.


The gemstones are set in this step if you have planned to make your custom made ring with a gemstone. This process requires huge precision & handled very carefully by the jeweler.

Cleaning and checking of diamonds and jewelry


The last and the foremost step includes the final touch of polishing. This step removes any left scratches & your ring will be cleaned thoroughly even from all the minor residues or oils.

polishing of diamond jewelry

Just now, in a beautifully decorated box, you will be getting the most adorable and best ever present that you will be making your partner wear.

Solitaire diamond ring with small diamonds both sides

Note: If it’s for gifting purpose, then let them try in the very first moment to make sure of the size. And if the ring is for you then you have to try them in the jewelry shop & after receiving it as well. Also, ask for the care tips of the gemstone that is set in your custom made ring. Again check all the certifications for the gemstone & the metal of your ring & ask for the after sale service & warranty policies from the jewelry shop. Are you looking for casting a gemstone to your ring? Or getting some repair done? You can comfortably connect with us for any such queries.